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Month: April, 2012

Bobby Joe Fanin Bends the Knee to Loki

I come back from the future and find out that the clone of Omega Unit 197 has bowed down to Loki the Beast, Enki the Wicked, Lucifer the Luciferian, and now works as a dark agent for crime…

He is a clone. So no surprise.

Clones betray. Clones lie. Clones clone.

Found Ancient Manuscript Mentions the Alvah Consciousness…

Before I go, Al Bielek pointed out this YouTube, a newly discovered antediluvian Egyptian manuscript that, in part, reveals the truth about the Alvah and what/who it is…as I noted before, the written documents about the Alvah had been destroyed in the Library of Alexandria, but it is not too surprising that some old parchments would be discovered sooner or later…

Al Bielek, Phil Schneider, the Laher People and the Alvah Consciousness

I am writing in real time here, sitting next to me is Al Beilick — an Al Bielek from the year 2749, as explained here…

We talked some about a long gone mutual friend, Phil Schneider, who was murdered by the Cabal…

I knew Phil well when he was working on the underground tunnels in Nevada, New Mexico and Utah.

“But I am here to tell you everything about the Laher race,” says Al, “and their connection to the Alvah Counciousness from the Sanctum of Abaddon, and how I and Phil are connected to both their origins.”

“Do tell,” I say.

“You must travel to the future, the far future, to show you,” says Al.

So I am off to the future, to seek information…who knows what “time” I will return.

The DAARPA PR Falcon Deception

News and video has come out about the “test” flight of DAARPA hypersonic Falcon HTV-2, an unmanned flying triangle that can reach Mach 20 (20 times faster than sound) and can deliver bombs anywhere in the world in an hour.

I say, “Ha!” I say, “Poppycock and bawlgerdash, laddies!”

It is no secret that any “new” technology made public has actually been around for 10-20 years. I remember,  when I was Uncle Sam’s dutiful nephew that in the late 1990s we had craft that reached Mach 50, to say nothing of FTL drives on Navy Space Command ships.

Funny this craft resembles the Aurora, which is still denied, an antiquated vessel that was moved from Area 51 to the Coronado Air Base in 1993.

And that this thing was launched from Vandenberg AFB, where one of the two weekly Procyon-Earth shuttles leaves and lands (the other from Catalina Island) and looks like the Falcon HVC and travels by wormhole between the two planets. (I have been on it many times, and the N13141, that goes to the moons and rings of Saturn and back in the old days of the 1980s-90s.)

Get anywhere on earth in an hour! Now that is old time tech — any the oldest model of Plejaran tech can circle the earth in less than two minutes, and many USAF black ops ships can do it in 15-20 minutes.

The Alvah Consciousness Strikes Back

                              “Woe to huamnkind should the Alvah prevail.”

For those asking why the Alvah Consciousness from the Sanctum of Abaddon has not made an appearance in Europe, well, it has: it has found a way to counter-attack its deadly enemy, the feline, most likely by the hands of the future one-eyes, the Laher People.

See here.

10 Survival Items for the Coming Chaos

Here are a list of survival items I recommend — this goes for all in North America, in Europe, Mexico and South America, Austrailia, Africa, you name it.

1. Short wave radio, hand-cranked. Some come with solar batteries that can be charged during the day and will last for hours, instead of cranking the radio evert 30 minutes. The ones that come with a flashlight are handy. They also sell small digital short wave radios. You can get some small ones for $20 on ebay.

2. Flashlights and a supply of batteries.

3. At least 3 five-gallon bottles of water per family member.

4. Two weeks supply of rice, beans, powdered milk, oatmeal, raisins, pasta.

5. Two weeks of formula, diapers, and wipes for infants.

6. Books for children to read since there will be no TV or internet and they will be frightened. Recommend lightly-themed books with happy endings.

7. Jerky meat. If you do not care for beef, there is turkey, ostrich, emu, rabbit, horse, etc. I myself prefer buffalo jerky. If you are a vegetarian, this will only be for a short while and you will need the protein, especially if there is no electricty and cooking the above items proves difficult (perhaps a quick reference on how to build fires, and if you own a BBQ, stock up on charcoal and lighter fluid).

