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Compare the Fulfords

Here is a photo of the real Benjamin Fulford today, taken seven hours after his rescue from Monaco. As you can see, his hair is long and he looks haggard, underfed and tortured.

And here is the Fulford clone they tried to covince people today is the real deal, with short hair, along with the Rothschild/Putin agent Alexander Romonov, self-proclaimed nephew of Queen Elizabeth and true heir of the Russian throne…

…or Nat Rothschild shape-shifter.

Wilcock Missing

David Wilcock has gone missing…after the Plejarans having deprogrammed him, it is feared he may have fallen back into CIA hands and/or cloned.

Two people spotted him today in West Hollywood walking hand-in-hand with the also missing Sean David Morton clone into a Turkish bathhouse…where Dave Corso was waiting for them…

….the image that creates is just…wrong…

And after he went missing yesterday, this posting came up, with…an odd video…

Project Tickle

Seeking MILABs out there who may have gone through Project Tickle, the use of “tickle torture” for programming…

Not a joke. If you have ever had anyone tickle you for a long period, or tickle hard, even though you may be laughing, it is painful, you can’t breathe, you shit and piss your pants…in Project Monarch, Talent, MARS, Artichoke, Termite and so on, they would put subjects through such painful beatings and rapes that the psyche would split….in Project Tickle, the CIA/NSA found that making a subject endure hours of horrendous tickling while restrained would cause the soul to leap out of the body. They would “capture” the soul in a container where they could perform experiments on the soul, or force a different soul into an empty body. Later, they would take a group of six children, force their souls out from the tickle torture, and then force five souls into one body. This was another method of placing many alters into one body. The soulless bodies were given to their reptoid overlords as food.

Intel has it that Project Tickle was in place 1982-1991 and stopped because there were problems with having units suppress the souls from coming out unless activated. Many units self-terminated or were placed in asylums as having multiple personalities. It is estimated that there are currently 2,500 people in the USA and Canada who are still active Project Tickle units.

The Plejarans have been successful in helping two people and release all the trapped souls inside the single body so that those souls can go on to other incarnations — in fact, they take these people to Erra so that the damaged souls can choose to incarnate as a Plejaran instead of the trauma of another earth human life.

Bogus Cabal Video Released with a Fulford Clone

My fellow humans (and off-world friends),

Mere hours after the real Benjamin Fulford was rescued from captivity off the shores of Monaco, Nathaniel Rothschild and Vladimir Putin put out this video online, which was taped almost two weeks ago

One hint is that they discuss Putin’s election victory as recent, when that happened two weeks ago.  Strange that they call Putin a hero and great leader when everyone else in Russia is saying the election was rigged? And that Putin is a Satan-worshiping member of the Illuminati, related to the Rothschilds, and has stolen billions from the Russian people, tucked away in a Vatican bank account…and here it seems they are hinting that Putin could be a good leader of the world and the new system. Huh? Is the Soviet Union some fine example of good leadership to lead as example, Russia with its mafia-controlled government, crime everywhere, the main exporter of child pornography, selling off its cache of suitcase nukes to rogue armies and unstable nations…and terrorists…such as the very Russian-made suitcase nukes the Cabal placed in Osaka last week?

And who is this alleged Alexander Romanov, “grand master” of the Gnostic Illuminati who looks and dressed like some Eurotrash they found in a Tokyo bar?  Prince Alexander Romanov died in 2002. This guy addresses Queen Elizabeth as “aunt” — if this is true, then this guy is a reptilian, right? We have just discovered that this “Romanov” is actually a shape-shifter, and is actually Nathaniel Rothschild!

Not long after the video went live, the Fulford clone or someone writes on the free blog:

This Alexander Romanoff or Richard Sorge or whatever it is he calls himself has provided physical proof that he represents seriously powerful and dangerous people. That is why I opened a dialogue with him. It does not mean I agree with everything he says.

Richard Sorge was an old Russian spy from the Cold War days.

And this “leader” of the Martial Arts Society who can summon up 200 million warriors, holding a sword and dressed and talking like a bad stereotype character out of a Japanese B-grade film or anime?  This is the same “actor” who claimed he rescued Fulford when kidnapped by the CIA:

yet the Fulford clone has been claiming he was not kidnapped, whereas the truth is, the Rothschilds had kidnapped him on Dec. 13, cloned him many times, and he has only now been freed from his prison.

Here is the real Fulford last year, talking about UFOs and other dimensions:

Compare that Fulford with this clone they are parading around, and decide for yourself: is this the same man?

Also, notice the medical computer to the clone’s side, connected to the clone’s back. That machine is keeping the clone running. (You may also notice the clone rubbing his nose like coke addicts do.)

And where is this being video-taped? In some small room with a bedsheet tossed up as a backdrop, with these “important” men sitting on small chairs at a tiny table?  If they were really sending out a grand message to the world, would it not be logical that they would at least find a nice setting? And who are those three people sitting in front of them?

finally, the Fulford clone claims that the God of Abraham and Allah are actually Satan. This is a nice slam by the Cabal to piss off the Jews and Muslims, being called Satanists, that could lead to strife and a war in the Middle East, which is what the Cabal wants.

This is not a “new” video and was only released as disinfo because the Fulford is now free…with two bad actors as some kind of powerful players…praising the Satan-worshipping Putin while accusing Israel and every Islamic nation of being the actual Satanists.

And consider this: why would the world want these men to be the new leaders of the grand new financial system?

