by Former White Hat

It is possible one of my sources has been compromised and giving me false info. Kerry Cassidy has posted on her blog; however, I reserve the suspicion that she was cloned, regarding certain statements made.

No doubt the government wants to keep Brockbrader on the run (mentally) and in a state of fear.  This suits their purpose

This is what the Cabal wants you to think, and they want to make whistleblowers afraid to speak out…

I urge all whistleblowers to fear not, stand up and say what you need to say.

The whole Brockbrader situation is a psyops and fabricated. He never raped an underage girl; she does not even exist, and it is absurd that anyone would still stand charges from something that happened in 1998, or that new legislation would be retroactive that far.

Let’s use better logic: if the Brock was really arrested stemming from statutory rape (which he says he was cleared of in state court, but convicted in military court), the warrant would have been from admiralty law/maritime/military…and the most likely reason could be that he failed to register as a sex offender in Idaho, or that he was not allowed to travel to Canada without notifying proper authorities. He is allegedly is an Idaho county jail — why would he be held in county, why is he not in Federal custody from a Federal warrant issued May 14?

He is at Langley,

The whole situation does not sound right.

First: Eva says he turned himself in; then he notes that Federal Marshalls came to his house to take him in the day after the warrant was issued. He could have refused to answer his door, he has that right; whether the Marshalls would have knocked his door down or not is another issue — does that mean he “turned” himself in, as opposed to going to the nearest police station  or the Federal Marshall office at the federal court in Idaho? Or does it sound better that he did not consider running across the border to Eva’s house? (Where they know he is and would have had the Royal Mounties go get him.)

If you think about it all, much does not make sense. Why? Because it is all b.s.: I stand by that the Cabal pulled him in for re-programming or cloning. The whole “Obama is a secret white hat” story proved that he was being controlled by another party.

I will attempt to find out whether Kerry has been cloned or not, because I do believe the source of this news has been compromised; whether she was actually in Mammoth or if that is a screen memory that was placed in.

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