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Month: June, 2012

David Wilcock Opines on Lady Drake’s Green Light

Wilcock seems to be backing off from his support of Drake, says his sources and intel do not jibe, and if nothing happens, Drake should issue an apology and not keeping the farce up…but that is unlikely, the Drake Clone is programmed to keep saying, “Soon, soon, next week.”  Also, at the end, Drake saying all the lights were on in D.C. because the politicos are “scared shitless…” well, the lights are usually always on in D.C., there is big political uproar and celebrating from the Supreme Court’s ruling on ObamaCare, and war is about to break out in Syria/Iran, there was a mass UFO flyover in the US, the Annunaki are taking off with hidden gold, and the euro is crashing — if the politicians are sleepless and pacing, it is not because of Drake’s green light.


So Sayeth the Wontdick:


Soon after I got back, while I was still sleeping 12-hour nights and recovering from powerful fatigue, I got private emails saying Drake had been told that the mass arrests of Cabal members would occur some time before Independence Day, July 4th.

I called Drake as soon as I was functional, after seeing these reports. I wanted to find out exactly what was going on, directly from him, rather than listening to any radio show — as it certainly had all the hallmarks of a great story.

What he told me was that three different insider sources — each of which have senior military clearance — independently told him that they are about to begin mass arrests of senior Cabal conspirators within days.

The other significant data point was that apparently Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh were given similar information, and told to keep quiet until it starts actually happening.


I must say that I did NOT hear similar information from any of my own insiders. Further follow-ups and checking have not changed this.

I cannot change the fact that my intel does not line up with Drake’s at this point.

I do know there are moves being planned that are very significant and exciting. I am involved with some of them, to a degree. Significant legal documents have already been posted exclusively on this website.

However, these new moves are not going to occur within such a short window of time — based on what I have heard.

The most recent “good intel” that I heard was that it was being done gradually, in stages — and the idea of doing it all at once had essentially been voted out.

We do seem to be in a narrow window — but I highly doubt any arrests will happen until we see some real economic bloodletting first. That is the “window event” that must precede action, in order to garner the greatest public support.

People have to realize there is a problem — a very powerful, overwhelming, outrageous problem — before they will see that “business as usual” only benefits the people who are running the show.

Therefore, I did not rush to make a public statement, because I cannot independently confirm these reports from the insiders I know and trust. I would be happy if it happens, but not surprised if it doesn’t.



So let’s assume that nothing happens between now and the end of July 4th. If this is the case, Drake will have to issue an embarrassing retraction and public apology.

If it does actually happen, I will be the first to celebrate — and will be very glad that I was wrong, and this time it actually was not another upset. I certainly do not mind publishing these statements in advance if it really happens.

Let’s bear in mind that guys like Drake and me have NO control over this situation. We do not have any direct involvement in what is being done, how it is being done or when it is being done.

Simply put, we hear information, we pass it along if we feel it is appropriate, and if the information proves not to be true, the people who told us this information remain safely anonymous — whereas we are publicly castigated in the process.

I asked Drake if it were possible that he had been lied to, deceived, or otherwise used as a pawn by being told something like this.

He did not rule it out as a possibility. He also said he did not want to dwell on it, because focusing on it as a potential reality could make it more likely to turn out that way.


Providing that nothing happens in the next four days, there are a couple of reasons for why this could have been done.

First of all, Drake did not go into detail with me about who these sources are. I do believe he is telling me the truth about what they said, and I do believe he is telling the truth about the trust they have built up with him.

However, it is also possible that things are not as they seem.

Drake doesn’t want to go down these roads, but I am willing to, because we have been totally “set up” here for a major upset — and I don’t want to see that happen.

Drake was given this information in the morning and told he could not go public with it until his radio show that evening.

That gave him several hours to build up an enormous amount of enthusiasm and excitement before airtime.

If someone were seeking to psychologically manipulate him for maximum effect, this would be a great way to do it.


Let’s start with the premise that the people Drake spoke to are real people, not conspirators, who have earned his trust and generally want to do the right thing.

It is possible that these insiders who spoke to Drake have been threatened with death if they did not share this blatantly untrue information with him.

All it would take is getting in touch with three different people who are in Drake’s normal circle of contacts — and threatening them.

The purpose could then be to utterly destroy the credibility of the whole “mass arrests” concept.

In one sudden move — with a very rapid expiration date — you crush everyone who has been tracking and supporting this story, and demolish all their hard work.


