The Battle Below Northern Italy and What’s Up at The Hague

by Former White Hat

The intricate network of 12 bases and the European high-speed rail system in Northern Italy is under way and quite horrendous on both sides. Look for it to spread into Austria, France, Germany and Greece…and in southern Latin America, look for action in Chile soon.

The situation on the island of Tonga, part of  the Republic of New Lemuria, was neither quake nor explosion, but Sean-David Morton (an ambassador of New Lemuria) jumping up and down trying to eat Artcurians flying over.

I am in Belgium, land of ancient Gaul, before the Roman Empire invaded and enslaved the Celtic-Germanic Gauls. There was a Mantis base there then, and still operates now. There are Mantoid shapeshifters in the Belgium government, but there are also good guys.

In The Hauge, they are considering bringing in Bill Brockbrader to answer for black ops war crimes in Iraq; they are also considering the war crimes files of Bobby Joe Fanin, Dave Corso, White Wolf, Andrew Pero, Steve Erics, and Larry Freemont, each who have, when activated, slaughtered many civilians including women and children. I am sure the World Court will take into consideration they were mind-controlled; what they want to know is: these men are aware of what they did in , alters or not, so why have they not come forward to turn themselves in for all the lives they took in the past?

This is something all these guys and gals need to be asked: you remember all those you assassinated and murdered, you know where the bodies are buried, how come you don’t do the honorable thing and turn yourself in to the War Crimes Tribunal and ask for immunity in exchange for exposing the Cabal black ops?

Unless, of course, your stories are b.s.

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