Nice Try, Drone!

by Former White Hat

While in the eastern part of Japan, the area on Honshu, investigating whether or not the Alvah Consciousness was making its way up from the inner earth, a US Air Force drone attempted destroy Asket’s beamship on the ground.

I was there. They were targeting me, I’m certain, not her or her ship.

I should have expected it. Capturing the drone, we determined it was programmed to trace the vibration level of my DNA.  Plejaran medical healer, Fenosh, shifted my DNA’s vibration to a slightly higher frequency onboard an Andromedan mothership, and until I get used to it, I keep phasing in and out of densities — it is a sort of giddy feeling, like being half-drunk. I crossed paths with Alex Collier who was wearing a 5D belt enabler. He was surprised to see me. We sat down and talked a bit. “Well, they tried!” Alex laughed heartily, adding: “Clones manning drones, what’s next, huh?”

Not fast enough, Cabal. They really think they can out manuever Plejaran tech? Funny.

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