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Month: April, 2012

Goodbye to a Huge Clone Warehouse in Canada

Q552 is the name of an underground base in the Rocky Mountains Canada area, in a town called Nelson, where much cloning has been going on since the late 1970s. James Casbolt had information that it had now become a warehouse for a clone army that would strike the Olympics.

Procyonian ground troops of the elite Roan Brigade and Plejaran air cover led by Remiz stuck the base/warehouse at 9:00 pm CMT. What they found there…was horrifying.

They found, in cold storage, 100 clones of Duncan O’Finioan, 100 clones of Eva Moore, and 200 clones of James Casbolt…but these clones had been genetically spliced with horses, bulls, reptoids and elephants, so they did not look quite “human.” These were clone monsters. The O’Finioan clones were especially hideous, with tucks coming out of his cheeks, green scaly skin and four horse legs.

This was a combined operation between the Gizeh Intelligence and the Federal Reserve.

The facility was nuked.

Showdown in Malibu

David Wilcock was visiting Kerry Cassidy at her small beach cottage in Malibu when a unit of apparent elite paratroopers landed on the beach and lay siege on her home. Before they could hit her and David (it’s not certain which one was the target, or both), Olein, transporting Lt. Cmdr. Aaron McCullum in her beamship, arrived and took out the unit.

Much to their surprise, every man in this unit was a clone of Duncan O’Finioan, 20 years younger than his current age and in top shape. One was still alive. McCollum, using torture techniques because clones have no rights, chopping off fingers and testicles, got the clone to talk.

Vladimir Putin had sent them. They were to kill Kassidy and takeWilcock to Canada where Eva Moore would transform him into one of her kind, the werekind, the wolf pack.

Before its function ceased, the O’Finioan clone laughed and muttered, “You just wait…one hundred of my fellow Dunclones will attack the Olympics and show people what is what.”

McCollum asked Olein to stop by Pahrump, Nevada, at David Corso’s house. McCollum had a bag of ribbon and rattler snakes in a canvas bag; he let them loose in Coroso’s house.

“The old queen tranny just loves snakes,” said McCollumn.

The Graywalkers Denounce Bobby Joe

Got this notice:


For Immediate Release

We are the Graywalkers, we move between the darkness and the light, keeping an eye on black hats and white hats alike. We keep the universal balance of justice when one side steps out of line.

We, The Graywalkers, formally denounce and split all ties with Bobby Joe Fanin of Lexington, Kentucky, going by the false moniker “Robert Duncan O’Finioan,” known petty criminal of Pahrump, Nevada, 1990-99.

After evidence was presented that Fanin had expired and was replaced by a soulless clone, we turn our backs on this aberration of false flesh.

If he claims to be one of us, he is lying.

Our motto: “Say No to Satanic Clones!”


Sometimes You Gotta Get Dirty

Ron Paul Escapes Cloning Again!

Those darn sneaky evil Luciferian clone mongers again tried to abduct Ron Paul to clone him and turn him into a Cabal puppet but he surprised the black arts agents and their greys by quickly shifting into the Fifth Density.

Go, Ron!

SHOCKING: Bill Brockbrader and Don Shipley Really Zionist Homosexual Lovers!

Another shocking bit of intel: I noted before that the lawsuit Don Shipley filed against Bill Wood/Brockbrader/Brock Williams was a CIA ruse…but more: these two have a long history as SEAL Team comrades and lovers a la Spartan warrior…and moreso, they are double agents for the Mossad: they are evil-walking Luciferian Zionists!

You just can’t trust anyone these days, eh, laddies? Double and triple-agents, clones and reptoids, time-travel assassins and werewolves…

When asked about this revelation, compromised Canadian Army Intel officer Eva Wood said, “It’s kinds sexy, I mean, uh, I mean, yeah, all werewolf clones get off on watching bi-guys in bowlgerdahiness!”

Randy Maugans and Black Magic Transvestite Time Manipulation

We have uncovered evidence that Randy Maugans,is part of a group of black magic transvestite evil walking Luciferiams who have been using the dark arts clandestinely to manipulate timelines so that the time wave zero impact will lean in the favor of the Rockefeller/Rothschild/Federal Reserve Cabal in league with the Priory of Dracos.

