by Former White Hat

Those posting in the comments:

1. I don’t have time to answer long elaborate multi-point questions. These things I will address in future posts.

2. I know who the spies are. You think you’re that clever? Spy or not, you are welcome.

Those with internet radio shows:

I know what you have been saying about me. I hear your shows, not often live, but I get around to hearing them later, yes I do, Mr. Asshat Maugans. Oh hey I will even give you a link since you bitch so much that people never link you when mentioning Wolf Transvestite Radio. ;) –you know I luv ya all. And oh, Randy, your blog article only generated three hits to this blog, which means…well…not many people read your blog, nor do many listen to your show. But, and that is a big butt if you get the hint, your interview with Whitley the other day was excellent.

Drag Queen Dave: McCullum has been in IRAQ not Afghanistan. You have gotten that wrong THREE times, you old queen, either your mind controlled brain is slipping or you have been drinking too many martinis at the Vegas tranny clubs you like to haunt and lip-sing at. Say it: eeeeeyyyeee-raque. His mission is over, his alter asleep, and he is back in Ohio with wife and K9. and I hear he will be promoted upward from Lt. Cmdr. And oh–I won’t send any more pulse beams to knock out your computer like I did on Tuesday; I was just playin’ witcha. And while I know my ABCs, I no longer play in that sandbox, eh, old timer.

Bill Brockbader aka Brock Williams, CIA: Congrats on your handler giving you your own show, you are certainly a better host and a man’s man.  How is Canada, laddie? We know where you are with Eva, Canadian Army Intelligence, recently cloned and turned werewolf. But on the Ben Fulford issue: you know very well those posts were made by clones! But the real Fulford is back and will soon be a keyboard commando again.

Rebecca Jernigan: A former white hat does not mean black hat. It means I am no longer associated with the white hats as they have been compromised and some have been cloned.



A slogan many will be chanting in the coming days when Project Strawman becomes apparent and when Operation 711 is launched in July…but, Sean, what does it mean when a clone says that? Clone self-hatred?

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