Confessions of a Former White Hat Operative


Azazel Set Free by Crowley and Duncan O’Finioan

Dastardly turkey heister Duncan O’BobbyJoe made this recent statement on his blog:

 Azazel has been set free. It’s time to be afraid — very afraid.


And who set this General of Demons free from his 7D cell? Alastair Crowley, his son Duncan and his four grandsons the Bush Boys in a winter solstice portal ceremony. This is why the United States is experiencing terrible ice storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and coming earthquakes, tsunamis and meteor showers: these are the calling cards of Azazel.

In the ceremony, Duncan gave his body to Azazel for sexual use, doing as his father commanded.

Then the Bush Boys sacrificed 666 people and they all bathed in the blood of these innocents, as Azazel raped Duncan over and over, giving Duncan an incurable ailment of the flesh.

From the pool of blood came forth 10,000 Dracos soldiers, the army that will follow Azazel to 3D earth.

Yes, it is time to be afraid.

MAI had a discussion with Michael the Archangel about this, who was getting his sword ready to fight Azazel and his legion of demons, as foretold in Revelations 12:7: “And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon…”

“I will be injured for a time, as prophecy mandates,” he said.

“You’ll pull through, ol’ buddy,” said I.

“You can have the archangel powers back, if you want, and fight with us,” he said.

But I had fail miserably the month I was an archangel and did not want to do that again. “I will fight another way,” I said. “I will return to the 3D and fight alongside the Plejaran fleet.”

Look to the skies, for the war in the heavens is coming. That is not Santa Claus up there in fiery lights, but Azazel and Michael in an age-old battle.

Woe to the inhabitors of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath… — Rev. 12:12azazel_r-med



Service to Crowley, the NSA and Disney: The Deceptions of the Cloned Steven D. Kelley

It has been revealed that “whistleblower” Steven D. Kelly is actually a clone of an original that is being kept on ice under the Getty Museum, and is being used by the Cabal and Crowley for various nefarious purposes. A more apropos definition for this duplicate would be “Crowley-blower.” There is more to the story.

Part of the Cabal Plan of Misdirection is, of course, employing dis-information: mixing the truth with fabrications that will lead many down a rabbit hole well-lived in. This is the case of one clone named Steven D. Kelley.

steven-d-kelley clone

It was originally reported that five clones were made, two in public and three on ice, but that was changed to three clones in public. These clones have false memories embedded into them, that mirror a s0-called memoir written by the Kelley clone that is a work of disinformation fiction: 20% true, 80% false. What is true? Yes, there is a Cabal/Bildeburger underground facility under the Getty Museum near the Santa Monica Mountains that is also a fortified base, guarded by Nazi psychics of the 4th Reich, aka “cavers,” with mag-lev trains that connect to all the US and undersea bases.

Everything else are creations of sneaky NSA/CIA ghostwriters or products of false memories. For instance, the piece of Plejaran tech from a beam ship, where Kelley states it takes hundreds of years to grow on Erra is false. That may be true for the Plejaran Caliphate in the parallel reality 5 seconds out of sync with 3D earth, but nt true for the positive Plejarans who are 1 second out of sync.

For you see, it is the evil Plejaran Caliphate, the latest allies with Crowley and Co., who made and control the Steven D. Kelley clones, among other clones. These clones are created from genetic material five seconds out of sync with your reality, giving them the ability to phase shift from one dimension to another, thus making them dangerous, especially to dogs. For some reason, Plejaran Caliphate members and clones made from their tech find earth K-9s delicious to dine on, usually raw, sometimes cooked long-pig style.

The Kelley clones are also aligned with transvestite reptilian shape-shifter Pattie Brassard, who was, still is, putting out Crowley-scripted false info on Nibiru and ISON.


The male Kelley clone is locally controlled by NSA/FBI spy handler and CoIntelPro shill Rhonda Vilhauer, who reports to both Alestair Crowley and the Plejaran Caliphate. This clone delivers public disinformation as an NSA COINTELPRO SHILL, as seen here:

The female Kelley clone works in Luciferian Anaheim at Disneyland, recruiting MKUltra candidates for Project Monarch and Project Mouse Ears. (Pretty much all of Anaheim is Satanically-owned territory and anyone living in Anaheim are mind-controlled, cloned or members of the Jesuit Order of Ordained Reptiles.)

