Stanga Compromised, Impersonated or Cloned…Trust No One

by Former White Hat

I am afraid I have been duped by the reptilian Cabal. The “Sarah Stanga” who contacted me was not her at all but a NWO/Illuminati agent, a controlled Sarah S., or a programmed clone of her. The problem here, as it is often, she may not know she has been mind controlled again or that she is even a clone. If this is the case, then the Sisterhood of the White Robe has lost a solider in the war.

It is tricky when someone who was previously a victim of MK ULTRA and Project Monarch and any other mind control program and has been fighting it, because they could be Cabal plants and are always suspect of being controlled again. An example is Duncan O’Finioan, who has stated he is not sure if he is till being controlled and if his handlers send him out on missions and he does not realize it — such as Sean David Morton and David Wilcock, they do not realzie they are Sirhan Chapmans and that the “truths” they tell the public are actually programmed into the by their Cabal handlers. And then there is Dan Burisch, who was turned by the Cabal and is now working in full with the evil reptilians.

I hope that Sarah has not been turned or cloned…she or “she” may deny it, may not be aware of it, but we have methods of finding out, and we will. But her own words seem to indicate that the Cabal finally turned her to their side, since she has always been The Property of Dracos, and is once again a sex slave to her reptilian owners.

Her warning that the Cabal wants my head holds up, however…this morning I found a bomb under my car set to go off when I put the key in the ignition…c’mon, you bastard reptoids and alphabet drones, you can do better than that! I know all the tricks.

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