Re: Acension, 5D, and the New Planet, Hope

by Former White Hat

Many have been asking so I will address the situation of ascension to the Fifth Density reality that our solar system has started to shift to. I paraphrase information given to me by Samjase, P’Taah and Asket.

First of all, you are not going to wake up Dec. 22 and suddenly be in a 5D world with a new body and all evil removed, with a new form of government and society in place. That gives in to the “I will wait for it” mentality instead of working and fighting for it. Many Christians have fallen into the trap of believing that Jmmanuel aka Jesus will arrive and fix everything, so all they do is sit and wait; likewise, many of the Islamic faith are waiting for the M’hadi to return and wage war against the infidels for them; we have seen this in religions throughout time: the return of Odin, the return of the final Buddha, the return of the Jedi…and now the coming ETs and the 5D.

The process of accension is underway and began almost a decade ago. This process is not instantaneous but is evolutionary; the fact is, complete 5D ascension will take humanity 800 years to fully complete. Those who go to the 5D will be faced with a lengthy education process to reach full 5D mastery. Once that is complete, they will be ready to go to 6D if they choose, or to work in the 5D by helping others to learn, or helping other civilizations on other planets to reach 5D, as the Plejarans and Andromedans are doing so with us. An example if the Procyonian motto: “To serve others, not the self.” This is the Law of One.

Many can choose to shift to 5D right now if they want to, and indeed many have. Others are not quite ready. Others choose to stay, perhaps subconsciously, because they have a part to play in the struggle and wars. However, by the end of the year and into 2013, as the planet and this part of the Galaxy enters the 5D, those not yet ready will go in nonetheless, and they will find help from the shock of it all.

Why shock you ask, is not 5D paradise? No, it is not Heaven, it is existence on another plane of reality; in many ways the same as 3D in that you are still human with human needs, just that your body will not age so much and you will be alive for 800-2,000 years, and “death” will be by choice, as a form of, “I have done what I need to do here, I am ready for the next level.”  Love, conflict, children, art, joy, sorrow all exist in 5D, but not full-scale war and murder: conflicts are settled in a civil manner through debate and arbitration. Use of weapons will only be for defense against invaders from outside the solar system and when aiding other worlds fighting off the negative energies of Dracos and others, such as we see our space brothers and sisters doing now.

The shock stems from a belief system many of us in 3D have been programmed to accept: that humans have limitations, that reality is confined to false systems of physics. Consider this: in ancient Hawaiian society, when a child born is identified as a Kohuna, that child is given to a special parent-teacher top raise far away from the society; there, the child is raised to know that nothing is impossible and there are no limitations, thus this Kahuna can change into any animal, can fly, can teletransport, can visit other worlds and realms. With this wisdom intact, the Kahuna returns to society and helps others with healing and spiritual matters.

So when programmed to believe limitations, it is a shock to realize that you can become younger or older at will, that you can manifest any object or means by mere thought — that is, you want an apple, an apple appears; you want a bigger house, a bigger house appears. Likewise, if you wish to change timelines, if you wish to explore other lives from other choices, you can; you can travel forward and backward in time because the current notion of time does not exist; when two people wish to have a child, their combined imaginations and intent create the child. The collective powers of all will create the society they live in — in fact, this is true in 3D: the current world reality is the projection of mass consciousness, but that consciousness is controlled by the Cabal. Many are awakening from this, which the Cabal fears for their reality is losing control of mass reality.

Finally, a 5D existence is one that must be fought for, must be attained by an understanding that you have no limitations, that you can manifest a reality that you were programmed to believe was mere fantasy; and that your part in a collective reality is important. It is not going to “just happen.”

And so, yes, many will remain in 3D: those who wish to stay, such as the Cabalists, and those who simply are not ready — they will later have help to make the shift, but they will be trapped in the 3D world of war and terror, earthquakes and bombs, ruled by the dark forces of the 3D. If humanity in 3D is on the verge of extinction, some 3D people who are ready, and desire this, will be relocated to a small planet called Hope. On Hope, these humans will receive the deprogramming and help they need to make the acension. Already, there are 50,000 people on Hope, who are ready to receive new members and help them. Many of these people are those, over the past 25 years, who have vanished without a trace, adults and children alike, each chosen from a pre-birth agreement.

We all have much work to do.

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