Project Tickle

by Former White Hat

Seeking MILABs out there who may have gone through Project Tickle, the use of “tickle torture” for programming…

Not a joke. If you have ever had anyone tickle you for a long period, or tickle hard, even though you may be laughing, it is painful, you can’t breathe, you shit and piss your pants…in Project Monarch, Talent, MARS, Artichoke, Termite and so on, they would put subjects through such painful beatings and rapes that the psyche would split….in Project Tickle, the CIA/NSA found that making a subject endure hours of horrendous tickling while restrained would cause the soul to leap out of the body. They would “capture” the soul in a container where they could perform experiments on the soul, or force a different soul into an empty body. Later, they would take a group of six children, force their souls out from the tickle torture, and then force five souls into one body. This was another method of placing many alters into one body. The soulless bodies were given to their reptoid overlords as food.

Intel has it that Project Tickle was in place 1982-1991 and stopped because there were problems with having units suppress the souls from coming out unless activated. Many units self-terminated or were placed in asylums as having multiple personalities. It is estimated that there are currently 2,500 people in the USA and Canada who are still active Project Tickle units.

The Plejarans have been successful in helping two people and release all the trapped souls inside the single body so that those souls can go on to other incarnations — in fact, they take these people to Erra so that the damaged souls can choose to incarnate as a Plejaran instead of the trauma of another earth human life.

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