Giant Spacecraft Emerges from Sea Between Japan and Russia

by Former White Hat

An enormous craft, oblong in shape and made of an unknown alloy, was apparently lodged deep in the sea bed in the Kuril Islands area between the Russian Kamchatka Peninsula and Hokkaido region of Japan.

This craft violently tore itself from the seabed and rose, waves engulfing several small, uninhabited islet, and has parked itself 50,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean. It is estimated to be seventeen miles in length, five miles in width.

It is unknown who this ship belongs to; the design and technology is unknown to Plejarans and the Andromeda Council’ the Agarthans are checking ancient records.

Attempts to contact whoever is operating the vessel have brought no results. Plejaran psychics and human remote viewers seem to be unable to mentally penetrate the hull.

Ancient lore of natives, both of Siberian and Japanese heritage, tells tales 1,000 years old of a race of bi-pedal squid-like beings who inhabited the oceans of the islands and abducted people who never returned.

Asket and I did a flyby while in Hokkaido. It is an impressively large ship, all right, and the exterior looks very old.

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