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Month: May, 2012

Notes from Chantilly, VA

There are a lot of aliens, demons, lizards and disguised Annunaki here.

There goes Alex Jones, banned from the hotel, but that is all an act, Alex being a CIA shill.

The O-Clone and Hilary Clone…yikes…

No Timothy Geithner.

I have seen three versions of James Casbolt, the reptilian shapeshifter Bill Ryan, and a hologram version of George Clooney…

One Fulford clone again, but picked up by the Plejarans…will the Fulford clone thing never end?

Cabal plants within the protesters, agents and aliens alike…

Lots of Monarch hookers and underage girls and boys ushered into the back in limo buses…how many will leave alive, how many will be sacrificed, how many feasted on?

David Rockefeller…old man…

Paul Volcker, shapeshifter…


Something big is going to happen, it is in the air.

The ceremony worshipping Moloch will be tonight.

Sean-David Morton Admits to Clones

In his late night show, SDM gives a nod to this blog, stating “accept no clones” and says, “Occasionally my clone tries to take over my show…” (starts at 04:55 mark) which will probably fuel the theory that I am him.

But, you ask, isn’t he a clone already Does he mean the clone of his cloned self?

Very curious…

Jimmy Fallon, MK Ultra Victim, the Obama Clone #3 and The Roots, Radical Black Panther Band

Look in the O-Clone’s eyes, a soulless synthetic…and Jimmy Fallon, empty and mind-controlled.

Psychopathic Project Monarch Homosexual Porn Star/Werewolf at Large in Canada, eh!

Gay pornstar in Canada, Luca Roco Magaotta, killed his boyfriend after turning into a Lycanthrope, then mailed the body parts a la American Psycho (in this case, Canadian Psycho). He was in Project  Monarch and is mind-controlled.

Bret Easton Ellis declined to comment.

With the zombie pandemic in Florida, Canada has been experiencing for the past three months a werewolf pandemic. And guess who has been behind turning Canadians into werewolves, someone connected to Putin mayhap?

Look at Luca’s two other porn names/alters: Eric Clinton Newman (the Clinton New Man, a clone created in the Clinton era, or a clue that Clinton is a clone?) and Vladimir Romanov (the Gnostic Illuminati and the Romanov connected to Benjamin Fulford).

Magnotta/Newman/Romanov is also suspected of putting up on Youtube the video of a man murdering kittens.


Webbot Talk

Webbot current timeline events for the summer. This timeline can be changed with white light intent from you all.

Lost Star Trek Episode: “Captain Kirk vs. the Illuminati Thingamabob”

Who Cloned Drake? Silva Did! or: The Clone-Handler Gizeh-Aldebaran Double Agent for the Dark and Nefarious Cabal

It has come to light who was responsible for abducting the original Drake, had Drake cloned, and is the handler of the Drake Clones:

Major William Silva: a double-agent for the Gizeh Intelligence, closely connected to FreedomReigns and Deatra Loomer.

Silva was born at a very young age and later became a 400-year-old Aldebaran agent of the Bafath and Gizeh Intelligence.

It really all began at Montauk in the late-1970s; there, they used a young man at the beginning of his military career, graduated from George Washington University, for a soul-transfer experiment: William Silva.

A higher-up from the Aldebaran system, Nemec Cansyim,  was dying and required a host body for its soul. Headed by Major Ed Dames, Preston Nichols and Jon von Nuemann, from papers in the files of Alastair Crowley, who subsequently had taken the information in the hidden journals of George Washington, they selected William Silva as a compatible match.

Basically, they forced the soul of Silva out, using methods from Project Tickle, and placed the soul of the Aldebaran Nemec Cansyim into the human body.

Nemec Cansyim was instrument in the late 1930s in giving the Thule Society the schematics to build anti-gravity ships, which Nazi scientists did build but did not have a big enough fleet toward the end of WW 2. The Aldebarans are descendents of the ancient Lyrans who embraced the philosophy that war and stress was a better road to spiritual growth and strength, against the more peaceful methods of the Lyrans who were ancestors of the Plejarans (whom Drake called “tree-hugging hippy aliens”). Nemec had been at the Antarctic base with the 4th Reich when he his 400 year old body began to fail, so was sent to Montauk for the soul transfer (see the books by Peter Moon for this, as well as the Nazi connection to the Montauk Project).

