10 Survival Items for the Coming Chaos

by Former White Hat

Here are a list of survival items I recommend — this goes for all in North America, in Europe, Mexico and South America, Austrailia, Africa, you name it.

1. Short wave radio, hand-cranked. Some come with solar batteries that can be charged during the day and will last for hours, instead of cranking the radio evert 30 minutes. The ones that come with a flashlight are handy. They also sell small digital short wave radios. You can get some small ones for $20 on ebay.

2. Flashlights and a supply of batteries.

3. At least 3 five-gallon bottles of water per family member.

4. Two weeks supply of rice, beans, powdered milk, oatmeal, raisins, pasta.

5. Two weeks of formula, diapers, and wipes for infants.

6. Books for children to read since there will be no TV or internet and they will be frightened. Recommend lightly-themed books with happy endings.

7. Jerky meat. If you do not care for beef, there is turkey, ostrich, emu, rabbit, horse, etc. I myself prefer buffalo jerky. If you are a vegetarian, this will only be for a short while and you will need the protein, especially if there is no electricty and cooking the above items proves difficult (perhaps a quick reference on how to build fires, and if you own a BBQ, stock up on charcoal and lighter fluid).

8. If you have a family of more than four and own a house, consider purchasing a propane generator.

9. A gun or rifle, with the head of the family or a member who knows how to operate a gun, and has no issue with shooting and attacker.

10. Aspirin and melatonin. In trying times like this, there will be headaches, and there will be a need to calm down and rest. Alcohol or marijuana is not recommneded for trying to get sleep.

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