Aaron McCollum: Reactivated in Iran

by Former White Hat

No, folks, I am not Aaron McCullum (nor Sean David Morton) as some of you suggested.

In fact, Lt. Commander McCullum was reactivated about six months ago and has been on missions to Mars, Procyon, and my sources tell me in now in Iran doing some jobs for the coming war.

But the thing is…those interviews he did with CIA White Hat Kerry Cassidy, were a strange combination of truth and flat out wild fantasy. He was under control or orders, ususl disinfo tactic…if you look at interview 2, he is wearing a t-shirt with a Cabal symbol, and his tatoos are rife with Dracos symbols and images meant to trigger people with deep programming. His hand gestures are also messages…to whom, we do not know. We know he did have a hand is activating Omega Unit 197 in January, 2011, for a major op in Syria.

He was not born in 1978. He was born in 2078 and is a time travel soldier. He is really about 63 years old — his dolphin DNA causes him not to age outward. He has a life expectancy of 500-800 years. Every decade or so, he is wiped and given new memories, history, etc. He has 33 alternates, each fitted for a certain time travel job going as far back as 300,000 BC.

What he claims about Gulf of Aden and Project Seagate is true.

Yes, he did (and still does) engage in MILAB ops, based from the Coronado Naval Base (where, curiously, SEALS are trained and the Project Dolphin experiments are done).

His handler is Dave Corso, disinfo agent and NSA operative originally sent to Pahrump to spy on (and maybe assassinate) Art Bell.

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