By releasing this dramatic, exciting story, you also destroy the “me too” channelers whose intuitive “sources”, flying about in silvery round airliners in the clouds, immediately “verify” the information is correct.

Most channeling is 10-15 percent accurate intuitive information. This gives it enough of an edge, with provably weird and wonderful stuff, that there is a great story there.

The remaining 85-90 percent is influenced by the conscious mind’s wants, needs and desires — including any strong beliefs.


Having done readings myself since 1996, I know how extraordinarily difficult it is to follow good remote viewing protocols, and utterly avoid tracking or understanding any of the material as it comes in.

I revealed the full extent of the protocols I use to get results in the Access Your Higher Self video series. Normally it costs thousands of dollars to be trained in these protocols, but I held nothing back in this case.

The most important and most difficult protocol is to get into a meditative state so deep that you can convey words without having any awareness of what they actually mean. You just listen and convey, listen and convey, for a half-hour or more.

Admittedly, it is outrageously difficult to do this well. This is why the spectacular performance witnessed in the Edgar Cayce readings seems to have never been duplicated, except in a few rare instances such as the Law of One series.

The Cayce Readings set the bar very, very high — 14,000 documented cases where people got a complete medical diagnosis and treatment plan off of nothing more than a submission of their name and address.

If you follow the protocols and do it properly, you should be able to get fairly decent results within a year or two of dedicated work.


I do not attempt to do readings unless I am free of stress and deadlines, and therefore can reasonably assure a clean feed. This almost never happens. Therefore I almost never attempt to do readings anymore.

I use my dreams for the vast majority of my intuitive data now. This is because I either remember them or I don’t. If I remember them, I know I have “clean” data that was not damaged by my conscious mind.

Then, the question is how to interpret the data. This requires an understanding of the language of dreaming. I did also give a strong overview of what I have learned, after 20 years of doing this every day, in the Access Your Higher Self video series.

My dream data has continued to tell me, quite blatantly, that we are not far away from seeing some amazing stuff — involving the downfall of the Cabal, followed by Disclosure — in rapidly-accelerating increments.

Nonetheless, as Carla Rueckert, the instrument for the Law of One series, so often said: “It is very, very easy to do channeling. It is very, very difficult to do channeling well.”

A cursory Google search reveals the “me too” effect has already started happening in the channeling community — and everyone who hops on the bandwagon will sustain heavy damage.



If Drake was deceived, this type of a move also weakens the actual people who are working to make these arrests a reality — not just those like Drake who are publicly reporting on it.

By taking down the original messenger and all those who side with him and believe he “must” be right, the movement is destroyed — and very few people even believe it anymore.

This is also when the sarcastic, witty, tongue-in-cheek attacks go out in the mainstream media and among the “paid bloggers” who are hired to look like real, financially needy, independent investigators and journalists online.

Once the day comes and goes, the bought-and-sold writers jump right in and have great fun with this. They get their readers to scoff and laugh at the “lunatics” and “tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists” who actually believed such nonsense.

Underneath the laughter is a sinister message — continually reinforced by a mind-control technique called “psychic driving.” It is important that this remain subconscious, so as to not be too blatant:

“Of course, ha ha ha, our overlords are all-powerful, can never be defeated, will never be defeated, and really want what’s best for us, minus a few billion people — so let’s all laugh at the idiots who risked their little lives to try to put an end to it.”

Meanwhile, the “truth” guys step up with the Voice of Reason, and continue to reinforce how we are expected to believe only in perpetual fear and darkness.

A solution must exist, somewhere, somehow — but it’s so impossible and far away that we can’t even really articulate any possible way it could ever actually happen. The best we can do is stay perpetually angry and terrified.


UFO investigator Dr. Steven Greer and I have had long conversations about the many thousands of “DDT” campaigns that have been waged against those who seek to uncover the truth.

“DDT” stands for “Decoy, Distract and Trash.” The idea is that they put out information that is similar to the truth, but is not the truth. This information is a “decoy” that will “distract” people from the real information.

Then, the “trash” part is that the decoy information is attacked.

Generally the information will include obvious holes that the original investigator did not take time to uncover, in his or her breathless enthusiasm to go public.

Then, if the real information ever comes out, people will not notice the difference, and think it must all now be fake.

In a case like this, if people no longer believe a Mass Arrests scenario is real, they may fail to act when it actually starts happening — thereby giving the enemy a greater advantage.


Secondly, even if the people who told this to Drake are indeed the “good guys,” they may have done this to improve their tactical readiness for such an event.