All along he had been acting as a Cabal wannabe but it was a distraction from what he really is: a Madame Cross-Dressing Black Dragon.

We’re on to you, Lady Maugans, we are on to your devious methods of messing with our timelines.

Barry Soetoro Pledges His Submission to the Queen Reptillian

Note how he stands behind the gold eagle of the ancient Roman Empire, lights low and candles lit like a Satanic ritual.

A Note on Synthetics

I realize I have not made something clear about the use of synthetic bodies. Synthetics are what are used on missions…such as the recent Moon mission. When I say I was there with Casbolt and McCullum, we were not there in these physical bodies…we transfer our psyches, our astral bodies into the synthetics, big mean massive muscle bodies with Saturn steel for bone structure, and operate that way.  If the synthetic gets destroyed, you return to your real body but you feel the pain of the death and that can wreak hell on your mind. It is similar to what you saw in that movie Avatar, although no one (yet) has quite done an entire soul transfer into a synthetic…not that I would think anyone would want to, a synthbody does not eat or have sexual organs or any real internal organs other than a heart for pumping the blood…a synthbody is like putting on a suit of armour is all, Tony Stark in his Iron Man suit, I suppose.

Would the USGS Lie to the Oppressed Peoples?

Out Near the Kupier Belt…Do Reptoid Legs Taste Like Chicken?

…Sean David Morton wants to know! He could be our last line of defense.

Anyway, the three thousand Draco-Hydra-Mantis-Annunaki ships have halted a few light years from the Kupier Belt, long with the planetoid in stasis. It is unknown what they are doing…assessing the Andromeda/Plejaran blockade? Waiting for additional forces?

The Water Company

Someone sneaky has let the cat out of the bag, so I might as well admit: yes, I was a 19-year employee of The Water Company.

A.k.a. Office of Naval Intelligence, which has more black ops than any other alphabet company.

For nine of those years, after the Plejarans opened my memories as having come from Erra, I worked against the Cabal within — that is, the White Hats. And like I have said, when I realized the White Hats had been compromised, I retired from Uncle Sam’s service…

Prior to that, I was a commissioned officer in the Navy with three years in SEAL Team 12, the off-world team, under the aegis of Naval Space Command.

I was never registered with The Water Company under my strawman name, so no one will figure out my “real” identity if you think of trying to hack OSI’s database.

The Cabal does not control all of the military, as we see what will be happening, the mass arrests, etc.

And yes, Sandy, I still have a lot of friends in ONI, so you best be careful that The Water Company doesn’t come around soon and check your pipes…because the adjustment order has been lodged.

Mission Return

I was on a mission with Casbolt and McCollum on the moon and am now back. A long 14 hours and we lost two men in the unit. I was really only there to observe, but I strapped on the cannons and blew a few lizard boys into scattered pieces.

The Saga of NESARA – A Romantic Adventure of the White Knights

This was sent to the comments but I am moving to a post for many to read. It explains what is going on what Drake has been talking about, the military’s effort to restore the Constitutional USA (not the United States, Inc.), to arrest bankers and politicians for illegal acts against the people, the use of clones to thwart matters, one of the many reasons behind 9/11, and how the Priory of Dracos has been behind this…