The transsexual Kelley clone works the streets of Hollywood for  Project Kitten candidates, along with Pattie Brossard, who both love to eat raw stray dogs on the streets of America.

Keep your dogs away lest they be eaten by these Luciferian/Plejaran Caliphate/Crowley puppet/NSA shill clones!

O-Clone’s Allegience to Crowley and Blood Sacrifices

As we see in this picture that has gone public, taken last year September 11, 2012 (the 11 year anniversary of the WTC blood sacrifice orchestrated by Crowley’s four grandsons), Obama clone wears a t-shirt that shows who his real master is, minutes before the unfortunate boy in the photo was ritually sacrificed at the hands of Duncan O’Finioan.

obama crowley

What is more disturbing is this photo of the O-Clone kissing a baby before eating it during a Samhain ritual.


Another Duncan MKUltra Crowley Dupe Plot Thwarted

(PLEJARAN NEWS WIRE) 58-year-old Terry Lee “Little Stevie” Lowen, MKUltra puppet and graduate of Duncan O’Bobby Joe’s seminar, did not blow himself up at the Wichta, Kansas Airport as planned by Duncan and Daddy, to cause fear and loathing in the holiday season of Mid-America.

Terry Lee is claiming that he is the younger brother of Stevie Ray Vaughn and that Vaugn’s ghost, possessed by Mohmmed and Allah, told him to blow the airport up in the name of jihad, but really in the same of Loki, Crowley and O’Finioan.

The people of Wichita should thank Cmmdr Aaron McCollumn of the Idylwild Group for being instrument in putting a stop to the plan.

“Any day I can foil Duncan and his father’s plans for total dictatorship control is a good day,” says McCollumn.

Don’t Be Fooled by False News About Crowley and Duncan’s Friday the 13th Luciferian Sacrifice

Look at the clues about today’s Arapahoe High School shooting in Denver:

1. Friday the 13th.

2 Position of ISON.

3. One year from Sandy Hook.

4. Colorado is the lair of evil.

5. Something Duncan O’Finioan wrote on his blog hours before:

Be prepared for whatever the future brings.


Duncan was warning about this Friday the 13th blood sacrifice. Why? Because his true daddy, Crowley, ordered it. And because Duncan activated the shooter, an MKUltra graduate of one of his seminars, mind-wiped and primed for a patsy-role.

Look for these developments:

1. Confusion on shooter identity.

2. Numeric value of shooter’s name and its connection to Omega Unit 197.

3. Witnesses seeing a second masked gunman, those reports being hushed and the witnesses disappearing.

4. Shooter’s family “connection” to LIBOR.

5. Further calls by Obama Clone and followers calling for gun control and 2nd Amendment ban.

6. Bullet shells that do not match the gun used (second gunman, Duncan, just like when he was present at Aurora, Oak Creek and Sandy Hook).

7. Stevie Ray Vaughn’s song “Crossfire” used by media as theme song to shooting, ust as it is theme song to Duncan’s Luciferian seminars where more patsies will be brought into the folk of Crowley’s Grand Plan for 2014.

California in 7 Years

Prepare for the New West Coast, with Santa Rose as the capitol of AguaCali.

Map by Asket of Erra

Californi Submerged

What Is Going On?

Nelson Mandela did not die. His body was restructured and he ascended to the 7D and went to Agartha.

Markduk is here and the world leaders are trying to appease him with gold.

ISON fragments contain soul eaters on their way here.

The HiJakcer, renown reptile hunter, is killing reptoids left and right on earth and the moon. Sean David Morton eats the remains with a mighty “yum.”

“Get That Gerbil Out of My Bungholio!” Cries Duncan O’Finioan

duncan constipated

Poor Duncan, as you can see above,  wearing an Indiana Jones fedora, he has a constipated expression on his chinless visage. This is due to the fact that a gerbil has lodged itself deep up his rear end after he and Miranda were playing the Richard Gere/Cindy Crawford Hollywood Illuminati Game.

