Our Lips Are SEALed

by Former White Hat

Bill “Wood” aka Bill Brockbrader (real name, Brock Williams) was indeed a Navy SEAL but he was not in team 9, he was in Team 11, an off-world unit that very very few know about. (SEAL Teams 7 and 8 are on earth, 9 assigned to inner-earth, 10-12 off-world, 13 inter-dimensional, 14-15 time travel).  Right now, however, Bill is working for the CIA, most recently in Operation Peek-a-Boo, along with CIA collegaues Kerry Cassidy and Eva Moore.

The story of a SEAL whistle-blowing about war crimes and Project Looking Glass was scripted, possibly by Kerry because of its film-narrative structure: the wild card loose cannon former solider on the run, the pretty love story, danger and international intrigue, assassins and double agents…

Are we to believe that our hero, two weeks after coming foreward, found his twin flame and soul mate because of a Youtube video?  Or have Bill and Eva, a former Canadian Army Intelligence officer now on loan to the CIA, worked as a team many times, both on earth and Procyon…Procyon being where they initially met Kerry at her home with her Procyon-native husband and their two beautiful hybrid children, Seth and Sandarar?

Kerry thought his real name “Brock Williams” sounded like a GI Joe character, so it was changed. The whole blow-up and fight they had duirng the third interview was scripted, but Bill went off-script and started talking about spirituality which he was not supposed to. For some reason, he has had a change of heart in his mission.  Did he, maybe, actually fall in love with his team partner? (thus breaking all field ops rules and protocol)

His mission: by fighting with Kerry and Kerry publicy proclaiming him a fraud,  he will win the trust and get close to other whistle-blowing ex-super soliders who have figured out Kerry is CIA (yet still a White Hat), determine if they are telling the truth, working for the compromised White Hats, mind-controlled by aliens, or schziophrenic?  He can find out what they have been keeping secret, get information of other ex-super soliders who have not officially gone public, while he awaits his orders to either terminate with extreme prejudice or walk away with a shrug…

…in the arms of his team mate, like a 21st Century Maxwell Smart and Agent 99, or Brad and Angelina in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, off on their next assignment…

Is the spook world influenced by Hollywood films, or are Hollywood films influenced by the lives of real secret spies? THAT, my fine furry mammals and scaly lizards, is EXACTLY the disinfo the Cabal wants to you ponder on and get confused about: has reality been compromised and the truth is bizarre, or are we all being duped by mind-controlling entertainment?

What is the truth, what are lies, what is disinfo, which agents have been turned, which are double or triple spies, who is really [ulling the strings, who stands to profit and gain, what is the end game, or is it all just a game?

Maybe it’s all social and political satire, conceived for amusement and a film/book/video game?

Or maybe our normal lives in a normal world are merely holograms manufactured and contorted by Satan and his nerfarious minnions?

Those who know, their lips are SEALed…but not for long…

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