This is a fraud, a con game manufactured by Bush/Obama/Rockefeller/the Priory of Dracos/etc.


The Real Benjamin Fulford

We have found the real, original Benjamin Fulford as of midnight EST March 27, 8AM in Europe; he was being held on a Rothschild-owned yacht off the coast of Monaco. Clone tests were adminsitered and he is indeed the original. However, we know there are a few clones out there and the Cabal might parade him in public as the actual Fulford.

We have also discovered that Vladimir Putin, co-criminal of Bush/Clinton/Obama family, has been behind this with the Rothschild/Rockefeller Banking Crime Syndicate.

Project Gumby

Project Gumby was a far-out theory tested at Montauk in the late 1970s-early 1980s, headed by Preston Nichols when he was working there in his other personality.

If you ever watched Gumby as a kid, or now, you see that the Gumby characters can walk into, or merge, with a book and enter the reality of the text narrative. Nichols theorized that fiction was created by an author the same way Creation made the universe, and if people in the 5th, 6th, 7th and upward densities can create realities and whole universes by thought, would a Gumby-like situation work by manipulating higher density realities?

That is, a holographic reality — similar to the Alternate Reality Game in the other post — would be created in the lab based on a fictional text, then a person would be sent into the field of that new reality and perceive the world based on the book. Nichols theorized that if our 3D reality was nothing but a hologram and not actually “real,” the same physics would apply in the created reality.

Nichols and the Montauk team created contained universe realities from books such as Moby Dick, The Sun Also Rises, Catcher in the Rye, The Lord of the Rings, Of Mice and Men, Look Homeward Angel, and The Manchurian Candidate.  While it seemed to work, men and women test subjects (called Gumbynauts) were sent into the realities, none of them ever returned to report on the experience. In the Moby Duck universe, the test subject was immediately eaten by the white whale; in The Lord of the Rings, the Gumbynaut fell in love with a female Hobbit and disappeared.  They had no idea what happened to the others.

When they created a reality out of Sleepy Hollow, the headless horseman escaped that universe and entered the reality at Montauk, causing havoc throughout the base, riding a horse and holding its head. Base security shot the headless horseman, who vanished out of our reality after being pumped full of bullets. His head, a pumpkin, remained.

Project Gumby was deemed too unstable and the funds to continue the research did not present applicable use by the Cabal, although there are reports that Dan Burisch reinstated the research at Area 51 at the behest of Vice-President George Bush, who wanted a reality created out of Wuthering Heights, where he would kill Heathcliff and romance Catherine Earnshaw himself, telling her he wished he knew her when he was younger before marrying 16-year-old Barbara Pierce, who, like him, and part reptilian.

Other rumors are that Bill Clinton used the technology to enter a reality based on Lolita.

Let Us Help a Drag Clone Out

Sometimes your friendly neighborhood Former White Hat has a soft spot in his heart of hearts for clones, especially when the clone is not at fault for being a clone, or the clone is in sad denial of its cloneliness, and even if that clone is a drag queen singer in CIA-operated transvestite clubs.

Little laddie Tommy Hansen, webmaster for Project Camelot, has a malfunctioning computer getting all hot and bothered and is need of a new one to keep up his work, so why don’t we all help the drag clone and make a donation? Now, you ask why I suggest this, being that the Tommy clone was behind Kerry Cassidy’s abduction in Guatemala…well, Tommy clone has repented, he broke free of his programming and has provided much useable intel, including the possible whereabouts of the original Benny “Leon” Fulford.

He has offered himself as a double-agent against the Cabal, comparing such a role as dressing as a man by day, but as a woman by night, singing his cloney heart out, all his favorite Donna Summer, Lady Gaga, and Liza Minelli tunes.

So go here to this page, the donation page, and help the laddie from relying on cloud-computing in net cafes, either via PayPal or snail-mailed check, gold, silver, or non-secured privately printed promissory notes (aka Federal Reserve IOUs) with a note:

“At the request of the Melchizedekian Former White Hat, this donation is for the Tommy Hansen Clone’s new technology.” 

If you are uncertain how much to send, perhaps an amount with a symbolic message: $11.11.

“Tommy boy, the clones the clones are callin’ ye…”


Ocean Nuke to Cause Tsunamis; Cabal Ships Head South

The Cabal set off a nuke in the seabed of the Northern East Pacific Rise 10°N,105°W. It is believed they self-destructed one of their bases for unknown reasons. Many Gray and Mantis ships seen emerging from the ocean and going toward Antarctica, engaging in air battles with the Fourth Reich fleet.

Acapulco and Guatamala City are embracing for tsunamis. Coastal residents urged to relocate inland.

The Obama Clone’s daughter has left the area.

Update on the Morton/Fulford Clone Situation

Right now, Sean David Morton’s Strange Universe radio show has Ben Fulford on as a guest…but it is a repeat show from two weeks ago. Why is there an old show being played? you ask.

The Sean David Morton clone, as I noted earlier, has gone missing the past five days and there have been various sightings of the clone in Las Vegas, Dallas, and New York City; one report has him at the JFK Airport aruging with TSA because American Arilines required him to buy three seats in a row…

And of course the Ben Fulford clones have been rounded up, although it seems some new ones have popped up.

So know, tonight’s show is not live, with a clone talking to a clone.

And a two-week old replay proves that they cannot find Morton. But we are looking for him, and looking for Fulford still.


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