The Putin/Soros Cabal Deception

by Former White Hat

Hearing and seeing this might make people think Putin is on the side of good, but it’s all a scripted drama. It is a Trojan Horse — just when it seems like Putin and Co. are going to take down the Rothschilds/Rockefeller Crime organization, the horse will smash open and the invaders will attack from within.

Listen: there is no nation leader that is not a member of the Cabal. They would never allow it. Yes, in the future, this will be different, but at the moment, Putin is in the same boat with the Queen Lizard, the Pope, Obama, you name it. Take a look at the Star Wars scenario, where the wars and opposite factions are simply a game orchestrated by one evil entity…in this world, the puppet master is Grand Lizard himself, Lucifer. Remember, Lucifer is the Great Deceiver: he wants people to think he is losing, that he does not exist, that the war against evil is a done deal. He has agents working on both sides, scripting a screenplay for the Cabal Hologram.

You need mot believe me, ask yourself within: is Putin a good guy or bad guy?  Approach both answers with caution, because deception and betrayal are all around us.

Even our own hearts can turn against our self.

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