The Gizeh Intelligence decided on a clandestine mission for Nemec/Silva: become a double agent within the military; Silva would have an exemplary career, be seen as a true patriot and hero, but really gathering information and working against the white hat faction in the Pentagon, doing the Draconion/4th Reich/Gizel Intel bidding — such as turning Drake into an Illuminati thingamabob (not to be confused with a NWO thingamajig or a Cabalistic whatchamacallit). Drake was milab’d from his home in Florida, while he was helping a neighbor fix a flat tire, but the neighbor was really a synthetic controlled by the psyche of Alara Blackwell, who injected Drake with a mickey and handed him over to Silva; from there Silva transported Drake to the cloning labs under Camp David.

Now William Silva aka Nemec the Nazi/Gizeh/Bafath/Aldebaran agent, programs and handles all Drake clones. He was also instrument in compromising the mass arrests plan and creating the disinfo portal,

An alternate version of himself from a GAL-Universe recently tried to take him out and replace him and essentially work as a triple-agent, but that plan failed.

Silva/Nemec has also been instrument in the programming of clones of Benjamin Fulford, James Rink and Natalie Portman.

Was Bobby Joe Excluded from the Super Soldier Summit?

Of interest:

Now things come to light…this Super Solider Summit is in Marin County, Calif, June 23…and coincidentally Bobby Joe Clone’s “Survival” seminar is 45-60 minutes away in Sacramento.

Is Bobby Joe Clone (and Lady Corso, who will be there) miffed that he was not asked to be included in this seminar, so he set up an event nearby at the same time? Maybe he will crash the summit with his katana sword, with Lay Corso in a nice summer dress behind him, and scream how he is a “Graywalker” and Rink and Spiers are bogus, etc.

What I know: Aaron McCollum and James Casbolt will pay a surprise visit to both events, coming into Marin County in a TR-3C breaking the sound barrier at Mach 4, and really shake things up as true super soldiers who have broken from the Cabal and work with the Uncomporomised White Hats (whether they will be in synthetic bodies, projected as holograms, time traveling, or originals from this timeline is uncertain right now).

Given the crappy and rude way Bobby Joe and Lady Corso have treated people at past conferences, it is no wonder they are not asked to speak at any, not to mention the psychic attack battles between AX and her black magic vs. Rink and his alters.

Woody Brockbrader was supposed to be at this one…but, well, looks like he will have to be present in astral form only.

Another Evil Plan of the Cabal

Will the Brethern of the White Robe and Plejarans stop this plan?

It is in the works as I land in Arizona here…

Two Thingamabobs

1. Drake 5 was uttering southern drawl nonsense today; after the dates of the alleged mass arrests came and went, he now says there is no date for when it will occur and how long chaos will transpire “because this has never been done before.” So that leaves things open for weeks, months, maybe years for him to keep saying, “It’s coming soon, it’s coming, in the meantime clean your gun and donate to and that sort of thing.”

2. Kerry Cassidy did an interesting roundtable with milabs today: James Rink, Max Speer, and Alara Blackwell. And my my, they did some righteous bashing on Bobby Joe. Trusty information.

The Possible Fail of the Queen Lizard

This was sent in the comments but it is important enough to move as a post…Redemption followers and true Sovereigns take note…

U.K.: Landmark Case Could Stymie Legal System –

Queen not valid monarch

Landmark Case Could Stymie Legal System

Written by Debra Siddons
Friday, 27 May 2011 07:51

If everyone began using this defence tomorrow, in all of the Commonwealth courts and in the United States, the entire legal system could be brought to its knees in a matter of weeks if not days.”

For those of you who have been following the John Anthony Hill (JAH) Case, it is great to be able to share that he was acquitted, on the 12th of May 2011, of the ridiculous and politically-motivated charge of attempting to “pervert the course of justice”. For those of you less familiar with this landmark case, John Anthony Hill is the Producer of the documentary film “7/7 Ripple Effect”. For more details about this extraordinary case and the trial itself, please visit the following links:
7/7/ Ripple effect

Read the rest of this entry »

The Power of the Cabal

This may be the reason why the Annunaki and Dracos have been fighting over the gold stashes around the world and on Mars.

