The Story of the Creation of the Laher People and the Alvah Consciousness as Told by Al Bielek in 2749; or: Adventures of the Man Who Did Not Have Time for Time!

by Former White Hat

Semjase reminded me that five years ago, or what was a month ago (April 22,2012) in you readers’ perception, I said I would explain who the Laher People were, and how they are connected to the Alvah Consciousness and the crew of the U.S.S. Eldridge

So, now that I have “time” to sit down, now that Al Bielek came back and re-inserted me into the correct timeline, this timeline, and I am not vibrationally out-of-phase…

Al Bielek strapped on a device that anchored me to his time-vibration and off we went to the year 2749. He said he had information I needed to know so both the Laher People and the Alvah Consciousness could be defeated.

“What I am about to show you, and tell you,” said Al Bielek, “will blow your mind.”

“I don’t think anything can cause me to blow a gasket anymore,” I retorted.

“We’ll see,” he pfiahed, and took me to a room where images appeared on the walls, images that helped illustrate his narrative.

The first image was the U.S.S. Eldridge going through time after the haphazard experiment of Project Rainbow in October, 1944. I knew all about The Philadelphia Experiment, of course, and I had been assigned to the Montauk base early in my nephew of Uncle Sam career (where I had met Al, aka Ed Cameron, and Duncan Cameron, and knew Preston Nichols, young Andrew Basaigo and Barry Soetoro and Laura Eisenhower; and unfortunately the devious Stewart Swerdlow and the evil Major Ed Dames).

“The Eldridge continued appearing every 20 years within the United States over hundreds of years, when there was no such thing as the US and beyond…jumping to the time we are in now and further…until it reached the fifty-third century where the planet earth no longer existed, there was simply empty space…apparently the earth had been moved to another system…so there we were, the Eldridge and her crew, floating in space and seconds from dying, when a giant oval ship, miles long, appeared and we were pulled into a tractor beam and saved. It appears the beings in this ship knew we would show up and were waiting for us.

“The beings were aliens, not human, but humanoid, what you might call hybrids of the tall grays and the reptilians and a bit of human DNA tossed in going back to 1977 — DNA, in fact, that came from Phil Schneider after the battle at the Dulce Base…these beings found an abandoned grey ship that carried the blood samples of Phil, taken back then. They knew we would pop in at this time and they sought our human DNA, because humans as we know them no longer existed in the galaxy, and they desired to create a race that was part them, part us—does this sound familiar? Such things have been going on time and time again.

“After what we would call 200 years of genetic engineering, the race became what we now call the Laher People. Unfortunately, in the lab, the most base and violent natures of humanity appeared in the grown Laher, and they rebelled against their parents and killed them, taking over the oval mothership. They killed all ancestors living on colonies as well, and began to invade, attack, enslave or destroy many planets that had not yet gone to the stars.

“The Andromeda Council of that time decided the one-eyed Laher People were an aberration of genetic engineering, and a battle vessel from the Kurilian world was tasked for the job.

“It was quite a battle, which led the Laher mothership and the Kurilian forces near a brown dwarf; the Laher decided to send a powerful, untested weapon at the brown dwarf, intending to destroy the Kurilians…but what happened is that a black hole, a quantum singularity, was created, and both the Laher and Kurilians were sucked into this black hole and into null-space.

“In null-space, all organic forms merged together into the 7th Density, where they all became one non-corporeal being, a single but collective consciousness; and when they emerged on the other side of the black hole, or where they went, was 30,000 years into earth’s past, into earth’s 7D and in the underworld; they attempted to enslave Argatha. The Argathans called this combined Laher/Kurilian single consciousness the Alvah Consciousness, why we do not know; it has been said that it had to do with their ancient prophecies.

“The Argathans were more powerful, and they trapped the Alvah into a prison area of the 7D called the Sanctum of Abaddon. There they remained for 15,000 years before they found the power to break free. Angered, wanting vengeance, but knowing they could not win against Argatha, the Alvah Consciousness set its sights on the surface, in the area we know as North Africa, where ruled an antediluvian Pharaoh, M’habi Marabetokun.

