Yoshihiko Noda, Prime Minister of Japan, Secretly Cloned by the Cabal

by Former White Hat

(Knight-Ridder) — Shape-shifting reptoid Cabalist Stephen Harper, aka the Prime Minister of Canada, visted Japan several days ago. We have now learned that the Grays from Orion abducted Japan Prime Minister Yoshihoka Noda and had him cloned.

Then the Noda Clone entered into a Luciferian agreement that could result in complete destruction of the Japanese maninland.

“Perhaps the proposed fiat AmeroDollar is a soulable solution,” said Noda in a pressĀ  conference.

Concurring, the lizard boy Harper stated, “It is the dawn of a new day, eh.”

Asked for comment, Choidon Daukaku, leader of the White Dragons Society, grumbled, “I will send out 100,000 ninjjas to find the real Noda-san!”

Ben Fulford, still shaken by his visit from Allah, was not available for comment.


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