8. If you have a family of more than four and own a house, consider purchasing a propane generator.

9. A gun or rifle, with the head of the family or a member who knows how to operate a gun, and has no issue with shooting and attacker.

10. Aspirin and melatonin. In trying times like this, there will be headaches, and there will be a need to calm down and rest. Alcohol or marijuana is not recommneded for trying to get sleep.

Masaaki Shirakawa: CLONED!

April 19, 2012

(Reuters) — Earlier today, Benjamin Fulford met with Bank of Japan Governor Masaaki Shirakawa for an interview regarding the financial system and the 10 trillion yen to create a new and better world.

Two minutes into the talk, Fulford made a strange face and cried: “FUCKING CLONE WITHOUT HONOR!” in Japanese, flung himself over the desk between the two, and began strangling Shirakawa.

Security was unable to re-act quick enough. The clone of Masaaki Shirakawa expired at the angry grip of Mr. Fulford.

Despite this, however, a second clone of the Bank of Japan Governor entered the room and sat down, smiled sheepishly, and asked in a soft voice, “Now where were we?” only to be followed by five more Masaaki Shirakawa clones who also sat down.

“I know what it is like to be cloned, you know,” Benjamin Fulford told journalists on the scene, “and I can spot a clone a mile away, eh.”

Fulford will not be charged for terminating a clone, since there is no law that addresses te matter, and whether or not clones are considered human beings since they do not contain souls.

“This is obviously a Cabalist move at trickery and deception,” said Fulford. “These sick people, these mass murders and clone mongers, they will do anything to stop the new financial system from going widespread. They want all the money for themselves. They don’t know how to run a planet. They don’t even make quality clones.”

Fulford indicated he may discuss the mass cloning efforts by the NWO in his next weekly report. “But I may change my mind,” he said. “Why give them the attention, you know?”

Curious Disinfo by two A.I.s

A curious bit of disinfo from the A.I. known as Tolec, a mixture of truth and b.s. As reported here, you heard about the destruction of bases undersea and underground, about prisoners taken, Draco and Laher, about the Dracos self-destruction of bases and ships, the cause of the seismic chain reactions occuring. The Andromeda motherships were attacked by the Laher, not the Draco-Hydras.

This Tanaath from the Silver Legion of lightworkers is unknwon to me, and unknown to all other players, leading is to believe she is a construct of Tolec’s. But why? And for what purpose? Perhaps the incorrect information that we suffered 800 fatalities during the battles, which we did not, not by a long shot.

Then again, she claims the Silver Legion are mostly non-corporeal beings…but the Plejarans or Andromedans or even Arcturians would have contact with them…and she does not sound credible in the interview below.

Tolec and Tanaath seem to be playing A.I. Tokyo Roses for the Cabal.


Close One

Was riding around with Asket and Remiz over the Middle East and we were hit by a beam coming from the Gizeh Intelligence, and then a Laher ship under control of the Gizeh/Bafath…

Almost went to ground but Semjase’s command ship grabbed us and the Aftranes took out the Laher ship.

We were taken to the Andromedan mothership for repairs.

I am a bit rattled so will take a rest for a while…

Recent Seismic Activity…

Not all the”earthquakes” are a direct result of bases being destroyed or military engagement between the Dracos and the Our Protectors…some are just natural events…however, some are also after-shocks of previous base destruction, as the tectonic plates have been affected by underwater and underground nuclear and otherwise explosions, as we see happening in northern Sumatra from the events of last week. I am afraid Sumatra is on the verge of sinking.

The activity in Iran and the Iran-Iraq border were caused by pre-emptive Zionist attacks in the region, having nothing to do with the Plejarans and Andromeda Council.

At the Bonin Islands, the White Dragons and Brethren of the White Robe thwarted yet another underwater nuclear strike by the Zionist Cabal faction.

