The Daikaku/Fulford Incidents: Karaoke in Drag and the Curious Choiben Fulkaku Clone

by Former White Hat

Benjamin Fulford was spotted walking around Tokyo wearing women’s clothes and limping, singing Donna Summers songs to himself.

An hour later, Martial Arts Society leader Choidon Daikaku was also seen wearing drag and dancing in the streets.

Two hours later, both Daikaku and Fulford were spotted in in Tokyo’s Decadence Bar, a well-known transvestite lair, in the Shinjuku area, karaoking to Sony and Cher’s “I Got You Babe.”

an example of it being done…

It seems the reason for this off behavior is that they were both slipped a mind-control drug, the same kind the CIA used on Invisible Childrebn’s Jason Russell, who went on a strange nude/masturbation rampage two weeks ago in San Diego, California. Daikkaku and Fulfford are undergoing tests for the drug.

It is unknown if Fulford will update his blog or appear on Mopal this week, given the circumstances.

Dave Corso, Pahrump Nevada’s notorious draq queen CIA assassin, said on Wolf Spirit Radio, “Those two cutie pies can come with me and sing in Vegas anytime.”

THIS JUST IN: Even more stranger, an apparent spliced-clone of Fulford and Daikaku has been wandering around the Ikebukuro Village area, naked and displaying masturbation movements very similar to Jason Russell. The odd clone calls itself Choiben Fulkaku. The oddity of spliced cloning has been detained by the Brethren of the White Robe for Plejaran testing.

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