All the Stupid Sheeple or Rise of the MKUltra Groupies or Khristine the Clandestine Hermaphrodite

by Former White Hat

A number of people are weighing in their two pennies on the Cassidy-Maugans-FWH-Bobby Joe-Project Camelot-Drake-Brockbrader issue, such as a delusional young man/transsexual named Khris (or Khristine, intentionally named by his father when he knew his son was not exactly a man but a hermaphrodite), blogging as Clandestine Rage Revealed, typing up illogical non-sense of a tranny in need of psychiatric care.

This is what I mean about people like Bobby Joe doing more harm than any good when he attracts these “MK Ultra Groupies” to him likes flies to cow paddies; these mentally ill folk who believe they have been through the things people like Bobby Joe and Sarah Stanga lie about.

The file I have on Khristine Clandestine is a very troubled gender-confused childhood for having both a penis and a vagina, and his/her father’s hatred and fear, alcoholism and drugs in the house, sexual and mental torture…Khristine saw the Project Camelot videos a few years ago and projected his/her life onto Bobby Joe, so desperately wanting to deny his/her true past, and creating a better explanation for his hell of his/her past, convincing herself that she was put in Project Monarch and was forced to have alters and sent out on military missions with synthetic bodies that were neither male or female.

Instead of getting true help, people on her blog encourage this fantasy, and Khristine has become a paranoid delusional succumbing to beliefs that she is a TI, is psychically attacked (encouraged by Sarah’s lies) and so on…what Khristine needs is to get off the internet where delusional  nutcases encourage her fictional history, and seek real psychological care.

Kristinte is a very violent person, and is triggered easily and lashes out, and has already had legal problems for physical violence on strangers and family alike.

Khristine is a danger to herself and the people around her; her desire for an alternative life from her true reality is the collateral damage of real MK Ultra super soldiers coming forward. Is this what the Cabal wants? Of course — it helps with the confusion, and when thus “community” is filled with the mentally ill, it makes true victims of ritual abuse and black ops mind control also look like nutcases.

Khristine: you were never in the programs, you are not a milab, you are not a super solider; you are mentally compromised and confused about your unfortunate childhood. I urge to you get proper psychiatric care and not look to a group of liars and nutcases for salvation, but look into yourself and realize what truly happened, that Satanic Santa Clauses did not molest you and hurt you, it was all within your dysfunctional family unit. You created a disassociative reaction and a fictional rationale for what is simply a very ugly truth.

I am sorry you went through all that, Khristine, and you need to get away from the bughouse bobbys and bettys who encourage you to believe these falsehoods.

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