Where Are the Two Murdered Witnesses’ Bodies in the Streets of Jerusalem?

by Former White Hat

There is a rumor on the net that Ronald Weinland and his wife committed suicide to make it seem like the fulfillment of the fate of the Two Witnesses. I have no idea if this rumor is true; his last blog post was May 23, about 3.5 days before the 27.

Talking Points:

1. According to his own book, God’s Final Witness, they, the two witnesses of The Revelations of St. J0hn, he and his wife must be murdered at the end of the 1,260 days of Tribulation by Satan, their dead bodies left on the streets of Jerusalem for the 3.5 days, whereupon they will be resurrected to life and Jesus and the 144,000 will show up. That means they should have been killed two days ago…and evenif they are dead, why are they not, as Weinland claims, having their dead bodes seen on TV in Israel? And if they committed suicide to fulfill this prophecy, would that not make them satan, or controlled by Satan hands? I would like to see the wiggle way out of this discrepency…oh, sure, it was all some sort of metaphor, right? Their “murder” is the ridicule they are facing? Weinland writes that the “sackcloth” the witnesses wear is a a metaphor for “humility.” The two have not appeared to be humiliated then or now, especially this “warning” that anyone who mocks him will die.

2. Seven plagues are supposed to spread across the earth during the 3.5 years of Tribulation…hasn’t happened.

3. The last seal is supposed to bring about the destruction of 1/3 of the USA…well, the first seal has not even been opened yet, and the deadline is in 43 hours until 12:01 May 28 as I compose this from Panama.

4. Weinland says China and Russia will attack Europe. These two nations could not mobilize such an invasion force in 24 hours, sorry — however, the Dracos can! But Weinland does not say the military force are lizards….in this vid, he does talk of aliens, but this vid also shows that when the truth is obvious that mankind has been on earth much longer than 6,000 years, and that humanity was created by ancient aliens and not a “God” as they believe, they will not be able to comprehend it, and will wage war or commit mass suicide…their paradigms will shatter like glass goblins!

5. If you know how currency exchange and a nation’s value and debt is measured, the dollar is not going to collapse over the weekend, or today, a holiday weekend where people are spending like crazy and foolishly forking out $5 a gallon; a currency will collpase during a stock market and currency trading crises, yet this week the dollar has gained strength. In Weinland’s scenario, the dollar has to crash today, 1/3 of the U.S. popultion has to die today, China and Russia have to strike all of Europe with nukes and troops today (and it is well underway the 27th on that side of the globe)…well?

6. The notion of fundamentalists who have no idea they are actually worshipping Satan that the earth is on 6,000 years or that humans have only been on earth for 6,000 years, contrary to logic and historical evidence, is quite the joke, eh, laddies.

The point I am making is that, yes, these things had been planned by the Cabal in cahoots with the dark entities who would masquerade as JC…but it has been stopped. JC was not stopped; the false messiah, false flags, and  a bogus Apocalypse were stopped — these things we had seen occur in a number of timelines when we were unable to come back and fix it due to what the Wingmakers did. And this was why we had to return on May 19, 2012, before the alignment.

So, come the 28th, if Weinland and wife are still alive, do you think this fellow will step up to plate and admit he was wrong, that he was deceived by Sam’el/St Germain, that he is a false prophet? Don’t count on it. If he does not disappear with his church’s money, that a Grand Jury has already inducted him on stealing, he will come up with another excuse, like he did last year when Jesus did not show up; we have seen it time and again…at least Camping had publicly admitted he was full of shit…Weinland is obviously too full or hubris with the heart of a criminal to ask forgiveness of how he has led people astray from any kernel of truth…so what will be his excuse? The wrong calendar calculations like the Jehovah’s Witnesses claimed? That Jesus postponed it until June, July, November, 2013?

And the 2 or 3 people who have been posting about May 27, we will not see them here on May 28 admitting they were deceved and Weinland was wrong…they will either not show up or will support Weinland’s excuses. I do not have the time to read many paranormal blogs and forums out there, but after a quick look, I see a number of Weinland sheep out there posting…they do not believe in the paranormal stuff, they are members of Weinland’s congregation who were instructed to widely post Weinland’s falsehoods all over the net. Eh, laddies? It is like the born-agains hanging out with hookers in the redlight district in hopes of “saving” a few wayward whores.

Here is one certainty for Weinland: Federal prison for tax evasion and fraud; incarceration of justice as is the case with his masters, Sam’el/St. Germain/Sananda/Ashtar.

In 5D earth, there will be no false prophets and con men preying on the fears and confusion of the masses…there will be no need to look to these kind of people for salvation because salvation will be within, the Christ Consciousness will be within all, connected to all, and there will be no use for organized religion and no jobs for egomaniacal pastors, preachers, reverend, rabbis and Imans; there will be no fear for these shapeshifters to feed on; there will be no “end times” to create worry because there will be no time that has an “end.”

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