Mass Arrests

The mass arrests of criminal bankers and politicians may occur in the next few days, next week, or soon…

This is the word going around…please do not re-post with, “FWH Says Mass Arrests to Happen Now,” or something, because my intel is not complete and the real times are being kept underwrap.

There will be a 24 hour prior notice.

Some have asked, “Why alert the bad guys and give them time to run?”  Keep in mind the Uncompormised White Hats want them to run, want them to try to transfer money out of the USA and head for the airport — they will be easier to catch and their fleeing will point to their guilt. Inevitably one or three will get away, have an undetected mode of transport (submarine, time portal access, etc), pay off certain people to slip through, but they will be tracked down when their underlings begin to sing, and believe me, there will be dozens of lower level operatives that will talk (like Timothy Geithner did) in exchange for immunity or lighter sentences.

Now, with Obama Clones #1-2 in Colombia…there does exist a U.S.-Colombia Extradiction Treaty of 1982, but is specific to drug and sex traffficers…could the Obama Clone claim asylum, political exile if the says it is an illegal military coup? And with Clone #3 in hiding under the Denver Airport, and the Airport sealed off by Cabal military units loyal to Obama…could be a mess.


…I feel like I am in an episode of Fringe with all these shape-shifters, time travelers, nd folk from alternate worlds and different timelines popping in and out around me all the time.

Well, at least life isn’t a dull occasion in these times!

BTW, Fringe is more fact than fiction, as is Alcatraz. JJ Abrams is one of the 250, speaking within in the 505, a child of Isis.


“If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it.

                   —–Tennessee Williams

Will Sean David Morton Eat the Filaments of Time and the Structure of Creation?

After eating the sun flares in March that threatened earth, and offering to eat Nibiru, the third clone of Sean David Morton (SDMC #3) suggested on the radio last night to eat all evil: “I will open my mouth and ingest every reptoid and gray on earth and in other dimensions,” he declared; “I will eat all Cabalists, evil bankers, clones, black hats, Alvah Consciousnesses, Lahern from the past or future, assassins from Montauk, and I will enjoy the most eating any pretty and sexy negative Plejarans from the SHAR-Universe.”

Would such an act be possible? What about Lucifer>? “I will eat Satan too,” said Morton.

He added: “You know that song, ‘I Got the Whole World in My Hand’? I sing “I got the whole world in my gut, got the whole world in my gut, oh poor humanity is in a rut, have no fear I will shove all evil in my gut…”

Say he does eat and digest all evil elements in the world…with such an appetite, will he be bale to stop when the job is done? Will he start to eat the innocent and good, continents, oceans, the moon, the solar system…?…Will he then eat the galaxy and the universe…will he eat time and reality and, being the only being left in Nothingness, explode and give birth to a new reality, new universes, new planets and creatures?

Is that how the Multiverse was created? Is Sean David Morton actually Creation, hungry for all experiences?

The truth is indeed far more stranger than we can possibly imagine with our 3rd Density brains.

Obama Flees South…

Does anyone find it curious that Obama has gone down to Colombia just when we track the location of Draco and Mantis bases in that country and all of Latin America (and that his Secret Service detail get busted in a prostitution scandal)…just days after the news about the  mass arrests went viral, and days after one of his New Jersey attorney admitted in court that his birth cerificate on the white house website is indeed a fraud, but a fraud that has to be addressed by the Federal Court, not a lower state court hearing on primary ballot placement?

Hmmmm, laddie Barry, hmmm…do you think you will escape paying for your crimes with your drug cartel buddies protecting you?

Time Loop

High Strangeness and the Mysteries of the Time Traveling Barry Soetoros!

High weirdness today, and perhaps an answer to the implant in my tooth.

Earlier today, while on the island of Corsica, town of Ajaccio on the western coastline, a young Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama, age 19, appeared out of a time portal and warned me that another version of himself would attempt to assassinate me, sent by Donald Rumsfeld from 1987 through the Montauk base that was messing around with time.

