The Deceiver Called “Ashtar” Arrested!

by Former White Hat

The fraudulent light being, “Ashtar,” has been arrested and will await trial in the Galactic Court for crimes against 30 worlds of deceit, lies, murder, and sexual defilement of humans.

Semjase and company knew where a portal would open and this being’s ship would emerge, down by the Antarctica, to rendezvous with members of the Bafath and Gizeh Intelligence.

“Ashtar” is really “Asb’el,” a reptoid-human Archon shape-shifted  who has been deceiving beings on 30 planets the past 250,000 years as a protector, a good guy, a light being — his greatest crimes include setting himself up as a God Messiah and having beings kill one another in his honor. This was something he and his companions were planning for earth as well.

Asb’el is one of the 12 original fallen angels, a right-hand Archon of Lucifer. He has appeared to people as a divine being, he has intercepted channels, he has raped children and dined on their living and dead flesh, he has controlled politicians such as Ronald Reagan and James Madison, he has given false information to those who follow him to spread the Gizeh/Draco lies, presenting himself as a blonde tree-hugging hippie ET but really has pressed the superior-Aryan dogma the Nazis fell for.

Take a look at the above illustration and the damning clue sticks out: the saucer is an old-model Gizeh/Vril ship, first manufactured on earth by the Nazis and 4th Reich, a design nearly 400,000 years old from when the Bafath broke off from the light and set out to control the human genetic descendants of Lyran-Plejarans on earth and other planets; the Zionist Cabal-Santanic pentagram on his chest; the hair curl that is one-half of the Nazi swastika.

He now sits in a cell, as well as 45 of his followers, and will be transported to Andromeda to be tried for thousands of crimes spanning thousands of years.

I hesitate to say that those who believed they were getting messages from “Ashtar” will be freed from the fraud, but any other Archon or reptoid or Bafath can easily masquerade as Ashtar and continue the con.

I could not help it — when he as detained, I kicked him in the balls.

But he has no testicles.

And he laughed at my attempt and spat at me. “Weak aberration of Creation!”  he yelled.

Still, it was therapeutic for me, even though the Andromedans present looked at one another with confusion on their blue faces, wondering why I did that.

“Chalk one up to the remnants of my barbarian Third Density self,” I said.

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