History and true story of NESARA

This change began in the mid 1970’s, when the Federal Land Bank illegally foreclosed on farmers mortgages all throughout the Midwest. In each of these cases the farmers were defrauded by the banks with the approval of the Federal Reserve System. These court cases would eventually become known as the farmer claims program.
In 1978 an elderly ranch farmer in Colorado purchased a farm with loan from the Federal Land Bank; after he died the property was passed on to his son Roy Schwasinger Jr., who was a retired military general. Soon after a Federal Land Bank officer and Federal Marshall appeared on his property and informed him the bank was foreclosing on his farm and to vacate within 30 days. Without his knowledge, his deceased father signed a stipulation which reverted the property back to the Federal Land Bank in the event of the borrower’s death.
Outraged, Roy Schwasinger filed a class action lawsuit in the Denver Federal Court system. But the case didn’t go very far and the suit was dismissed from filing incorrectly. This began Roy Schwasinger’s investigation into the inner workings of the banking system. In 1982 he was given a contract by the US senate and later Supreme Court to investigate banking fraud. But because he was under a strict non-disclosure order he was not allowed to tell the media what he discovered. In the late 80s he began sharing his knowledge with others including high ranking military personnel who helped him bring about a class action lawsuit against the federal government.
The first series of these lawsuits began in the mid 1980’s when William and Shirley Baskerville of Fort Collins, Colorado were involved in a bankruptcy case with First Interstate Bank of Fort Collins; who was trying to foreclose on their farm. At a restaurant their lawyer informed them that he would no longer be able to help them and walked-off. Overhearing the conversation Roy Schwasinger offered his advice on how to appeal the case in bankruptcy court. So in 1987 they filed an appeal (Case No. 87-C-716) with the United States District Court in Colorado.
On November 3, 1988, the Denver Federal Court system ruled that indeed the banks had defrauded the Baskervilles and proceeded to reverse its bankruptcy decision. But when the foreclosed property was not returned they filed a new lawsuit. Eventually, 23 other farmers, ranchers, and Indians swindled by the banks in the same manner would join in the case. Read the rest of this entry »

Battle of the Gargantuas: Nichols and Morton to Devour Galaxies

I just got an announcement that Sean David Morton and Preston Nichols plan, on May 1, to have a planet and solar system eating contest, to see who can devour a whole galaxy the fastest.

Is this the end for us all?

Why don’t you eat the Cabal, eh, laddies? Plenty of lizard meat to quell your insatiable hunger.

Refugees Near the Sun

Much talk lately about the big ship near the sun with “mechanical arms.” Well, it is not really “near” the sun, but close, and it is big, about 50 miles long.

It is a generational ship, a refugee ship, onboard are half a million beings, most the great-grandchildren of the original inhabitants. They are survivors of a devastating war 200,000 years ago on the other end of the galaxy. They have been looking for a home. Don’t worry, they have no interest in earth, they do not want to go to an inhabited planet, and they cannot breathe our atmosphere.

They are interested in Mercury. They can create an ozone layer to keep the heat out; however, they are used to an atmosphere of about 400 degrees earth-wise.

The Andromeda Council has met with them and has told them this is a free system, there are no inhabitants on Mercury but microbe-life and benevolent consciousnesses in the 7th, 9th, and 11th dimension inside Mercury who have no problem with 3D beings on the surface.

However, there is the issue of the Draco-Hydra-Grey presence, and if they will be seduced by what they have to offer. The Dracos have already contacted them. Do they want to be slaves? Will our new neighbors one day look at Earth as a place to conquer?

The issue is still under debate. These beings may choose to explore elsewhere for a home, or take Mercury as a new home.


A Curious Message

This bit of intel was sent to me by a silent source:

war with china within two weeks if war faction can swing it (via Philippines’ island flare-up) .  Russia is the balance of force; if Russia goes with insane WW3 U.S. faction (Russian force amassed on Iran border may also be deployable to China); war faction claims China is sending nukes toward U.S. a la October 1962.  The Chinese are allegedly doing so because they have no faith in the US dollar, or returns on their bonds.

Kettler on Cassidy

I have no idea why Kerry Cassidy, doing her show from Procyon tonight, interviewed John Kettler when I already said he is a nutcase being used by prankstes in a basement in Langley and a basement in Utah by sending him false info to spread.

Kettler has the clone issue wrong, the Chinese troops info wrong, and Drake wrong. He is basically WRONG. Kettler is as crazy as a three-legged chair in an ass-kicking contest. He is nuttier than soup sandwiches.

I think Kerry has done this intentionally, to show how much disinfo is coming out with the soon invasion of the USA and naval and air wars between China and the US.She has strange ways.