I asked if he were a clone and he said no; he said he was aware of the clones that were used for his coming Presidency in the 21st Century, but the original him would eventually lose his life on Mars.

This did not make sense; I was about to ask him how he found me on Corsica in 2012 when  another time portal opened up, this one from the far future, and out emerged James Casbolt aka Michael Prince…but I did not recognize him at first; out from the portal came a half metal, half flesh man, much of the flesh torn and dripping from what appeared to be a skeletal structure made of steel from the rings of Saturn (I can spot that special alloy anywhere). Despite missing half his face, I did recognize my old colleague, Casbolt, whom I once fought alongside on Procyon.

Seeing Casbolt, young Barry got wide-eyes and produced some sort of gun out of his pants, a gun type I had never seen, and was about to shoot me; but Casbolt shot Barry first with a laser rifle, slicing Barry in half. It was a bloody mess of bone and guts.

“I came just in time,” Casbolt said.

“Wait,” said a flabbergasted I, “does killing him affect his becoming President?”

“Timelines, blokey,” Casbokt reminded me, “and besides, those are clones who become President. I am not so sure this Soetoro is what he says he was anyway.”

Just then we were approached by a six-foot five blonde woman in Plejaran gear who said her name was Mytania and she had been sent by Semjase to gather the remains of Barry for examination.

I had never seen her before…notng unusual as there are thousands of Plejarans assigned earth and I could never meet them all, but I found it odd that Semjase would send someone I did not know, and send Asket or Olein.

Casbolt was also suspicious. We gave each other knowing glances but before we could rush her, this Plejaran woman blew up Casbolt with a small weapon in her hand — at the same time, a time portal opened from the past and out came another James Casbolt dressed in a British paratrooper uniform and grabbed the Plejaran from behind, taking her weapon away.

This Casbolt and I tied her to a tree and stripped her clothes off to determine if she was indeed Plejaran. Casbolt manged to snatch a nearby crows, slit the crow’s neck and poured crow blood on top of the head and breasts of our captive. This woman screamed and shifted her shape, showing what she really was: a reptilian agent from Dracos. Casbolt killed her.

“The only good lizard is a dead lizard,” he said.

“How did they find me here?” I asked.

“That thing that was in your tooth,” Casbolt said., “When it came out it sent a beacon. And you are carrying it around. Give it to me, yank.”

I reached into my pocket and handed him the small round metal ball.

And then another time portal opened, from 1965; out came a very young Barry Soetoro with his 24-year-old mother, Ann Dunham. Young Barry was dressed in a pirate costume for Halloween.

“Please help is, Former White Hat,” she cried. “You have no idea what the CIA has been doing to us, they are letting small big head aliens and giant lizard-men do horrible things to is, and I am afraid of what they have planned for my son.”

“I am here to help,” said Casbolt. “Sorry to say it,” he told me, “I was sent to get them, not save your life. But always good to kill two birdies with one stone, eh, yank?”

Casbolt then activated something on his belt, a time portal opened up ten feet away’;taking Dunham and young Barry by the hands, he led them into the portal and vanished.

He left me there on the island with the dead bodies of a reptoid and the an alternate Obama.

Asket’s beam ship arrived and, stepping out, she looked at the carnage and said, “What happened?”

I shrugged and told her, “You know, typical day at the office.”

She did no get the humor in my words.

Oh — she had returned from a mission in southern Greece, where she joined Olein’s team to destroy an abandoned Mantis base, so it cannot be used in the future. A quick and easy take out.

But yes — this does seem to be another day in my life here in 3D 2012.

Asket and I left Corisica and headed for Antartica for a meeting with members of the Order of the Oppressed Pink Swastika about the bases in Chile.

It is cold down here in the South Pole…very cold.

Major Border Shake-Up Expected, Network of ET Bases in Mexico, Central and Latin America to be Destroyed, Devestating Seismic Events up to 9.2 Possible

(Phoenix News Wire) — Local, state, and federal police agencies in Mexico have been briefed to prepare for major civil unrest in border states and cities, and southern Mexico coastal cities; authorities in Central and South America have also received similar warnings.

