The Wet Gun Powder of the Fulford Clone, Quick-Thinking Whrenjase, and Operation Kaiju

by Former White Hat


I know some of the readers here are growing wearisome of news of the Benjamin Fulford clones’ global antics, but it is relevant news to what is happening…and there are two new things: the detainment of the second, and hopefully last, Fulford Clone in Japan by Plejaran quick-thinker, Whrenjase, and the top-of-the-week new posting allegedly written by a Fulford.


Part One

First the posting…

One will notice that a number of readers commenting on the blog do not believe this is the “real Fuldord” because the posting contains matters that is old news, and other matters that are quite contradicting; sprinkle in a few truths and you have classic disinformation:

1. After claiming I am Mike (“Steve”) Cottrell yesterday, this person (not Fulford) now says I am someone named Danny Gammage of Hawaii working with Bush-man Cottrell. Who is Danny Gammage? I seem to remember someone on a forum claiming that Tolec was really a guy named Danny Gammage, but I could be wrong. There is a “Gammage” connected to the Federal Reserve. All Daniel Gammges from an internet search reveal several, none in Hawaii, the most prominent being a dentist in Louisiana who used to practice his DDS at Keesler Airforce Base in Biloxi, MS, a base known for housing USA-made anti-gravity ships and a cloning facility underground. Asket has made no psychic connection to the name, so it is possible “Danny Gammage” is a code for something to someone. If anyone knows anything about Danny Gammage, please let me know — and oh, no, I am not him, keep trying.

Also, this person claims that I, and this blog, are associated with the White Hats, which is false. Before, the real Fulford has stated the White Hats were working with the White Dragons to usher in a new financial system…why does he now claim the White Hats are the bad guys, and no mention of the White Hats being compromised. To wit: I am no longer with the White Hats, and only keep ties with the Uncompromised White Hats.

2. He lists the structure of the Rothschild Family’s holdings in Europe and the USA — all old info. Why re-list what everyone already knows?

3. 450 arrests of bankers. Well, who are they? This is partially true — these bankers were actually rounded up, killed, and replaced by clones. The Cabal targeted them as possible defectors who would betray the Cabal.

4. No further information on Anonymous, the March 31 deadline, Bill Gates’ arrests, Geithner, and so on.

5. He claims the CIA are now good guys. Uh…the CIA is run by the Cabal, Poppy Bush was once the head of it, the CIA does all the Cabal’s wet and dirty work…yet he states the Pentagon, FEMA, and the CIA are preparing to round-up bankers for arrests…the truth is these round-ups as mass replacements with clones and shape-shifters.

6. He states the earthquake attack on Japan for 3/22 was switched to Mexico, without mentioning the removal of nukes from Osaka, which the real Fulford would have known about and reported on. He does not state why Mexico was hit, and what really happened. He states “this earthquake was advertised in advance through pamphlets distributed locally,” which is somewhat true, the Brethren of the White Robe and Plejarans did spread the word to prepare for the attack on the Cabal Draco base under Oaxaca. Why wouldn’t the real Fulford mention this loss on the Cabal’s side?

7. He mentions an attempted coup in China by Japanese secret agents. This is true and the reason behind the mobilized invasion army China is planning.

8. He states the story of Lord Blackheath finding about the $15 trillion heist is a fake…wait a minute, “Ben,” wasn’t the arrests of Bill Gates and Timothy Geithner all about this $15 trillion bank heist masterminded by Poppy Bush? Now you are putting out disinfo to cover for them? This makes no sense.

9. He ends: “Overall, things are looking very good.” The entire post smacks of “all is well, the bad guys are going down, kick back and let us clean things up, the world will be hunky-dory.” This smacks of the same thing that Tolec and others do: make us believe we have nothing to worry about, to fight over.

Over all, this post is filled with contradictions, illogical assertions, old data and false information…since another Fulford clone has been located and detained, I am saying this post was not written by the real or cloned Fulford, but by an agent for the Rothschilds, who were behind the Dec. 13, 2011 kidnapping and cloning of the one true Benny “Leon” Fulford.




Part Two

Shortly after one Fulford Clone attempted the sanctioning of Daisaku Ikeda, another Fulford Clone was thwarted in its attempt to assassinate Eijiro Katsu, the Japanese senior minister of finance and secret head of the Yamaguchi-gumi, by a fast-thinking young Plejaran ground operative, Whrenjase (left), who had been tracking leads on the Fulford clone. The clone was packing a water pistol filled with what the clone claimed to be “liquid cynanide for a brave new world.” Tests concluded that the contents of the water pistol was indeed a diluted cyanide misxed with cocaine that, if sprayed on a person’s skin, would result in an instantaneous death.

Eijiro Katsu commended the actions of “our kind Plejaran space sisters like Whrenjase-san not only for stopping the clone assassin, but for the radiation clean-up headed by Semjase-san at Fukushima, as well the removal of the Cabal nukes in Osaka. The Plejarans will surely be an asset in the world changes to come,” noted Katsu, “and the new financial system, stopping all nefarious plans by the Rothschild cabal.”

When asked to comment, Nathaniel Rothschild, in London, said, “Japan is yet in for some uncanny surprises.”

A source at the Pentagon indicates that this “surprise” is known as “Operation Kaiju” in London “Project Godzilla” by Rockefeller.  Is this another planned earthquake attack?

“What it  is,” said the Pentagon source, “is a land invasion of giant Dracos warriors, reaching 500 feet tall; 200 of them could flatten a city like Tokyo in 12 hours and sink the whole damn island in a week.”

We have learned that these monster-sized Dracos are in cyro-stastis inside the seventeen-mile long craft that emerged from the Pacific ocean yesterday by the Kuril Islands.

“Hiroshima, mon amour.”


NOTE FROM FWH: Does this mean all the Fuford Clones have been captured or eliminated? Let us hope so; however, some unverified reports are coming in that Fulfords have been spotted in Berlin, Tel Aviv, Hiroshima, and Okinawa Island.

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