The Hypocrite Known as Deatra Loomer

                                                          public domain photo

Deatra Marie Loomer came out of the woodworks after being exposed.

Now she is threatening to have federal charges filed against me for exposing her “privacy” and publishing her photos on my blog. Federal charges for what? Is this in the sphere of the federal terrorist charges you and Drake threatened Kerry Cassidy with over a post she did not write and was not even on Project Camelot’s forum?

Next, Deatra will say “friends” of hers in the Pentagon will shut my blog down.

Since the beginning, there have been many threats to quiet me, from car bombs to time assassins, to Bobby Joe claiming there would be grand juries and indictments and mass news coverage that “you won’t be able to hide behind the 2nd Amendment for” (this is on his blog,  believe it or not). For a month, one guy kept writing, “In two days, your blog will be shut down.” He has stopped writing that.

It is amazing how these people come up with a fantasy that they are so important that the feds, whether Cabal controlled or honest officials, will find time they need to go after bank robbers, murderers, pedophiles and real terrorists to bother with complaints about people whose feelings are bruised or are embarrassed at being publicly exposed.

“Public” is the key word here, Deatra. Your arrest is in the public record, it was in a newspaper, and your police mug shot is public record. You placed those photos on in public for anyone to see, and for fair use, and nowhere is a copyright claim on them (I have screen shot those web pages in case you decide to change it). I am REPORTING on public information about someone who has made herself a public figure…in which case, my posts are protected under all journalism shields, fair use, and protected under the First Amendment.

You know the First Amendment, right, Deatra? It is that document you and your co-horts claim to hold in such high regard, along with freedom…uless of course the freedom of speech and press and ideas does not suit well with your ideology and then of course you are just fine with censorship.

You are a hypocrite, Deatra Loomer, on three accounts:

1. You claim to be a sovereign citizen. Sovereigns turn their backs on everything that has to do with non-common law, the current admiralty law, and everything the federal government stands for, such as the IRS, the FBI, the DOJ, etc. Yet, you sure seem to have no problem wanting to go to the same feds to whine. (Yes, let’s see these federal expressions when a charged felon comes to them saying, “I have been publicly embarrassed and I want you to arrest them!”…)

2. You and your militia friends claim to be anti-current federal government and want to see that structure fall down, but still you will go to it as a means of threatening to quiet someone from exposing the truth.

3. You and your co-horts claim to want to institute common law. In common law, charges are only filed if there is bodily harm or property damage, getting rid of “emotional distress” and “slander/libel” that hordes the court dockets…and yet, what does your threat have to do with common law?

I will do  you one better, Deatra…I am sure these feds would love to hear about your asking people online for donations to cover your legal bills and bail bond, under the ruse of donating to your website and cause. Is FeeedomReigns tax exempt? I am sure the IRS would love to know about all the donations you have been collecting from the public and whether or not you have reported this money and paid taxes on them? But if you are 501-3(c), then asking for donations for your personal problems will get you into more a lot more hot water.

Two things, Deatra: federal wire fraud and tax evasion.

So be careful on what and who you threaten, lassie…and that goes for you too, William Silva: you talk like a tough guy, but what are you, really?

Sorry folks, for vibrating this low, but hypocrites and con artists like this (Maugans, Fanin and company included) are my pet peeves, especially when they use threats to keep people from exposing the truth about them.

Zombies in Florida and the Drake Clone Connection

New intel: Drake 5 is connected to the zombie/cannibal outbreak, via his Cabal buddies in the Pentagon…

Two Project Monarch milabs, Sheila “Aliens” and Varilyx Warsinger spread the word (look at these young women carefully and you will see they are graduates of MKUltra, the real kind, not fakes like Gupta Stanga):

The Annunaki Have Landed

Somehow they slipped past the Andromeda Council blockade, most likely the ships were waiting inside the core of Mars.

