Codes and Games Langley Style

by Former White Hat

I have only now seen this website, The 2012 Scenario, which is an Intel hub for agents in the field to deliver coded messages to each other in the form of “articles.” The coded sentences are so obvious they are now even trying to hide it: “The proof you have been waiting for, hold onto your hats” made me laugh quite hard.

And this:

Welcome to a new and unimaginable world, taking shape before our very eyes. What world am I talking about? I’m talking about the New Age expected to begin after a planetary transformation on or before Dec. 21, 2012. Predictions of what the 2012 community calls “Ascension” are reaching us from the Earth’s own spiritual hierarchy, the star nations here to help us, Earth’s scientists, and planetary intuitives…

I have found some that seem to be directed at me or about me, being sly…”wanderer of the skies.” (An old code name Uncle Sam once gave me in the early 1990s was “Sky Wanderer.”)

And…well well…I see that the server this site is housed on is a server that has made quite a few hits to this website…a server located three levels below ground in Langley, VA.



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