The Hypocrite Known as Deatra Loomer

by Former White Hat

                                                          public domain photo

Deatra Marie Loomer came out of the woodworks after being exposed.

Now she is threatening to have federal charges filed against me for exposing her “privacy” and publishing her photos on my blog. Federal charges for what? Is this in the sphere of the federal terrorist charges you and Drake threatened Kerry Cassidy with over a post she did not write and was not even on Project Camelot’s forum?

Next, Deatra will say “friends” of hers in the Pentagon will shut my blog down.

Since the beginning, there have been many threats to quiet me, from car bombs to time assassins, to Bobby Joe claiming there would be grand juries and indictments and mass news coverage that “you won’t be able to hide behind the 2nd Amendment for” (this is on his blog,  believe it or not). For a month, one guy kept writing, “In two days, your blog will be shut down.” He has stopped writing that.

It is amazing how these people come up with a fantasy that they are so important that the feds, whether Cabal controlled or honest officials, will find time they need to go after bank robbers, murderers, pedophiles and real terrorists to bother with complaints about people whose feelings are bruised or are embarrassed at being publicly exposed.

“Public” is the key word here, Deatra. Your arrest is in the public record, it was in a newspaper, and your police mug shot is public record. You placed those photos on in public for anyone to see, and for fair use, and nowhere is a copyright claim on them (I have screen shot those web pages in case you decide to change it). I am REPORTING on public information about someone who has made herself a public figure…in which case, my posts are protected under all journalism shields, fair use, and protected under the First Amendment.

You know the First Amendment, right, Deatra? It is that document you and your co-horts claim to hold in such high regard, along with freedom…uless of course the freedom of speech and press and ideas does not suit well with your ideology and then of course you are just fine with censorship.

You are a hypocrite, Deatra Loomer, on three accounts:

1. You claim to be a sovereign citizen. Sovereigns turn their backs on everything that has to do with non-common law, the current admiralty law, and everything the federal government stands for, such as the IRS, the FBI, the DOJ, etc. Yet, you sure seem to have no problem wanting to go to the same feds to whine. (Yes, let’s see these federal expressions when a charged felon comes to them saying, “I have been publicly embarrassed and I want you to arrest them!”…)

2. You and your militia friends claim to be anti-current federal government and want to see that structure fall down, but still you will go to it as a means of threatening to quiet someone from exposing the truth.

3. You and your co-horts claim to want to institute common law. In common law, charges are only filed if there is bodily harm or property damage, getting rid of “emotional distress” and “slander/libel” that hordes the court dockets…and yet, what does your threat have to do with common law?

I will do  you one better, Deatra…I am sure these feds would love to hear about your asking people online for donations to cover your legal bills and bail bond, under the ruse of donating to your website and cause. Is FeeedomReigns tax exempt? I am sure the IRS would love to know about all the donations you have been collecting from the public and whether or not you have reported this money and paid taxes on them? But if you are 501-3(c), then asking for donations for your personal problems will get you into more a lot more hot water.

Two things, Deatra: federal wire fraud and tax evasion.

So be careful on what and who you threaten, lassie…and that goes for you too, William Silva: you talk like a tough guy, but what are you, really?

Sorry folks, for vibrating this low, but hypocrites and con artists like this (Maugans, Fanin and company included) are my pet peeves, especially when they use threats to keep people from exposing the truth about them.

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