Cabal Attacks Giants in Chile, Destroys Underground City

by Former White Hat

48 hours ago, I had reported that red-headed giants descended from the Annunaki were merging in various areas of the planet, most especially southern Chile, and battling with Dracos soldiers…now things are taking a strange turn.

The Cabal nuked an underground city where many of these giants (no name for them as far as we know, and no one knows their language, and telepathic attempts of communication have failed) dwelled, in the Maule region of Chile. This has sent giants all over Chile and in neighboring Argentina on a rampage, killing both humans and reptilians.

In the capital city, a significant air battle between Fourth Reich bell-shaped vessels and Draco/gray ships is underway. Does this indicate the Fourth Reich is on the side of good? Not necessarily; the FR most likely wants the position of power that the Cabal has, or perhaps te Cabal betrayed them in some way; it is unknown.

The Plejarans an Andromedans are staying out of this for now, observing and trying to determine what is happening among these three factions. The oval-shaped craft that emerged from the waters near Japan has slowly begun to make its way toward the Antarctica; it began to move when the nuke in Maule went off.

The nuke is expected to cause a tear in the faultlines resulting in a series of further, greater earthquakes throughout the west Coast of South America.

Fourth Reich ships reported in the skies of Panama and vaporizing  military forces on the ground.

Cabal attacks giants in Salton Sea area of California — expected faultline activity on the San Andreas Fault from the destruction of underground dwelling.

U.S. Navy fires on Cabal ships attacking giants on Catalina Island.

Giants on Crete have been seen leaping in the air and grabbing onto gray anti-gravity ships and smashing them to the ground.

4R attacks Cabal undersea base near theVanuatu Islands but do not prevail, Cabal destroys all 4R ships.

Semjase’s fleet remains in orbit, observing.

Asket and I are on an island safehold, observing.

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