Coup d’etat, Mass Arrests, New Financial System

by Former White Hat

Caveat emptor in the coming days when the military and federal officers begin the mass arrests of bankers, cabalists and politicians, and ask yourself if what you see on TV and read online is true or a big Cabal trick — a Trojan Horse.

This action has been planned by the White Hats within the government and society, but keep in mind, as I have said, the White Hats have been compromised.

Consider: the Cabal has known this was in the works, as we see with mass resignations and disappearances of bankers and financial higher-ups, so it is logical to consider that the Cabal would use this as a smokescreen for a more nefarious plan.

The borders will be closed, the internet sht off, flights grounded, tanks and troops on the street. They will say this will only be for 72 hours or less until temporary leaders are in place…if it lasts longer tan 72 hours, then something is wrong.

Those politicians set for arrest will cry a military coup d’etat and set their private armies to fight and protect. They will try to convince the public this is an evil take-over…and maybe it is.

If Obama and Clinton and Bush remain free, the know for certain this is a Cabal double-cross. If any Obama Clone says he has been working with this all along, he is lying…or, he has been working on the dark side of it all.

China may also use this breakdown of society to invade and take territories in all southern borderlines.

I am not saying this will be the case. I worked in pre-preoparation of this event for years, until I realized the Cabal had infiltrated and placed moles and double-agents within.

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