Mylie Cyrus: Project Monarch Illuminati Sex Kitten and Assassin

by Former White Hat

It will come to no surprise to many that teen pop idol Mylie Cyrus was programmed in MK ULTRA’s Project Monacrh as a sex slave (or “kitten”) for Illuminati use and abuse. Her “father,” a Freemason in the music industry (country music with close ties to the Bush Crime Family) placed her into the program to be tortured, personality fractured, repeatly raped at a young age by reptilians, military generals, Hollywood moguls and stars, and politicians (including George Bush Sr and Jr., Jeb and others), with secret child porn videos of her engaged in such acts wantonly circulated among Cabal members.

Look at the above photo, covering her eye, symbolizing the Eye of Horus. Her alter-ego, Hannah Montana, is an example of persoanlity fracturing and disassociative reaction as a result of torture and mind control. Her songs are filled with Cabalist trigges and hints –

Her task, through her Santanic music and TV shows on Cabalist-owned stations like Disney, Nickleodeaon, and Cartoon Channel, is to send mind control triggers through words and images that will make young girls believe that becoming sex kittens for the powerful – and all that can come with it: money, gifts, fame — is the way they should be.

None of this is new information…however, what many do not know is that Mylie has also been trained to be an assassin. She may some day be used to get close to someone, through her fame — such as an up and coming politician — and take this person out. She has a bomb imbedded inside her intestines that can be triggered to go off and kill anyone 50 feets around her.

Also, the man supposedly her father is not her real father…her DNA father is George Bush Jr., her mother one of the Bush twins, conceived in an incest Satanic ritual that ensured Bsuh the Governorship of Texas. Notice the resemblance:

Mind controlled product of Illuminati daddy lust? That is ony half the strangeness…for she is also the secret Mistress of Dick Cheney, the biggest pedobear of all the NWO perverts.

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