One Annunaki ship came into the atmosphere last night over the Michigan region and went Lake Michigan.

On the island of Ambon, three Annunaki vessels landed and are removing 300 tons of gold the Cabal hid in the mountains 35 years ago.

Annunaki and reptilian soldiers have been seen fighting, so it is uncertain what is going on. Obviously the Cabal does not want them to take that gold off-world.

More as things develop…

Quakes and Timelines

I am currently in Northern Italy with an assessment team. It is bad. This sort of collateral damage was never intended.

No, this was not caused by fracking or a pole shift, nor is it a White Dragon warning to Rome (although Fulford might claim it to be next week).

I do know a discussion is under way to alter the timeline; to go back and not take all these bases out just yet, until a better plan can be implemented.

Of course, that would be that timeline, not this one.

The Lies of War Criminal Reptoid Tony Blair

Listen to what this Cabalist says at the end, then read this.

The Criminal Deatra Loomer: Felonious False Pretense

In April, Deatra Loomer was asking followers for donations amounting to $2,500 for an emergency over “something someone else did” and “someone screwing with her.”  Now we know why…

A fan of this blog directed me to this arrest record from the Columbus Dispatch published April 24. The last mug shot and details:

Deatra Marie Loomer, 46, of 30276 Old Highway 41 in Okolona, was arrested April 18 by LCSO and charged with felonious false pretense. She was released on a $2,500 bond.

The mug shot:

A reptillian? Compare it to apic of Deatra Marie Loomer from the FR site:
And this pic, with her kids, from the FR site, if you compare the faces, it is obvious this is the same Deatra from the mug shot — reptilian or deteriorating clone?

The mug shot is obviously Deatra without make-up; the hair color and the middle parting is the same, skin tone the same, chin and face same with an odd lack of eyebrows; and Deatra lives in Missouri. Google Maps shows the address as some kind of farm land, and she has mentioned living in such a rural place.

Felonious false pretense is a fraud charge, usually for intentionally writing bad checks in large amounts, giving false information to obtain a loan or property, etc. On one show Deatra stated her family barely gets by on less than $900/month, which is possible in rural midwest.

She most likely had a temporary bond, or her bond was revoked by the underwriter (although anyone can generate a bond based of their starwman worth), and she had to pay the full bail amount to keep out of the slammer.

Several days ago I wrote that Deatra would wind up behind bars with Woody…so if she stops broadcasting for a while, do not believe the exuse puts out; she has been brought in to face additional charges or is serving her time (possibly six months to two years) for her crime.

Gee, Deatra, no wonder you want civil unrest and choas; like Ron Weinland, such things would cause your and his cases to go on the backburner.

Thing is, she and Drake call for cooperating with local sheriffs and marshalls…does this include when they come knocking on Deatra’s door?

Who else associated with Deatra are criminals? Drake? Corso? You see the picture. The veil of deception of these people is being pulled down…

But as this comes to light, we will hear Deatra claiming she is being set-up because her involvement with the take-down of the Cabal, eh, lassie? She is already saying “someone else” did it, the usual criminal excuse: blame it on another.

All the Stupid Sheeple or Rise of the MKUltra Groupies or Khristine the Clandestine Hermaphrodite

A number of people are weighing in their two pennies on the Cassidy-Maugans-FWH-Bobby Joe-Project Camelot-Drake-Brockbrader issue, such as a delusional young man/transsexual named Khris (or Khristine, intentionally named by his father when he knew his son was not exactly a man but a hermaphrodite), blogging as Clandestine Rage Revealed, typing up illogical non-sense of a tranny in need of psychiatric care.

This is what I mean about people like Bobby Joe doing more harm than any good when he attracts these “MK Ultra Groupies” to him likes flies to cow paddies; these mentally ill folk who believe they have been through the things people like Bobby Joe and Sarah Stanga lie about.

The file I have on Khristine Clandestine is a very troubled gender-confused childhood for having both a penis and a vagina, and his/her father’s hatred and fear, alcoholism and drugs in the house, sexual and mental torture…Khristine saw the Project Camelot videos a few years ago and projected his/her life onto Bobby Joe, so desperately wanting to deny his/her true past, and creating a better explanation for his hell of his/her past, convincing herself that she was put in Project Monarch and was forced to have alters and sent out on military missions with synthetic bodies that were neither male or female.