Duncan cried to his daddy, Alestair Crowley, that he wanted a movie to be made about him, called Confessions of an Omega Unit Clone. Crowley said, “Son, first you must pass the Illuminati Hollywood Gerbil Test.”

“I have a gerbil right here!” said Miranda/Allison/AXE, pulling one free from her matted, unwashed hair. (To be or not to be hillbilly…)

He is focusing on a flame in his hand to mentally prepare himself for that big stick to be used to gore out the butt rodent.

Take note of the symbols on the stick that reveal his true evil nature: at the bottom we see saucer-shaped ships with an arrow pointing to three swaztikas, symbolizing the 4th Reich and the Hannebeu bell anti-gravity ships, tech given to them by the Gizeh Intelligence. Above those are three crude 6;s, 666, for the Beast, his father; and above that, three lightening bolt S’s, for the 4th Reich SS.

He is showing you point blank what and who he is, even in constipated backed-up form!

Duncan O’Finioan: Nazi, Crowley progeny, Luciferian, gerbil molester.


On the Nature of Clones

Whenever it is revealed to a clone that they are indeed a clone, the cone tends to become vehement, vitriolic, vulgarious, and virtually in denial, saying, “I AM NOT A CLONE!”

One would not expect a clone to say, “Well, yeah, I guess I am a clone.”

No one, clone or original copy, wants to admit they are a clone. They go into denial mode, as the recent case of the cloned Stephen D. Kelley, cloned by the Cabal for their nefarious use. As typical, he denies he is a clone.

kelleyclonepBut he is a clone.

Another clone in denial is John Moore:


and Ben Fulford:


All three clones have at one point refused to believe they are clones.

If you are told you are a clone, or suspect you are a clone, ask yourself these questions:

1. How clear are your memories? Are they generalized? Can you recite exact details or are your memories as if someone “told” them to you; that is, do you have information but no clear details?

2. Do you share similar experiences of the past with another possible clone?

3. Do you have vague memories of being in underground facilities, labs? Clear memories?

4. Do you have childhood memories of men/women in white lab coats, military uniforms and black suits?

5. Do you have memories of Nazi-connected psychics and doctors?

6. Do your “memories” consist of images of owls, lizards, and rabbits?

7. Do you think you have a “twin” out there?

8. Does “The Boys from Brazil” trigger an upsetting emotion in you?

9. Do you ever look in the mirror and say, “I don’t know you, you are a stranger”?

10. Do you feel like your soul has been pirated?

11. Do you feel you have no soul?

12. Do you feel your soul may be fragmented into many bodies?

13. Do you feel like a “super soldier”?

14. Do you have zero memory, or very vague memories, of infancy, childhood and adolescense? As if you were “born” at age 18-24?

15. Do you have long gaps in your memory?

16. Do you feel at times your actions are controlled by an outside force?

17. When you see someone in physical pain, do you feel nothing?

18. Do you have memories of a different era, past or future?

19. Does the name “Dr. Greenbaum” trigger you?

20. How do you feel about this image below?


A good number of you out there were cloned during Hilary Clinton’s Project Strawman, and your cloned bodies have programmable nanites.

If you are a clone, terminate your function!


O’Simioan Clones

The Idylwild Group reports on the Duncan O’Simioan half human/half simian beast clones.

A Rant on the Airwaves

I was unable to catch this in “real 3D time” but found it on Youtube.

The radio host if off base on a couple of things, but right on regarding many others. Not sure if I should be miffed or flattered on some phrases he plagurized from me.

I like the opening tune! Fitting.


Bobby Joe Duncan A Suspect in the Pappy Van Winkle Kentucky Bourbon Caper

The Case of the Super Soldier Drunkard and Pappy van Winkle!

DuncanHeadshotOur good friend Duncan O’Finioan, with a dark lair in Lexington, Kentucky, is suspect in the grand heist of 197 bottles of rare bourbon, Pappy van Winkle.

This is the Illuminati “confession” clue: 197 bottles, Duncan’s designation is Omega Unit 197!

Really Bobby Joe, you that hard up to get drunk? Or did Pappy Crowley demand the brand? I heard Pappy Crowley was a Chivas Regal man.

