Bogus Cabal Video Released with a Fulford Clone

by Former White Hat

My fellow humans (and off-world friends),

Mere hours after the real Benjamin Fulford was rescued from captivity off the shores of Monaco, Nathaniel Rothschild and Vladimir Putin put out this video online, which was taped almost two weeks ago

One hint is that they discuss Putin’s election victory as recent, when that happened two weeks ago.  Strange that they call Putin a hero and great leader when everyone else in Russia is saying the election was rigged? And that Putin is a Satan-worshiping member of the Illuminati, related to the Rothschilds, and has stolen billions from the Russian people, tucked away in a Vatican bank account…and here it seems they are hinting that Putin could be a good leader of the world and the new system. Huh? Is the Soviet Union some fine example of good leadership to lead as example, Russia with its mafia-controlled government, crime everywhere, the main exporter of child pornography, selling off its cache of suitcase nukes to rogue armies and unstable nations…and terrorists…such as the very Russian-made suitcase nukes the Cabal placed in Osaka last week?

And who is this alleged Alexander Romanov, “grand master” of the Gnostic Illuminati who looks and dressed like some Eurotrash they found in a Tokyo bar?  Prince Alexander Romanov died in 2002. This guy addresses Queen Elizabeth as “aunt” — if this is true, then this guy is a reptilian, right? We have just discovered that this “Romanov” is actually a shape-shifter, and is actually Nathaniel Rothschild!

Not long after the video went live, the Fulford clone or someone writes on the free blog:

This Alexander Romanoff or Richard Sorge or whatever it is he calls himself has provided physical proof that he represents seriously powerful and dangerous people. That is why I opened a dialogue with him. It does not mean I agree with everything he says.

Richard Sorge was an old Russian spy from the Cold War days.

And this “leader” of the Martial Arts Society who can summon up 200 million warriors, holding a sword and dressed and talking like a bad stereotype character out of a Japanese B-grade film or anime?  This is the same “actor” who claimed he rescued Fulford when kidnapped by the CIA:

yet the Fulford clone has been claiming he was not kidnapped, whereas the truth is, the Rothschilds had kidnapped him on Dec. 13, cloned him many times, and he has only now been freed from his prison.

Here is the real Fulford last year, talking about UFOs and other dimensions:

Compare that Fulford with this clone they are parading around, and decide for yourself: is this the same man?

Also, notice the medical computer to the clone’s side, connected to the clone’s back. That machine is keeping the clone running. (You may also notice the clone rubbing his nose like coke addicts do.)

And where is this being video-taped? In some small room with a bedsheet tossed up as a backdrop, with these “important” men sitting on small chairs at a tiny table?  If they were really sending out a grand message to the world, would it not be logical that they would at least find a nice setting? And who are those three people sitting in front of them?

finally, the Fulford clone claims that the God of Abraham and Allah are actually Satan. This is a nice slam by the Cabal to piss off the Jews and Muslims, being called Satanists, that could lead to strife and a war in the Middle East, which is what the Cabal wants.

This is not a “new” video and was only released as disinfo because the Fulford is now free…with two bad actors as some kind of powerful players…praising the Satan-worshipping Putin while accusing Israel and every Islamic nation of being the actual Satanists.

And consider this: why would the world want these men to be the new leaders of the grand new financial system?

This is a fraud, a con game manufactured by Bush/Obama/Rockefeller/the Priory of Dracos/etc.


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