Instead of getting true help, people on her blog encourage this fantasy, and Khristine has become a paranoid delusional succumbing to beliefs that she is a TI, is psychically attacked (encouraged by Sarah’s lies) and so on…what Khristine needs is to get off the internet where delusional  nutcases encourage her fictional history, and seek real psychological care.

Kristinte is a very violent person, and is triggered easily and lashes out, and has already had legal problems for physical violence on strangers and family alike.

Khristine is a danger to herself and the people around her; her desire for an alternative life from her true reality is the collateral damage of real MK Ultra super soldiers coming forward. Is this what the Cabal wants? Of course — it helps with the confusion, and when thus “community” is filled with the mentally ill, it makes true victims of ritual abuse and black ops mind control also look like nutcases.

Khristine: you were never in the programs, you are not a milab, you are not a super solider; you are mentally compromised and confused about your unfortunate childhood. I urge to you get proper psychiatric care and not look to a group of liars and nutcases for salvation, but look into yourself and realize what truly happened, that Satanic Santa Clauses did not molest you and hurt you, it was all within your dysfunctional family unit. You created a disassociative reaction and a fictional rationale for what is simply a very ugly truth.

I am sorry you went through all that, Khristine, and you need to get away from the bughouse bobbys and bettys who encourage you to believe these falsehoods.

The Battle Below Northern Italy and What’s Up at The Hague

The intricate network of 12 bases and the European high-speed rail system in Northern Italy is under way and quite horrendous on both sides. Look for it to spread into Austria, France, Germany and Greece…and in southern Latin America, look for action in Chile soon.

The situation on the island of Tonga, part of  the Republic of New Lemuria, was neither quake nor explosion, but Sean-David Morton (an ambassador of New Lemuria) jumping up and down trying to eat Artcurians flying over.

I am in Belgium, land of ancient Gaul, before the Roman Empire invaded and enslaved the Celtic-Germanic Gauls. There was a Mantis base there then, and still operates now. There are Mantoid shapeshifters in the Belgium government, but there are also good guys.

In The Hauge, they are considering bringing in Bill Brockbrader to answer for black ops war crimes in Iraq; they are also considering the war crimes files of Bobby Joe Fanin, Dave Corso, White Wolf, Andrew Pero, Steve Erics, and Larry Freemont, each who have, when activated, slaughtered many civilians including women and children. I am sure the World Court will take into consideration they were mind-controlled; what they want to know is: these men are aware of what they did in , alters or not, so why have they not come forward to turn themselves in for all the lives they took in the past?

This is something all these guys and gals need to be asked: you remember all those you assassinated and murdered, you know where the bodies are buried, how come you don’t do the honorable thing and turn yourself in to the War Crimes Tribunal and ask for immunity in exchange for exposing the Cabal black ops?

Unless, of course, your stories are b.s.

Might I Trigger You/Activate an Alter?

Anya Briggs Exposes the Truth About Dave Corso, Omega Unit 197, and the Dark Witch of Dracos

In this interview last week at Church of Mabus Radio, Anya Briggs exposes the insanity of Sarah Stanga (unnamed, but we know to whom she speaketh of), the back-stabbing paranoia of Dave Corso, and unpleasant hillbilly  lies of Bobby Joe Fanin. Everything she claims is true — note at 1:23 mark the boys in a NSA basement send her a litte message, like they do the same to the SDM Clone now and then.


O My Droogies @ the Milk Bar, Lads with White Lips

code 4 u

I am neither a Jack Burns nor a John Barkley in US Space Command…

…I am just an anonymous bloke.

Call me Chad Chadwick.

Wave of Beamships over the Kiwi

The New Zealand Herald writes about a wave of UFOs on North Island…

Just as I had reported with the temporary Pleiadean bridge that was there…most of the sightings are Plejaran and Arcturian, with some Sirian and Gevhnoyian ships.

