Some Events Going Down

by Former White Hat

At Mt. Fiji, for the past five hours warriors from the White Dragons have been engaged with Draco ground troops. All I know so far is that it is a bloody battle and the Council has sent 500 Procyon soldiers to help. In the Honshu area of Japan, the Alvah Conscous (which has been quiet for a while) is once again shaking the land as it attempts to make its way up into the 3D earth. Hundreds of cats and kittens in the area have heeded the call to paws.

In an underground site in Boulder, Colorado, Lt. Cmdr Aaron McCollum and his unit, led by remote viewer Anya Briggs and Roan from Procyon’s 12-man unit, located the 200 Duncan O’Finioan clones, so the threat to the Denver Airport seems to have been nullified, unless there is a Plan B. Strangely, these clones were created and programmed by a faction within the NSA who wanted to seize control of the DIA from the Cabal…things are breaking down within the Cabal it seems.

This text from McCollum:

All these Bobby Joe clones, of various ages but younger than the old fart is now, were sitting around drinking beer, playing cards and eating chocolate pies from Applebees. There were about 30 clones of AX that were being passed around for sexual perversions. These AX Clones were all aged at around 10-14, proving what I always suspected: Bobby Joe clones are Humbert Humberts. They all screamed like girls when we burned them nice and crispy.


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