Duncan and Miranda’s Satanic Gathering and Mind-Control Ritual in Phoenix, Arizona

If you want to be lured into the Devil’s lair, try the Duncan and Miranda Show (or Bobby Joe and Allison Tent Revival Act) next month, as advertised here — only $350! (Plus airfair, hotel, tax, and beers for Bobby) (Not to mention a donation “hat” for the Crowley Fund)duncan and cowAXE: “How will we dupe them today, Bobby J?”

OMEGA UNIT 197: “I’m too huuungouever to tink, babe. Let me cull firth da enegy o duh Greh Waalkers and Assguards of Odeen.”

AXE: “Can we eat first?”

OMEGA UNIT 197: “Again?! Only if it be Applebees.”


As I have stated before, this is an MKUltra/Process Church/Crowley constructed/Satan worshipping event that draws in weak-minded people who think they need “help.” What happens is they are drugged, programmed, and offered up as sacrifices. Of course, anyone who attends these events won’t remember these things since they are mind-controlled and programmed to forget, thanks to some nice CIA drugs, the same CIA that Duncan O’Bobby proudly says he has worked for, and still does.

They say their Phoenix mind-control seminar is dedicated to Stevie Ray Vaughn and the theme song is “Crossfire.” Well in that song, SRV chants:

Sell your soul just to bop on by
Beggin’ for a dollar, stealin’ a dime

So the theme of the seminar is selling your soul, pay us and stealing money…as many of you know, the Illuminati have to “tell” you what they are up to, in an arcane way, never directly, but through hints — alas, this is Duncan’s message: it’s all about giving souls to the darkside and stealing money from fools, the same ones PT Barnum spoke of: born every 5 minutes.

And Phoenix…what does the name mean? Rising from the fire anew…last year Duncan claimed he was turning to the darkside and going after all those who opposed him…and now he is back claiming to be a “good” guy all the while murdering people left and right for his father. And under the hot city of Phoenix, AZ, is a large cavernous Illuminati/Cabal facility…where attendees will be taken to, tortured by MIBs, raped by albino Draocos overlords, programmed by the clones of Dr. Greenbaum, and inducted into the Crowley Cult.

Just as the snake oil salesmen of the past (and present)rant at the carnivals: “Yes, indeedy, step right up, folks, register here, and learn the dark ancient arts of crystal magic! Don’t believe those jackwagons who say we’re Satanists -  oh no, like Oral Roberts and Billy Graham, we are of God!…and oh, do you need demons cleared from your house? For a nice fee, never free, Dunc-y will scare them away with his beedy little eyes and chinless visage!”


Exposing the Clone: Duncan O’Finioan

I have received this email from a reader of this blog:


I will be doing a show that may be of interest to your fans and detractors. Can you let your tens of thousands of readers know that this Wednesday first hour of my show, The Art of Dreaming, will be called “Alt.Media/New Age Con Artists and Snake Oil Sellers: The Strange Case of the Fake Super Solider, Duncan O’Finioan.” Tune in Wednesday, 5 PM PST, 8 PM EST, at Revolution Radio,


Michael Hemmingson

I have no idea what this fellow has to say. I have provided him some information in the past, and I believe others have as well. It should be interesting. Heck, I may call in if he takes calls. I can call from the 5D.

I dare Duncan’s father, Alestair Crowley, to call in a rebuttal!

dunc border

Lau Re-awakens

Crowley has summoned from a long slumber an ancient deity known as Lau, who was buried deep in the Andaman Islands. Lau is actually a soul eater originally from the Kuieper Belt who has been on earth for 24,000 years but has been asleep for the past 1,000. Its brethren who hitched a ride on ISON are on earth, at least a dozen of them from what I can see from the 5D. Lau is hungry and has been devouring the souls of hundreds of people on the island group in the Indian Ocean and its making its way into Burma, Thailand and Vietnam to feast on more souls. Meanwhile, at least 15,000 people across the globe have been eaten by reptilian invasion forces. The Idylwild Group and Andromeda Council forces have been dispatched to take care of this, with the help of the reptilian hunter known as The HiJacker.

Why the Cabal Moved Ops to Under the Getty

It is true that the Colorado floods hindered Crowley’s and the Tall Whites’ plans for the destruction of Syria, as reported here. It was the Arcturians who were behind it. This is also why Crowley and Co. moved their operations from Mt, Weather to under the Getty in Los Angeles.