The Paranoid Insanity of Randy Maugans

Asshat Maugans has gone off the deep end, spouting off paranoid accusations in two blogs, lies, conspiracy theories…look into his eyes: those are the eyes of bughouse bobby.

I feel a necessity to address Randy Maugans’ insanity.

To wit:

I do not know Kerry personally. I met her in passing a few times at conferences, but she does not know my name, we are not in cahoots, I am not her “hatchetman,” she is not my handler; I am not her operative, as Maugans accuses. It is easy for you people to want to believe that, that there is some sort of “group” after you (typical paranoia of the mentally ill who believe in mind-controlled gang-stalking, that some devious operatives in an NSA basement are controlling groups of people with computer chips and chemtrails to harass a “targeted individual”).

I do not attack genuine victims of satanic ritual abuse and MK Ultra programs, and have helped those who have in a real-world capacity; what I do, and have done, is call on the carpet, and expose, liars, fakes, double agents, and the mentally ill. Randy Maugans seems to have fallen for the fabricated stories of a lot of con artists, or he is working with them in their disinfo campaigns, such as:

 Sarah Stanga: She is not who she says she is. That is not even her name. She is not the “victim” she plays but is in all actuality a black witch, an operative for The Priory of Dracos, and she is the property of such. She has many alters, so you never know who you are dealing with, and while she is indeed a “victim” of thus torture and control, she is still under their control: her job is to lure the unsuspecting into her sphere, to find real victims, and destroy them and/or turn them over to her handlers. She goes by many names online, Purple Pebble and Violet and so on, attacking people via these alters, the same people she acts like she is reaching out to in her “Sarah” alter.

Duncan O’Finioan: not his real name. His real strawman name is Bobby Joe Fanin. You cry out about my anonymity, yet why would a man who says he stands for a truth not use his actual name? Could it be that Bobby Joe Fanin has quite the police record from the 10 years he lived in Pahrump, Nevada (where he met David Corso in a repeat offenders group?)…it would certainly destroy his story if it were known that his criminal past makes Bill Brockbrader’s look like a J-walking ticket).  The first interview I saw with Bobby Joe, I pegged him for a pathological liar via his body language, just as MK Ultra researcher Anthony Forwood (whom several accused me of being) realized when he interviewed Bobby Joe –  a bullshitter clone.  He is a boy in a man’s broken down body playing G.I. toys. I looked at his bogus “knife fighting: video and had a good laugh – the man has no idea how to actually knife fight. He has conned many people, like Maugans, into buying his bullshit, and he has done more harm than good for people. He engages in physical threats against anyone who exposes or criticizes him, to the absurdity of threatening me with grand jury indictments and convictions of, what, exposing and making fun of him? He lives in the same fantasy world of the law that Drake does when Drake threatened to have Kerry charged as a domestic terrorist over a forum post she did not write or know of, not to mention his threat of getting his Pentagon buddies to shut the website down. What world do these two think they live in? Bobby Joe now threatens me with a fictional cousin of his who is a federal prosecutor who will come after me for my blog….here we have two men who claim to want to take down the evil Cabal government, then turn around and makes threats to use the very same government to “punish” anyone who dares to criticize them (gee, didn’t Obama do and does the same with journalists? And Castro? And Lenin? And Mao?)

Miranda Kelly aka AX: fixes his illiterate writing for him, she is a good editor, and a conspirator in this con. That podium talk on video, from a Camelot video, which I attended, wherein they claim some story of her crying about her hair being messed up during a parachute jump into enemy territory, is a scene taken straight from the TV show, ALIAS, about, of yes, spies and secret super soldiers. Did they think no one watched that show or would remember that scene? A big red light of bullshit.