Simply put, we may now be witnessing the implementation of an end-stage plan that was worked into the design all along.

From the beginning, Drake said he would be given a very short notice as to when the arrests would actually happen.

By setting it up like this, the planners get to see what events actually take place when the Cabal conspirators believe their time has come.

What do they do? Who do they call? Where do they run? What’s their ultimate contingency plan?

As military strategists, the guys planning the mass arrests have no problem with casualties — including the credibility of the people they asked to deliver the message.

In terms of the greater good that is served, you “shake the bush and watch all the snakes come out,” as Drake has said before.

Whether this is true or not, Drake told me that his insiders said that “every light in the Washington DC offices was on all night” after the alert was issued — and that they are now “scared shitless and don’t know what to do.”

George Kavassilas: Shapeshiftig Reptilian Deceiver

George Kavassilas is not a human, he is a shapeshifting lizard boy, and has been seen shifting live.

He was, however, once human and true. But he was taken and replaced much in the same way as Bill Ryan, who were both replaced while in Australia around the same time. They are not the only ones to have been replaced by shapeshifters, rather than clones, Down Under in Oz, because of a large shapeshifter base in Mt Ziel and fortified by Cabal US/UK military.

He said he and others would ascend March this year. It did not happen. So of course he moved the date March 2013, saying,”Well if it does not happen, it’s what I feel.”  Ascension for those ready will happen earlier than that, but Lizard Boy George will not be one of them. He will continue to deceive people after March, 2013, where we will probably still keep hearing Drake saying, “The mass arrests are about to happen, just wait for the fireworks…”

Are the real Bill and George still alive? They may be and if they are, they are being tortured, used as sex slaves for perverted reptoids, and their souls being drained under Mt, Ziel.

Drone Hacking

With the help of Sigrun of the Thule/Vril, the Brethren of the White Robe has been able to hack into and take control of a number of the drones being used in Syria and the U.S.

Dedicated to the O-Clone

Bill Brockbrader: CLONED!

Was Bill Brockbrader really in jail, or was he at Langley being reprogrammed? He is back in the public sphere, or what seems to be him…

Where he really was: Dulce, New Mexico, where 12 clones of him were made. The first clone has returned to Boise, three clones are in Syria, and two clones are in Turkey. We don’t know where the other six are, perhaps on ice unt needed.

But needed for what?




Drake Moves the Deadline Another Week

Nothing happened the past two days as Drake said it would “if the military is for real about this.”  When the Plejarans don’t do the arrests instead, will he say the ETs also backed down on their word?

Of course, this unsigned posting reveals it will happen in July, perhaps by the 4th. Let’s see what Drake says on his radio update today…most likely he will move the date up another week or two, and then August, and then an October Surprise, and…

UPDATE: Yes, Drake moved the date again, before 4th of July. He said he would not give an exact date “but sometime this week…could be tonight, tomorrow, but it will be this week.”  He says a great 4th July of freedom, and refers to the movie Independence Day. What? As in alien invasion?

Before, he said he was chosen as spokesperson because of his connecton to high ranking officals in the Pentagon, even though he left the military as an E4 Corporal.Now he says, “I don’t know why these chose me but they did.”

He also says he, Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones were chosen to deliver the truth during the arrests….so, he raises himself as high as Jones and Limbaugh…when both these talk show hosts are paid Cabal shills.

He has kept his followes excited…so when nothing happens by July 4, he will of course say, “It’s happening soon…next week…”

He said he was given date but asked not to give it, that the green light has been given, nd he would post these details on his website after the show. He has posted nothing.

Of Thule, Vril, and Aryan People from the Past

I have returned from Germany and Austria…as I noted I was in Europe, first having dinner in Paris with an old friend from my intel days, who said important people from the past had arrived here in 2012.  From there we went to Berlin and met with a striking young woman with very long brown hair…her name was “Sigrun” in the 1930s-40s and she is 170 years old, but looks no older than 25. She is not an alien, she has kept her body in a perfect, unaging state using Vril energy. Yes, she is of the Thule and later Vril Societies from Nazi Germany fame…

She told me about the ten thousand Aryan Ukraine women who had been taken in 1944 to the Antarctica as wives/breeders for 2500 selected Aryan men, to create a pure master race that would always stay young and powerful via Vril energy, what would later become the 4th Reich. Something went wrong, they were infiltrated by the Bafath and Dracos…

She said 2,000 of these women and their children left in 100 Vril ships to go to Aldebaran but they were stopped by the Wingmakers and Laher People from the future, many of them killed or captured. 349 women and 200 children were flung into 2012 and landed in Austria.