“It was a bloody battle, humans against an invisible and evil force in the 7D that could reach into the 3D, but what M’habi Marabetokun found out was that the cats in his kingdom could fight the Alvah, and indeed drive the Alvah back into the Sanctum of Abaddon.

“And so cats were seen as saviors, as demigods to be worshipped for their power against the Alvah, and that respect remained for thousands of years in the Egyptian realm. Why the combination of human, Laheran, and Kurilian into a 7D entity was weakened by felines in unknown—moreso by kittens than grown cats.

“And so the Confederation of Kittens Against the Alvah was formed, and has remained so all these years, ground into the genetics of all cats; perhaps this is why kittens, not yet programmed by being with humans, have more power

“The Alvah from time to time have attempted to resurface in the BCs, in the A.D.s at the time of Christ, in the 1200s, in the 1500s, in the 1700s, and finally your time, in 2012, when all hell is breaking loose like a tire without lug nuts holding it together.

“The Dracos Cabal always knew of the Alvah and how powerful an ally it could be, so in 1933 contacted the Alvah and made a deal of horror and vengeance, that if the Alvah helped enslave the world, the Priory of Dracos would help the Alvah destroy Argatha.”

“Drive that horse buggy by me again,” I said in awe, my mind swirling like vanilla-chocolate ice cream in a blender. “So what you are saying, Al, you are saying the origins of the Laher stem from Project Rainbow, the USS Eldridge, whose crew was genetically merged with some nameless future alien race based on Phil Schneider’s DNA, whose product was violent and turned against their creators, then merged with Kurilians becoming one conscious entity in the 7th Dimension, flung back in time to earth, and have been holding a grudge for 30,000 years?”

“Yep,” replied Al Bielek.

“Okay,” I admitted, “my mind is blown.”

“Now you see how almost everything in your world began with the Philadelphia Experiment, Project Montauk, Tesla and Jon von Neumann – Looking Glass, the jump chair, Mars, the Procyon Wars, deals with the greys, the coming of the Laher and …”

“Hold on,” I said. “So who are the Laher who have come now?”

“They are from the future, from before they fell into the black hole. They seek to become one with their future self, the Alvah, to merge power, to destroy all humans in your time, and take the Alvah back to their time to have the power to destroy the Andromeda Council. They attempted a time attack in 2701, but the Wingmakers fought them back, tossed them into another time and kept the Alvah within the Sanctum of Abaddon.”

“Why are they so hell-bent on destruction?” I asked.

Al shrugged. “They were born that way.”

I resisted the urge to hum that Lady GaGa tune, whose gold statute I had seen in 2749, for the Wingmakers held her in high esteem, after she was tossed forward in time in 2015 when she went exploring around Montauk point, and wound up in 2690 and continued making music. (When she vanished, the Cabal used a clone, so do not trust a post-2015 Lady GaGa.)


“This is quite a concept to wrap my mind around,” I said.

Al laughed. “You can say that. But think of this: in 2011 I died, but I also exist here in 2739, and can go back, as I have done, and bring you here; I can go back and change events, even save myself. That is what the Laher are up to: the save themselves from becoming the Alvah, they either desire to combine with it or destroy it.”

“What if someone were to simply t go back to, say, September, 1943, warn you and Duncan Cameron about what would happen, and stopping you from becoming lost in time?”

Again, Al shrugged. “You think it hasn’t been done? That Duncan and Ed Cameron have not been murdered, that Tesla was murdered, von Neumann killed, the Montauk station destroyed? Stewart Swerdlow and Preston Nichols experimented with such, sending child after child on these suicide missions in time, but the result was creating different timelines, some which are so horrid I dare not speak of them.”

All I could say was, “This is fucked up, man.”

“Yes, laddie,” Al said, “it is, it is.”