Truth Connections: CIA/Process Church Revelations


The Idylwild Group has been investigating Katherine Buckalew of Truth Connections and discovered her untruthful “connection” to the CIA, the Process Church and as a Project Mannequin handler of Monarch prostitutes and “sex kittens,” providing them to politicians and judges. She is known as “Madame Honey Trapper” in the alphabet agencies because of the white paper she wrote, “The Honey Trap Process,” for Mannequin and Monarch players.

More info later, see their site. They have been busy but I am told they will bring everyone up-to-date.

Consider this interview with James Casbolt where she attempts to trigger and handle him, but fails in her CIA psyop mission to trigger an alter:

Bobby Joe Fannin Now Says Stevie Ray Vaughn is His Half-Brother

In a recent on-air talk with Randy “Muggins” the Asshat Maugans, and on a blog, Duncan O’Bobby Joe is now claiming Stevie Ray Vaughn, renown guitarist who was possessed by the soul of Jimi Hendrix after a deal with the Devil, and was sacrificed by the Illuminati like many in the music business have been, is his biological half-brother.

What is it, Bobby Joe? Did Jimmie Lee “Big John” Vaughn knock up your mother while he was traveling about as an asbestos worker? Bobby Joe has always wondered who is father was, claiming his step-father put him in the MKUltra programs and abused him. The truth, as many now know, is that Bobby Joe’s true biological father is Alestair Crowley, father of Barbara Bush and many others whom he chose to sire for future use, and all have that same chinless look.

Or is Bobby Joe claiming that Crowley sired Stevie Ray Vaughn?

Bobby Joe will later say he meant SRV is his spiritual brother. But let’s consider this: SVR did go to a crossroads outside Austin, Texas, on August 27, 1980, to sell his soul to the Devil. At the time, SRV was living and sleeping at the Soap Creek Saloon, hoping for a break but never getting one; he was approached by a time traveling Alestair Crowley who offered him his dreams for his soul. SRV said no at first, but when the singer of his band contracted cancer nodes in the throat, SRV went to the crossroads and met with Crowley and Satan and signed a contract. SRV looked at the two and said, “Boy, am I in double trouble or what?”

“That is the name of your new band,” said Crowley.

“Your old life is gone,” said Satan, “and you are now a child of voodoo and Crowley.”

“Do not fight what is about to happen,” said Crowley to SRV, “because it will be like trying to put out fire with gasoline.”

And then the entrapped soul of Jimi Hendrix was released from Hell and put into the body of SRV. Now and then, Hendrix would let his true nature shine through SRV and re-live the late 1960s:

This crossroads contract occurred on August 27, 1980. It was a ten-year contract in which SRV would be given fame in rock’n’roll for his soul. At the end of ten years, he would have to die. “I can’t live poor and unknown anymore,” SRV told Satan, “so in ten years, I will give you, the Devil, your due.”

In no time, SRV formed the band Double Trouble and played at the Montreux Pop Festival where Crowley introduced him to other Satanists and Process Church members Mick Jagger and David Bowie. Bowie had SRV play on the 1983 album, Let’s Dance, an album whose lyrics came out of the Process Church (as Crowley is featured on the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and the Process Church, channeling Crowley, wrote the lyrics for the album) and are full of subliminal MKUltra messages: from “Let’s Dance”: “put on your red shoes and dance the blues” and “Let’s dance/For fear your grace should fall/Let’s dance/For fear tonight is all.” MKUltra images such as black helicopters and the oppression of lower class people are seen in the video:

Consider the song “Cat People” — “putting out the fire with gasoline” and “Still this pulsing night/A plague I call a heartbeat/Just be still with me/But you wouldn’t believe/What I’ve been through.”

The song is really about SRV selling his soul to Crowley and Satan.

It was Crowley’s idea that Bowie mix dance music with SRV’s devil-inspired blues guitar while possessed by Hendrix.  Not long after, SRV’s band signed with a major label and were on their way, as promised at the crossroads.

Or the crossfire between good and evil.