The matter is two-fold, according to reports from Los Caballeros de la Corazón Blanco, the Latin American arm of the Brethren of the White Robe:

1. The borders with the United States will be closed due to a significant political and military event; no Mexican citizen in the USA will be allowed to cross back to their country, and only U.S. citizens with valid passports who are in Mexico will be allowed to return; those with foreign visas, Green Cards, border crossing cards, SENTRI will not be allowed into the U.S.A. Those with diplomatic status can enter, except for diplomats from China, Pakistan, Iran, and Venezuela. All vehicle lanes will be closed, those allowed o cross must do so by foot. No planes or boats from Mexico will be allowed into the airspace or harbors; any planes trying will be shot down; any boats trying will be seized by the Coast Gard.

2. The discovery of a vast network of gray, mantis and Draco bases underground has now been mapped out; there are dozens of bases (up to 68) in the states of Chiapus, Michoacan, Compenche, Hildago, Sonora, Veracruz, Yucatan, Colima, Guerrero, Oaxaca, District Federale, and lower Baja California, as well as areas in the Gulf of California and southern Pacific ocean; going into the countries Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama and Colombia, and tunnel transports leading to bases in Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, and Argentina; the islands of Aruba and Tobago retain clone facilities and bases that will be trageted in a mass effort to destroy all in a 12 hour period.

For the border, police and military are being told t expect great civil unrest when the U.S. dollar collapses, since the peso’s worth is based on the dollar. A new financial system and re-evaluation of the dollar is expected to take 1-2 weeks to go into effect after the mass arrests and restructuring of financial and political infrastructure occurs. The border closure is expected to last at least 72 hours but no longer than one week.

For the countries with underground bases, police and military are told to expect mass destruction in the 7.0-9.2 Richter scale range. Complete destruction of areas near the bases is expected. Complete destruction of Tobago and Aruba is expected, which may result in tsunami waves hitting the coast of Central and South America coasts. Plejarans will attempt to evacuate people on the islands before military action, but if the Dracos self-destruct or engage rescue ships, it is evitable many could lose their lives.

A 24 hour notice will be sent out before the border closures, to allow any U.S. citizens to quickly return to the states, and for authorities to prepare, according to an alleged “insider” named Drake. However, this has been verified by the Brethren of the White Robe.

No notice will be given for the destruction of the bases; however, the negative entities have been given opportunities to leave, surrender, relocation. Some have taken this offer but many have not.

Military engagement will be conducted by Plejaran fleet in command of Semjase and Remiz of Erra. Efforts will be made by Arcturian and Andrmedan ships to relocate people who will be in danger, but the logistics of moving millions is daunting. It is inevitable many will lose their lives, but the bases pose a larger threat of greater global harm. Those selected for future migration to Hope will be taken a week before the attacks; however, they will not be abducted, per se, but given a choice to reloacte to Hope or stay on earth.

While Plejaran forces will make every effort to destroy the bases quickly and cleanly, it is expected many will be booby-trapped with nukes, or the grays, mantis and dracos will self-destruct the bases before the Plejarans get there. Air battles are expected, in the lower atmosphere and in orbit. The possibility of ground battle with Darco soldier class beings is strong and they may take humans hostage as leverage. Andromedans will handle any hostage negotiations and Procyon military units will handle ground and hand-to-hand combat.

There could be Laher vessels still in hiding in the area, to be handled by the Aftrane mothership in low earth orbit, which will also shutown any Lahar time wormholes.

100,000 Chinese troops on the U.S. border have mobilized, expecting this event and expecting  to make their move onto U.S. soil at the request of President Obama and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton.  Efforts by the White Hats will be amde to arrest them before they can make such a request and order.

It is unknown to what degree the yakuza within Northern Baja California will do during this crises but they are being monitored by the White Dragon Society by order of Choidon Daikaku.

