Weapons of Mass Karma: An Inevitable Ballet

by Former White Hat

O My Bright and Risen Angels!  Alas, yes, unfortunately, inevitably as it were, it may take a major and horrific event to happen to wake humanity up and stop munching Doritos while watching American Idol (tho I used to be  a fan when Simon was on it)…This is why certain matters must now play out, such as a nuclerar exchange…only the terible event and slaughter of millions will cause an uprising to dismantle all bombs and never use them again…

Many of the benevoemt ET racess went through that in their collective pasts, and from such stupidity came the wisdom they have been trying to impart on world and military leaders.

If it were up to me, I would have us skip all that, and the huamns and ETs working together have indeed presented dozens of attempts to start up a nuclear exchange. It appears that the A-Council and Plejarans and Arcturians will step back from interfering with nuclear launches and allow mankind’s karma to come forth (the USA still has a great karmic debt over the bomvbings in Japan with the a-bomb) like a deformed monster infant from a dead womb of the whore of Babylon.

O My White and Risen Knights of Truth! This does not mean The Brerthren of the White Robe, the Knights of the Silver Word, the Order of St. John, the White Dragons and others will stop their efforts to thwarft…we will continue to stop false flags and nukes buried underwater, but we will not have gthe assistance of the ETs.

It is now humanity’s choice.

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