Outrageous False Information From the “Fulford” Free Site

by Former White Hat

Today, a bunch of false information was issued from Ben Fulford’s non-subscription typepad blog. There are a number of red light clues indicating that the real Benjamin Fulford did not write these:

1. A lame excuse over the assassination of Lord Blackheath. This “person” claims a member of the Rothschild family called to tell him. Why would anyone from the Rothschild bloodline tell Fulford anything when he is working against them? The REAL FULFORD would have known that Blackheath had been killed and then replaced by a clone.

2. Claims that the White Hats are putting out disinfo, calling “Fuldord” a cocaine addict and insane. Yet no mention of being a clone. Rather curious, yes? And this “person” claims the White Hats are trying to subvert the new financial system. Now, granted, the White Hats have been compromised, but  the uncompromised have been working with the White Dragons all along. Why did this “person” not mention the White Hats being compromised, instead blames all White Hats? This is the Cabal’s attempt to smear the White Hats as a whole. (Although I and others have split away from the White Hats, we still work closely with those we trust have not been compromised, turned or cloned.)

3. Claim that there was a March 13th announcement from Anonymous and that one member had been poisoned. Where is the message, the grand one? Why was this not addressed on his weekly update paid site? As I reported, the Anonymous members who were to release the message were terminated by the Cabal and other Anonymous members would release the message at a later date.The REAL FULFORD would know this and not murky the waters of this bullshit.

4. Claims Turkey has removed “Sabbatean Luciferian network from the government, media and armed forces.” This is hardly true. Turkey remains ensconced in Cabal control, but after the air battles between the Dracos and Plejarans in Turkey today, it is expected that Turkey will indeed soon be purged of the lizard boys’ and Rothschild/Rockefeller/Bush control.

ONCE AGAIN: Unless reported here, anything released on both Fulford sites is disinfo from Nathaniel Rothschild. Look at it this why: why has “Fulford” not addressed the clone issue? The nukes removed from Santa Monica Bay and Osaka? What happened in Mexico?

P.S. Side note: Fulford never had a staff, unless you count his wife and their bonsai tree. A staff for what? A weekly blog? Another indication that whoever is writing on these sites does not have all the facts on hand.

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