Update on the Morton/Fulford Clone Situation

by Former White Hat

Right now, Sean David Morton’s Strange Universe radio show has Ben Fulford on as a guest…but it is a repeat show from two weeks ago. Why is there an old show being played? you ask.

The Sean David Morton clone, as I noted earlier, has gone missing the past five days and there have been various sightings of the clone in Las Vegas, Dallas, and New York City; one report has him at the JFK Airport aruging with TSA because American Arilines required him to buy three seats in a row…

And of course the Ben Fulford clones have been rounded up, although it seems some new ones have popped up.

So know, tonight’s show is not live, with a clone talking to a clone.

And a two-week old replay proves that they cannot find Morton. But we are looking for him, and looking for Fulford still.

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