Who Killed Andrew Breitbart? We Know…

by Former White Hat

Did journalist Andrew Breitbart really simply keel over with a bad ticker the same day he was to release damning videos of Barack Obama? Of course not. He was assassinated in Los Angeles…and we of the Brethern of the White Robe know what mind-controlled MK ULTRA hit man did it: David Wilcock.

Wilcock, who was in a secret homosexual relationship with Breitbart, was activated by his Illuminati handlers to slip a drug in Breitbart’s drink that caused his heart to fail. The reptilian cabal then entrapped his soul as it was leaving his body and, from what information I have gathered, his soul is currently being kept in stasis in an underground facility in Tijuana run by the Cabal and drug cartels.  We are working on a way of rescuing his soul, otherwise he may be used for some nefarious reasons by the Obama Gamers and reptilians.

There was more than just videos of a young Barry Soetoro hanging out with Black Panther radicals and Weather Underground communists…Breitbart obtained classifed vidoes of the current President at Montauk, teleporting to Mars, and partificpating in Satanic rituals of gay orgies and the raping, and eating, of kidnapped and orphaned children. The Cabal did not want these vidoes to come to light, but perhaps they still will, if the Brethern of the White Robe can effectuate it.

Yes, David Wilcock is a mind-controlled Sirhan Chapman and disinfo agent and he does not know it. He was taken at age 3 and tortured in an MK ULTRA program, used by Santaic people in the military, and programmed for various missions. His main handler has been Stewert Swerdlow and Ed Dames.  More on the disclosure of Wilcock in a future post…

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