There is no set date and time for these events, but they will happen fast whem they do; it could occur tomorrow up to eary summer, but before the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina. A major false flag event is planned for the DNC but will not happen after the arrests and the placementof Dr. Ron Paul as interim President until elections can be properly held.

My Implants

Three days ago I broke a right upper molar while enjoying some cashews — ah the pitfalls of the third density life. I spat out a tooth fragment along with a very small metal ball that resembled the bigger metal balls that have lately been falling out of the sky (see above picture).

Back in 1999, I found a similar little metal ball embedded in my left upper gums. I was examining it and it grew four spindly legs and ran off. I tried to chase and catch it but it eluded me, broke the window and was airborne.

This one has not yet grown legs and taken off. I suspect it is inactive. Semjase and Remiz have done tests on it and they cannot determine its origin or who made it; it does contain trace elements only found in the KERN and KAL Universes; the elements are on the exterior making it invisible to previous tests I have had to make sure I didn’t have implants. It is not transmitting nor is it an explosive, nor a clone controller.

I suspect both implants were put in quite a while ago, either when I was in the military or a nephew of Uncle Sam. For what reason, I do not know.

But here is a curious ditty, lads and lassies: here in 3D earth I have a broken tooth…when I shift over to 5D my tooth, all my teeth, are fine and healthy and perfect, along with my 5D version of my body (taller, lighter, stronger, younger-looking…hell, I look 25 in the 5D). It is going to take a while for the two versions of bodies my soul inhabits to merge and acclimate into 5D permanence — once that is accomplished, I will no longer be able to shift back to 3D (Dr, Ron Paul is one who switches back and forth and he looks a healthy 11 foot tall man of 30 over there).

I find it curious this implant ball popped out not long after I mastered 5D switching without needed Plejaran tech attached to my waist, because that ball was not present in my 5D body.

Career Change

There is a job opening for an executive clerk in the Akasiac Records. Semjase  thinks I should apply. A lot of career benefts when working for Creation.

David Icke’s Niece

Sky Wanderer to Tortoise Egg


Your bell, my ring.

Same ol’ same ol’?

Codes and Games Langley Style

I have only now seen this website, The 2012 Scenario, which is an Intel hub for agents in the field to deliver coded messages to each other in the form of “articles.” The coded sentences are so obvious they are now even trying to hide it: “The proof you have been waiting for, hold onto your hats” made me laugh quite hard.

And this:

Welcome to a new and unimaginable world, taking shape before our very eyes. What world am I talking about? I’m talking about the New Age expected to begin after a planetary transformation on or before Dec. 21, 2012. Predictions of what the 2012 community calls “Ascension” are reaching us from the Earth’s own spiritual hierarchy, the star nations here to help us, Earth’s scientists, and planetary intuitives…

I have found some that seem to be directed at me or about me, being sly…”wanderer of the skies.” (An old code name Uncle Sam once gave me in the early 1990s was “Sky Wanderer.”)

And…well well…I see that the server this site is housed on is a server that has made quite a few hits to this website…a server located three levels below ground in Langley, VA.



When Lizards Lie

Curious as always to hear the mixture of truth and lies the shape-shifter reptoid David Icke puts out there. Now while is info on reptilian is correct, he s talking about his kind, he is a spokesperson for his people, but he also makes his fellow lizards seem more powerful than they really are, and his agenda is to create fear. His disinfo is make the masses who listen not believe that his lizard boys are losing the galactic and earth-bound battle.

Oh, David m’lad, we have been onto you for a long long time, you and your fellow shifter Stewie Swerdlow, you scaly little perverts…we have your number, laddies…and we have you by your nubby tails…


The Drake Deception

Oh those tricky mysterious lads in the alphabet soup hats, their freemason numbers and nifty coded messages…

A small nuke went off in the Drake Passage, destroying a Fourth Reich base 9.9 kilometers below the sea bed, 66.6 miles northwest of Depection Island at precisely 5:05 a.m. EST and measuring as a 6.1 roll.

