Bobby Joe Fanin Clone Malfunctions to Insane and Manic Alter!

by Former White Hat

The Bobby Joe Fanin/Duncan O’Finioan clone has malfunctioned to the point of losing its clone mind and has become pitifully and pathetically obsessed with me because he thinks he knows who I am but he is wrong — actually he has thought I was half a dozen other people and/or a group of half a dozen people.

Its comic-book panel-like descriptions of things and situations shows that it likes to imagine itself a super hero, or Burke in an Andrew Vachss novel.

This clone’s insanity, as we see him here last weekend trying to play comic-book hero soldier of fortune warrior but in truth a Satanic clone creature in service of the black cabal whenever he is activated.  Has its hair gone white? No, it is a peroxide blonde job to emulate his black witch companion, Miranda Kelly, aka “Axe,” when she was Aaron McCollum’s sex slave whore, what Aaron called “the cow I kept in barn,” blonde hair. What kind of man, or clone, wants to twin it with a dyed hair job (and thin stringy hillbilly mullet hair) of his woman? I will tell you: a black witch can mind control her man, her pet, her slave, and make them do anything, and she mind-controlled him to dye his hair.

Bobby Joe Clone seems to be very mad that I did not save him at his survival conference like I said I would. I was willing to try, but: IT IS A CLONE AND CLONES CANNOT BE SAVED.

Clones do not have souls.

Clones are merely a shadow of their originals.

Most clones do not know they are clones and are programmed to worship Lucifer, which is the case here.

Accept no clones, my friends.

What is really going on: this Bobby Joe Clone is being prepped by DoD ops for a final mission, and that mission is for his alter, The Beserker. The mission is one of no return — either the clone will end its function or, if arrested, The Beserker alter will make people think Bobby Joe went homicidal insane, nuts, crazy, bughouse bugaboo.

This is Bobby Joe Fanin’s fate, as all super soldiers end in a final mission with termination.


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