But know this: the war is a puppet game, it was planned, there is no good vs. evil, it is placed to create fear and to dclare martial law.

Know this: the Plejarans and Andomedans will only interefere if nuclear weapons might be used, or Project Bluebeam is used. This is a war of free will, and for the ground crew to stop.

The Brethren of the White Robe and Uncompromised White Hats and White Dragons and Knights of the Silver Sword and the Daughters of the Phoenix are working to stop this. Or if not stop, make it less taxing.

Random Alien Brain Droppings

I recommend Suzanne Chancellor’s brave blog about her abduction experiences. She quotes Howard Biel in Network: “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”, a healthy attitude for what has been done to her by the grays, reptoids and Mantis beings,  and done to her daughter as well.

Suzanne may or may not know it, but she is a Plejaran soul and half Plejaran physically. This is the basis for why the grays are interested in her.

The Cabalist Clock is Cheap…and the Countdown is for Your Downfall

Keep ticking and tocking at me, Cabalists and Luciferians, reptoids and black hats, would-be assassins and wanna-be submarine commanders, because your empty threats make me smile. with big bright shiny teeth.

Hey what happened to the guy, back in March, who kept writing to me and saying, “In two days, this blog will be shut down.” I am waiting.

Or those who keep telling me, “Soon you will go down.” I am waiting.

Ot those adolescent ninjas who said they would cut me down for exposing the truth about the Fulford clones. I am waiting.

Or those who say, “Tick tick, Hat Man, enjoy life while you can.” I am waiting.

Every time my life gets threatened, I know it must be Tuesday. You people may have been able to make David Wilcock cry and weep in fear, but four leaf clovers cover me from head to toe, laddies, and the Daughters of the Phoenix stand in front of me, the accomplished 505 behind me, the angels of the seven sisters above me, and the bones of the wicked crunch under my feet.

I am waiting.

You deceivers are weak; you claim you are of the light and good but you draw the ignorant innocents into your false flame and turn them into pawns for your dark overlords, your alphabet soup masters, your desert-dwelling handlers.

All you say is, “Just wait, it’s coming, we will get you soon.” If you had any power and could do anything to keep me quiet, you would have done so already, or now.

I am waiting.

You are weak. Far more powerful sources have tried to terminate me and have failed. And yet you little ants think you are mightier than the aardvark.

I am waiting.

Beware of Bobby Joe Fanin’s Luciferian Seminar in Worship of Loki

The so-called “survival seminars” offered by Bobby Joe Fanin and his pet bovine are not just some soldier-of-fortune-style of ripping the stupid off for a few bucks, but are a ruse to draw in the unwitting and stupid into a Luciferian rite to honor Loki, with seminar attendees offered up as a sacrifice to their dark lord.

What can we expect from evil clones who wallow in falsehoods and darkness?

Caveat emptor was never used most dire in a case like this…those attending may be faced with a “join the Order of Loki Laufeyson O’Finioan or die.”

Yes, now you know where Bobby Joe derives his pseudonym from…

It was Not a Meteor, Folks, but Nasty Nazis

The media is putting out a cover story again. The explosion and debris was a Gizeh Intelligence “bell” shaped saucer, shot down by Remiz and Olein. It was targeting the Procyon-Earth shuttle leaving Catalina Island and heading toward a cargo pick-up on the moon, with Kerry Cassidy on board. I am not sure if they were after her, as there were a number of uncompromised white hats on the shuttle, including a very important person I cannot name for his own protection.

Apr 22, 5:59 PM EDT

Explosion, fireball reported in Nevada, California

RENO, Nev. (AP) — A loud explosion heard across much of Nevada and California on Sunday morning rattled homes and prompted a flood of calls to law enforcement agencies on both sides of the Sierra Nevada, some reporting fireball sightings.

The sound and the light show were likely caused by a meteor that entered Earth’s atmosphere, astronomers said.

“It made the shades in my room shake hard enough to slam into the window a couple times,” said Nicole Carlsen of the Reno area. “I kept looking for earthquake information, but (there was) nothing. I even checked the front of my house to make sure no one ran into the garage. I wish I had seen the meteor.”