Randy Maugans: my assessment that he is an ass-hat stands. He does not seem to be particularly intelligent and in possession of an IQ above a speed bump, as evident in his blog posts and statements. He has fallen for the bullshit of the above-mentioned, and fallen for many others; he comes up with bizarre conspiracy theories about me, Cassidy, and others, none of which are near the truth; his attempts at logic are lacing logic; and he is obsessed with Kerry, and me. He said several blog posts ago that he would no longer address us, yet he keeps doing so…what is apparent is that he is quite jealous of Kerry…he noted she is “a gateway to Coast and Noory” and that she has a significant audience, 1000 times bigger than what he gets. This was the same situation with Art Bell: when Art went big internationally, many small time radio hosts attacked him brutally out of sheer green-eyed monsters.  Face the facts, Randy: you will never be popular and you will never have an audience over 300 people. I have not sent you voicemails, I do not have your number; you are either lying or someone is messing with you (I would never put my voice out there, which is why I turned Noory down for an interview on C2C.

So, now, I ask: why the obsession finding out my identity? What do you want to do, threaten my family or me? “Expose” me, and for what? What does it matter? Many of you have already come up with a dozen names of whom you think I am, and then say I am a group of people, that I am CIA psyops (I was in the Navy, guys, I already admitted this, and ONI, but that is the past)…Maugans seems particularly obsessed in unmasking me. What happens if you find out I am someone you actually know, and trust, and that I have been working against you all this time? – now that should fuel your paranoid conspiracy theories. After all, you call me “a tool of a media empire” out to get you. Gee…I hope they are paying me well if I am.

Bottom line: you people take yourselves way too seriously, You are not comic book heroes like Bobby Joe imagines himself as, you are not so important that the feds will convene grand juries over your feelings getting hurt, and you are not the mighty truth seekers who will topple the Cabal-Rockefeller-Illuminati machine.

Look clearly at your unhealthy obsessions with me, and Project Camelot, your desires to destroy both, and ask yourself: is this a healthy mental attitude?



The Anti-Brock is a Crock Campaign

The nutcases at Wolf Spirit Radio are calling for a meditation today to free Bill Brockbrader. This is a lure into their Luciferian web…why would anyone send white light to a CIA agent, an alleged pedophile, and a shill for the Cabal who says Obama is one of the good guys when we know that is hardly true?

I call for the Anti-Brock is a Crock Campaign.

Instead of sending white light to him, send white light to the true soldiers fighting the Cabal, black hats, clones, lizards, Bilderberg types, Illuminati and so forth…and ask that deceptions such as the Brock be stopped so we can get on with Ascension and not have the waters diluted by those in power who fear the change.

Brock and his Cabalist pals want to steal energy from good people; they want to suck it up and turn it into a vial of lies.


Stanton Friedman Revealed: Beelzebubba the Terrible!

Caught in bed with reptilian shapeshifter Steven Greer in a scandal so perverse it cannot be mentioned to sensitive ears, a naked Stanton Friedman removed himself from his top position on Steven Greer and transformed into the winged royal Dracos known as Beelzebubba (sometimes called Beelzebub, the deity worshipped in ancient Philistine).

Friedman/Beelzebubba laughed, spread its wings, and yelled, “You will never catch me!” and flew away.

Greer wept for his boyfriend—lizardfriend?

Oops, I Did It Again — I Mean It’s Supposed to be 2013!

It is reported that in Ronald Weinland’s sermon today, he has moved the date to Jesus’ return to the next Pentecost, May 19, 2013 (just as I said he would) and that all the terrible Apocalyptic things would happen from now until then. Same thing he said when Jesus did not come in 2009 as he predicted.

We have proven, by how we live, who we are…We have followed the way God has led us…It’s just a bit farther…

Pentecost 2012 is being proven incorrect for the return of Jesus Christ…Does that negate that I am God’s witness and prophet?  Absolutely not!…

It will be on a Pentecost that Jesus will return…We just didn’t know there would be a little more to the race…Jesus Christ is to return on Pentecost…

All have to examine, reexamine, where they are…So many things we have not understood.  The work of the two witnesses is over…We are going into a different phase…

And oh — he reminded his flock to send in their tithes, of course. He needs money to fight his tax evasion trial next month.

How many of these idiots will stay and send him cash, one wonders?

Reptoid/Grey Base in Argentina Destroyed

A few weeks ago I noted that there were many Cabal underground bases in South America that would be targeted.  Today, one such base under Santiago del Estero was taken out with a rather big BOOM.

Another underwater base off the coast of Chiapas, Mexico, was also destroyed.

More to follow down south…


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