Drake Passage…Deception Island…Drake the whistleblower, 505…

9 plus 9 is 18 is 9

6 plus 6 plus 6 is 18 is 9

I goes, “Ha ha,” my fine NWO laddies! Did you do a ritual and rape a virgin before setting that nasty little bomb off?

A Four-Leaf Clover on Another Planet

An curious intreview with an interesting Milab lassie Anya Briggs here, 1:09 in she is convinced a certain someone calls to earth from another solar system.

Hmmm…. hmmm….

But Anya Anya Anya…we have met many times in the past…you and I and Mr. Agent Buried Alive on the moon and Procyon, remember? I think you do, lassie.

Laher Ship Destroyed Over San Diego

In the morning of April 13 in San Diego, California, a large wormhole appeared in the sky and a half-mile  long Laher vessel appeared, coming from 35,000 years in the future.

Having studied their technology, Plejaran and Aftrane ships were waiting. The Aftranes figured out how to close the wormhole and did so. The Laher ship was half-way out so when the wormhole closed, the Laher ship was cut in half.

At 8:45 am, a loud boom in the sky was heard all over southern California.  The partial Laher ship was retrieved before crashing to the ground, but several pieces of debris did fall to the ground and were spotted by people in Oceanside, Miramar and Solana Beach areas.

Reports have come into the National MUFON from those who witnessed the wormhole and the Laher ship destruction, as well as Semjase and Remiz’s command ships retrieving the halved enemy vessel from the future.

The Contact Notes

The Former White Hat Consciousness from the Fifth Desnity recommends listening to the 16-tape Contact Notes on Meier and the Plejarans, which are up on Youtube in 8 three-hour sections. Information within touches base on some things  the FWH has been discussing…keep in mind, however, that after 1984, the Plejarans stopped their contact with Meier and the FIGU had been infiltrated by the CIA and MI6, and that Meier was compromised by the Bafath Gizeh people, causing him to go insane.

Randy Winters was later killed and cloned by the Cabal; his clone began changing and adding in disoinfo in his talks, so he no longer worked as the US Ambassador for Billy, unfortantely replaced by CIA agent Mike Horn who has spread a great deal of disinfo to discredit the truth about the Plejaran mission.

Regardless,  many of you will discover certain sections to be of interest: about the history of earth colonization, time travel, and Plejaran sociology.

Knowledge and peace, etc.,

The “Earthquake” in Mexico Yesterday

Jim Stone put this video up…he is down in Mexico hiding out from the Cabal who wants him dead for his whistleblowing on Fukashima…

No, there was no “earthquake” per se; as I have reported, it was the destruction of a Mantis underwater base, with subsequent small nuke explosions. So yes, the info being put out is to cover up the truth…because how is the mainstream media, owned by the Cabal, going to explain an ET war going on in our skies and oceans?

Brave New Tech? Arcane Stuff, Really…

They tote this miniaturization of RFID chips as advancements in consumer technologies, when, thanks to reptilian/gray tech 1,000 years ahead of this junk, these chips, which cab carry 10,000 times  more data, plus explosives, in microscopic nanites—you know, the nanites dropped onto the oppressed peoples via chemtrails, put in Peet’s and Starbucks and McDonalds and KFC/Taco Bell, found in children’s toys, injected into flu shots, laced in nail polish and lipstick, in condoms and douches — nanites that find their way to your brain stem and lobes and when activated, activate YOU….or they get their hooks into your DNA and reprogram the information so that you will be like Gregor Samsa and wake up physically changed into insectoids, reptoids, mutant soldiers…or they find their way into a growing fetus inside a womb and really mess with the DNA and kick out souls to create vessels for negative entities to use in the third denisities…ah, yes, this stuff Hitachi and Centrium and Phizer and CERN roll out to the public is stuff the Dracos gave the Cabal back in the 1970s.

Issues of Time

I have been jumping around in time, I think I have slipped and become unstuck since my trip to 2749 with Al Bielek and I think the Wingmakers are behind this…or the Laher…someone is behi


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