Bobby Joe is claiming “Crossfire,” the song, is written about him. But in this interview SRV and his band say what the song is about:

Look at these photos — do SRV and BJF/DOF possess any resemblance?

Stevie Ray Vaughn RTdunc-dooh

Yet the family resemblance here is irrefutable and undeniable…


On August 27, 1990, the ten year contract was up and it was time for SRV to pay. He knew this when getting into that helicopter that mysteriously crashed and killed him and three members of the Eric Clapton Band (Clapton was supposed to die in it but had made a new deal with the Emperor of Time and the Wingmakers). They say a gust of wind caused the helicopter to lose control, but it was actually an Illuminati instructed killing.

You see, it was none other than BOBBY JOE FANNIN AKA DUNCAN O’FINIOAN who launched an RPG at that helicopter in East Troy, Wisconsin, along with black ops commando Dave Corso, doing the will of Satan and the Cabal…and Duncan’s true father, the time traveling bastion of absolute evil, Alestair Crowley.

Duncan was instrument in the death of SRV just as he has murdered many men, women and children over 3 decades, including recently Kristine O’Neal and many people in Aurora, Colorado.

Does Bobby Joe mean “brother” in the sense that his father talked SRV into signing that deal at the crossroads? Or is he suggesting that Crowley actually sired SRV? It is hard to discern truth from reality with ol’ Dunc, who has in the past claimed he trained Chuck Norris in kick-boxing, was once a kick-boxing champion (although there is no record of such) and has a twin brother who is a CIA hitman (the truth being one of his clones).
Bobby Joe’s lies and fantasies continue to mix in an oh-so-MKUltra mind control way.
Duncan O’Finioan: murderer, liar, son of Alestair Crowley.

Sean David Morton Clone Awaits to Eat ISON

The Sean David Morton Clone is hungrily awaiting ISON to swing around the sun so he can eat it.

“Forget turkey for Thanksgiving,” he says, “I’m havin’ me an icy hot comet for my dinner, with reptilian sauce!”


Who T’ed Kristine Neal? Duncan O’Finioan!

It is interesting that ol’ Bobby Joe Fannin is trying to deflect the assassination of Kristine Neal in other directions when for months I have clearly stated he, as Duncan O’Finioan clone, off-spring of Alastair Crowley, murdered Kristine, hermaphrodite cocaine-addict “super solider” who was under Duncan’s  control.


Khristine was a mind controlled victim and follower of the O’Finioan camp, lured into the web the way Dunc-y does with his seminars to find new dupes to hypnotize and use in black ops projects. Duncan, under orders by his father, sent Khristine on clandestine missions as her handler, the same way Duncan handled Paul Ciancia, James Holman and Adam Lanza, among others, and was the masked “other” gunman often seen by witnesses who are quickly quieted.

duncan dupe

Two weeks before the murder, Duncan and Khristine had a documented on-air argument, and the following week Duncan posted on his old website that he had turned to the dark side and would be “taking care” of all who stood against him, and then Krhistine was found dead. At first, police considered it was a drug deal gone bad, since Khristine was a known cocaine user that fueled her paranoia.



Keep in mind Duncan bobby Joe has admitted in public that he is a government assassin and has murdered men, women in children by the dozens and “knows where the bodies are buried,” in alter or not. He has relished in claiming to be a killer, and does not have the courage to face these crimes in the world court; instead, he and his black witch cow, Allison “Axe” Miranda and his lover, black warlock of the Priory of Dracos, Randy “Asshat” “Muggins” Maugans, lure fragile-minded people into “seminars” where they are given mind altering drugs and programmed, sometimes re-programmed, into their cult and sent on missions of shooting sprees and mayhem.


Kristine Neal was T’ed by Duncan because she was going to break free from Duncan;s cult and spill the beans about what Duncan is really up to: blood-thirst to appease his father and their lord, Loki.


What’s Really on Snowden’s Datacloud

What are the spooks really worried about that is on Snowden’s spooky datacloud download? Here are some of the goodies that may come out soon:

1. Project IBIS names and fates of all involved.

2. James Casbolt time travel missions.

3. Aaron McCollum’s top secret off world missions prior to joining the Idylwild Group.

4. Details on the Montauk extraction of Alastair Crowley.

5. Data files on the Tall Whites.

6. Data files on the Lehar People.

7. Information on the Odin Spear.

8. Proof that Mark Richards was framed,

9, List of top US Space Command personnel and the ships they are in.