Erin Girard-Hudson of Arnold, Calif., told The Union Democrat of Sonora, Calif., that the loud boom that occurred around 8 a.m. made her 2-year-old daughter, Elsie, cry.

“It knocked me off my feet and was shaking the house,” she said. “It sounded like it was next door.”

No damages or injuries were immediately reported. There were no reports of earthquakes at the time.

Some people reported seeing a brilliant light streak across the sky at the same time. Sightings occurred over roughly a 600-mile line across the two states, including Reno, Elko and North Las Vegas in Nevada, and the San Francisco, Sacramento and Bakersfield areas in California.

For YOU: u know who u r

Drake on Clones

Listen to the recent Drake interview and he talks about clones, saying their programming and longivity is unstable. Have I not been saying the same all the while? (for you nay-sayers of clones out there). Someone asks him about “wolf-like clones” but he does not address that, which is curious: was Eva Moore near him, she being a werewolf clone herself?

Battle-Ready Kittens

Kittens and cats worldwide are preparing for what might be the final battle with the Alvah Consciousness.

Am I Ben Fulford?

Someone at lunaticoutposts suggests I might be Fulford. That is a laugh, but I can see how they might think it.

Oh, Jalira: yes, your time traveling boyfriend does know me and I know him. He was in 2749 with Al and I.

They Got to Drake

As I feared, Drake was targeted and they got to him. He says he will no longer do radio interviews because of people being “disrespectful and rude” except for a weekly report on

In his latest interview two days ago, he lets out much info either openly or in Intel code. He mentions “all of the sudden there are many Drakes out there” and “There is only one of me.” This indicates that they have clones of him ready to go out and put forth disinfo.

As I suspected, Bill Brockbrader and Dave Corso buddied up to him in order to attack him, clone him, and discredit him, by order of the CIA, their masters.

The OSI seems to have their targets on him.

Sarah Stanga and her Order of Moloch and Dracos have been physically and astrally attacking Drake, claiming he is really a Jesuit Overlord, which he is not; he is also being astrally attacked by Duncan O’Finioan (Bobby Joe Fanin) and his black witch wife Miranda, Stewart Swerdlow, Donald Rumsfeld, Henry Kissinger and David Icke.

These attacks were inevitable.

The Brethren of the White Robe offers haven and protection to Drake. With Plejaran tech, we can place a psychic shield around him. He knows who to contact.

Upcoming Posts

I promised information on who the Laher People are, and their strange connection to the Alvah Consciousness. That is coming. Plus recent battles and info on mass arrests and the targeting of Drake by the CIA and OSI.

For the third night, Sarah Stanga has astrally and psychically attacked me in a sexual manner with her followers in the Temple of Moloch behind her. Tonight, however, when she appeared in the astral realm, so did James Casbolt, who has had his own issues with her psychic attacks on him. He had a greased up hand and, well, to be blunt, shoved it unto Sarah’s astral anus and left with her, saying, “You owe me twice now, F.W. Hat.”


Am I in the Wrong Timeline?

I have a feeling that Al Bielek returned me to the wrong timeline. I am noticing subtle differnces all around, nothing major, but strange things, like people who were once friends now enemies, people who I once knew to be with the Cabal now playing for the other side…

Or I could still be in 2749 and inside a hologram designed by the Laher People.

I think I need some more rest. Couldn’t sleep well last night with Sarah’s astral visist (another reason why I think I am in the wrong timeline…first she says I am a evil CIA agent, now she wants to get cozy on the astral plane).

Dear Sarah Stanga,

Stop trying t engage me in astral sex! Okay, I gave in last night but I was weak from time travel and feeling nostalgic for the old days. I just don’t want that with you like that threesome in IBIS…it was fun while it lasted but times are different.

BTW, I don’t buy your claim that Drake is a Jesuit Overlord. What you and he do on the astral plane is your own business, and I know you initiated it.

I know what you and Stewart Swerdlow are up to. You still are a naughty girl and wear your clothes to bed, eh, lassie?


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