They had wound up in 1998 for a while, but left for 2012.

We were met outside Berlin by another member of the group, Heike, also striking and young-looking but was born in 1865, and then taken to the Black Forest, and joined by Semjase, Nellet, Olein, Asket and others, who transported the Vril women and children to the Andromeda bio sphere. They are being hunted. They are pure blood Aryans with 5D bodies like Plejarans and would be choice prisoners for the Cabal. The women and children are as humanity once was and always meant to be: perfect healthy, beautiful, with bodies meant to last 600-800 years and never looking older than 40.

Sigrun knows some weaknesses of the Bafath and Lager that could be of use…she also says a fleet of 10,000 Aldebaran ships are on their way to come to earth January 2013…what their intentions, friend or foe, is unknown.

In Honor of Soldiers Like Drake Bailey, Pentagon Observes Gay Pride

How can they be engaging in mass arrests when they are too busy prancing around in pink panties?

Drake Bailey said, “When our bi-sexual President steps out into the Rose Garden in a rainbow dress and high heels, we will know he is truly one of us.”

Canary Island, Tsunamis, Flares, Glares and…

Did You Look Up?

Tonight in the Western Hemisphere, 2,000 ships were dispatched to fly over all states and providences of the US, Canada, and Mexico between 10 pm – 1 am in all time zones, splitting up into groups of 3 and 5. If you were outside and looking up, you perhaps saw something unexplainable. This was a message to you watching that we are here and you are not alone.

I would have given a heads up but I learned of this after the fact; I was in Paris having dinner with an old friend.

Tonight the same will be done over all nations and their states and provinces in Europe and Australia and New Zealand from 10 pm – midnight in their respective time zones.

July 28, same time, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, South Africa and Morrocco.

July 30, same time, China, Japan, Russia, Korea, Iran and Syria.

Another mass sighting run will occur in the US, Canada and Mexico on the night of July 9, between 11 pm – 1 am all time zones.

Today’s Fulford Clone/Rothschild Controlled Message

After several years of giving deadlines for things to happen, and nothing ever happening, the 17th Clone of Benjamin Fulford writes on his blog today:

There are no deadlines being given because you cannot give a deadline to a dying monster, you just have to wait for nature to take its course.

He further writes:

There is a lot of talk of arrests this week, notably from “Drake,” however, our direct sources cannot confirm this. As David Icke pointed out, this writer has in the past quoted sources claiming deadlines that came and went with nothing happening. That is why we no longer quote specific deadlines.

Like Drake has been doing: the source gave the wrong deadlne, not the messenger.

What does this mean? It means that they can continue on saying such-and-such will happen indefinietly — nest year, 2014, 2020…

Expect to hear the same from Drake later this week: “I don’t when it will happen but it will soon…”

The Fulford Clone also goes on about how the Catholic Church is really run by Satanists and

if you think about it, the Catholic Church [...] murdered Jesus Christ. They then publicly displayed, in effigy, his tortured and murdered body as a warning to other slaves. The last thing the Catholic Church wants is for the Messiah to return because the first thing Christ would do if he returned would be to denounce and then forgive his murderers.

Whoever is writing these blogs, that Rothschild diecting the clone, needs to brush up on Biblical history. The Nazis used the excuse to go after Jewish people because they claimed the Jews were the ones who killed Emmanulle, not Rome. However, it is true that the Chuch, and many of the major Christian factions, do not want Jesus to actually return because he would renounce organized religions as false and point out all the lies propoganized about his life and message.

A Few Words from Your Friendly Neighborhood Former White Hat Operative

Gentle peoples,

I appreciate your confidence and support, but some of you have been asking in the comments (which I delete) or via email personal requests from either me or the Plejarans/Andromedans/Arcturians that are not in my, and their, necessity to do: we cannot, and will not, turn your electricity back on, pay your bills or put money in your bank account, get your spouse to return, keep the demons away, pick you up just because you want to ride in a UFO, save you from the country you are in and take you to a new home,  take you to the 5th Density or teach you “how” to ascend, and, to quote Drake, “that sort of thing.”

They are here to assist mankind as a whole, not fix individual problems in your life — these struggles are challenges you must face yourself, and figure out the best solution.

This is exactly the sort of thing that out ET family is concerned about: that many people would worship them as gods, or a direct line to Source, and petition the selfish and impossible. Like prayer to Source, there is a big gap between what you want and what you need. Many stories have been written regarding the folly of choosing lust over love.

