Thank You All…

by Former White Hat

…for your efforts, prayers, and intentions of attention today on the water in Ho Chi Minh City…I could feel a powerful energy and believe many of you did as well. Let us see if we had a positive effect in the next few days. Feel free to keep sending your white light there, I simply wanted some time where a concerted effort occurred.

Some of you may have felt your third eye wiggling around. This is good. If it bothers you, message it. It is a muscle that needs exercise. The more awake it becomes, the more you will be aware of other dimensions around you; your psychic powers will increase and a clearer line to communicate with ETs and other beings (light and dark, so be cautious) will occur.

I am in the North Island of New Zealand — I am no longer concerned with the Cabal knowing my locations, I say: “Come and get it.”

One note: this current time until the Venus Transit on June 5 is strongly connected in im to May 23, 1993. Think back to May 23, 1993, and if there is anything you started, or left unresolved/undone, between now and June 5 is the time to complete it, whatever it is. I know what mine is, and I am completing it now to come full circle.

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