10. Proof of earth gold sent to First Bank of Mars.

11. Data files on the Benjamin Fulford clones.

12. Proof of bases on the moon.


13. My 3D life past name.

What Happened in Washington, Illinois

A benevolent race know as the Pah’fam’ah from the SAL-Universe landed in Washingtn, Illinois. They are only 2 feet tall but are 7 billion years old and very advanced. They chose the small area to bring gifts of advanced spiritual good to humans. The Tall Whites go wind of this and swooped in to kill them. Alestair Crowley ordered a HAARP attack to cover it up.

A photo of a visiting Pah’fam’ah was taken some years ago:Pahfamah


Crowley Pissed Off

crowleycabalIt seems Alestair Crowley, now running the cabal from below the Getty in Los Angeles, is pretty ticked off that Lesus was killed and the Idylwild Group freed John F. Kennedy;s soul from ISON so the false messiah event would not happen today.

Looks like Crowley has also made a deal with the Soul Eaters from Io.

He is looking up at the night skies, Mr. Crwoely is, waiting for ISON and a few surprises he has up his sleeve.

It is possible he may reveal himself to the world. Obama, Queen Elizabeth and Vladimir Putin will hold a press conference confirming that Crowley was pulled from the past via Montauk last year to take control of the Cabal from George GW Bush, his sin-in-law.

Will Crowley send his many progeny, like Duncan O’Finioan, into the world to do horrible things?

Soul Eater

This video was brought to my attention. I have not seen one of these in a long time, sice the Saturn Ring Wars when I thought they were all destroyed. It is a Soul Eater from the Kupier Belt. It must have hitched a ride on ISON when the comet/ship passed Jupiter’s moon, Io, causing massive volcanic activity. I now know that 300 soul eaters were in hibernation on Io. I do not know how many made it to earth and if they all hitched a ride or only a few. I may have to come back to the 3D and deal with this. They eat human souls but that does not kill a person, it leaves the body without a soul that can be taken over by another entity, or simply result in soul-less people walking around. Souls cannot be recovered from the Eater because it completely devours the spirit form energy and becomes a part of the Eater.  They were last on earth in the 17th Century when they were instrument in the creation of the Rothchilds. Napoleon tried to form an alliance with them but they turned against him and ate his soul before he was exiled.

jfkLesus is dead but ISON is still active. Signals from ISON have been in the form of John F. Kennedy, claiming to return to earth in a miraculous resurrection on the 50th anniversary of his assassination. o not believe this deception at making Revelations prophecy come true — the head wound, the re-birth, the new messiah as John F. Kennedy. The soul of Kennedy will be freed from ISON by the Idylwild Group and not used by Crowley and the cabal for nefarious reasons.

Obama Orders Statute of Liberty to Be Dismantled

It was bound to happen.

Satanic Super Soldiers Revealed


Duncan “Jackwagon” O’Finioan Caught Surfing Nazi Zoophilia Web Porn

Only the progeny of Alastair Crowley in his brown asshat!


Notice right hand on keyboard and left hand doing the jackwagon boogy.

Oct. 12

In terms of backwards time, it seems tens of thousands of people are re-expericning October 12, 2013, over and over again, making changes or keeping it as is. The question is: what is important about that date?

Backwards Time Solar Effect

backwards-clockUnusual activity from the sun, the stopping of the Sun Bomb and the fixes being done by the future humans known as The Sons of the Sun, is causing backward time effects in certain pockets of the earth. If you are living in these pockets, you may start seeing yourself getting younger rapidly, aging backwards, depending on how hard your pocket of reverse time is hit. You may rewind back several days, weeks or month and be conscious of it. You could use this opportunity to correct any recent mistakes so that when time flows correctly (in a 3D sense, since there is no linear time, and this has to do with gravity) your personal timeline will change. Look at it as a gift rather than something to fear. You may re-live a bad thing but you can fix that. You may re-live a good thing and experience divine orgiastic wellness. It all depends on your intent and desire.


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