They Got to Drake

by Former White Hat

As I feared, Drake was targeted and they got to him. He says he will no longer do radio interviews because of people being “disrespectful and rude” except for a weekly report on

In his latest interview two days ago, he lets out much info either openly or in Intel code. He mentions “all of the sudden there are many Drakes out there” and “There is only one of me.” This indicates that they have clones of him ready to go out and put forth disinfo.

As I suspected, Bill Brockbrader and Dave Corso buddied up to him in order to attack him, clone him, and discredit him, by order of the CIA, their masters.

The OSI seems to have their targets on him.

Sarah Stanga and her Order of Moloch and Dracos have been physically and astrally attacking Drake, claiming he is really a Jesuit Overlord, which he is not; he is also being astrally attacked by Duncan O’Finioan (Bobby Joe Fanin) and his black witch wife Miranda, Stewart Swerdlow, Donald Rumsfeld, Henry Kissinger and David Icke.

These attacks were inevitable.

The Brethren of the White Robe offers haven and protection to Drake. With Plejaran tech, we can place a psychic shield around him. He knows who to contact.

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