Mucho Mojo on Camp Hill

by Former White Hat

Rain storms coming and going here in chilly night Harrisburg, Penn. I was awaken at 3 AM by the ghastly sound of howling banshees and screaming demons. I looked out the window and saw dozens of these dark creatures flying in circles over the hotel where the Bobby Joe Fanin Clone and some others are staying.

I decided to explore, perhaps against better judgement. What I witnessed is not too surprising: Bobby Joe and his black magic witch Miranda Kelly dancing naked (eech, I know) around a pentagram lit up by blood-red candles and chanting praise to Loki and Lucifer. There were several members of the “survival course” there: they stood naked and still, pentagrams painted in black on their stomachs, their eyes opened and empty: they were in a demonic trance.

Also dancing around was Randy Maugans, wearing a red dress and black heels and fish-net stockings, praying to the dark lords for sexual transformation into a woman.

The banshees and demons swopped down and entered the bodies of Bobby Joe and Miranda, and each time they shuddered in ecstasy and cried, “Thank you, Satan!”

I left.

Tomorrow should be…interesting…

The world is weirder than we can possibly imagine.

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