We need only look at our past to see how the ET presence affected cultures: building the a Tower to reach heaven, building monuments as gifts for the “gods” to return or engaging in human sacrifice because they think that will  appease the gods to return or grant prayers. While a good many of people in the Western world are prepared to, or can handle, the revealing of the ET presence and the truth about the galactic community, the number who are not, in other countries, outweighs those who are: the shattering of paradigms and the threat to their faith and view of the Universe (that mankind is superior and “God” favors the earth) will result in riots, violence, suicide and war. However, the time has come that revelation is unavoidable and must be handled delicately and responsibly.

You are not alone and you never were. Some things you must do for yourself; you will receive guidance but it won’t be just handed to you.


Open Letter to Lady Drake & Lady Dragon/COBRA

Today, Drake in his update says, “We will know by the end of Monday or Tuesday if the military is for real about this or not. If they are, they should give me a green light.”

Got that rainbow sword in hand, eh, Lady Drake?

Yo, Drake-y,

I am giving you the same warning as I did to Sarah Stanga, Bobby Joe Fanin and Lady Dragon: Enough with the lies, the deception, the false hope and the games. If you do not discontinue the bullshit that is harming innocent people and causing confusion, you will be required to pack your bags and forced to a new home.

You are calling for war and violence on the home front; you are frightening We the People with false information. This must stop.

In your voice, I can tell you are still mentally trapped in Vietnam, these memories were transferred from original to the clone you are, and all the Drake clones suffered the same. I am very sorry you were sent to kill people by the Cabal over a false conflict in a bogus “Cold War” and young men were used for control of the drug trade, that it was all for “their” profit and control, for the CIA to fund their black projects. Many died who should not have died and many suffer mentally still, as you do: your suffering has caused you to live in a fictional world where you are the savior of humanity, as you claimed with your Rainbow Sword, are an insider in the Pentagon, and messenger to the free world. I know you see an ugly world and feel powerless to do anything to stop the bad guys, so you have concocted a role-playing game. Your stating that you are waiting for a helicopter of Pentagon generals to land on your property to have an elite meeting with you to plan the mass arrests is a Green Light indication of your delusions of grandeur and messiah complex.

Leave the cleaning up of the planet to the professionals, and stop telling lies about the Plejarans — they will not “scoop up” people from cities and fling Cabalists into the sun. If you knew anything about what “benevolent ETs” means, you would know they do not resort to violence outside self-protection.


Lady Dragon,

Enough with Operation Stardust nanites that “can immobilize or kill a Cabal person.” You never explained how these nanites discern between a Cabal person and a regular person. And if this were true — the Plejarns do not use this sort of thing and it is not “of the cosmic law thingy” as you and Cobra claim. If anything, the nanites being spread in the air is to harm and control We the People, to dumb down and thwart the many who are awaking up, whose energies and powers are coming to fruition: the very thing the Cabal fears and does not want.

You say, “Don’t shoot at the aliens, please.” As if they could be harmed by shotgun pellets. If “all the bad aliens are gone” as you and Cobra contend, then why are they still everywhere? Why is Queen Elizabeth still on her throne? Why are the shapesifters still in seats of power in the world governments?  Why are their bases at Dulce, NM, South Africa, China, Russia, Venezuela, Canada, England, and Austria heavily fortified and active? Why is their high priestess Sarah Stanga still on earth?  You say, “If you see a UFO, they are here to help you,” is exactly what the Cabal wants people to think, to trust the reptilians and greys. Ever see that Twilight Zone based on the Damon Knight story, “To Serve Man”? Or the show V? 

The “bad aliens” are being dealt with but they are hardly gone and still have mankind enslaved…they are losing their grip and are uselessly trying to tighten the rope. They cannot stop Ascension. The 3D world they and the human Cabal will inherit will not have the amount of people they need to remain as monarchs and lords, and that really bothers them, they do not want to let go of their slave race, life would not be any fun for them without people to play war games, to impoverish, to make hungry and scared.

Go back to stealing money from gamblers and playing your video games, Lady Dragon, instead of making the radio a video games to play your bullshit and ask money for COBRA.

A Message to COBRA/Portal2012

The MONGOOSE has landed.

Snake is on the menu.

Black Witch Sarah Stanga Gets the Water Company Treatment: Refusal to Enter the USA

I am the one that had Priory of Dracos priestess and black witch Sarah Stanga detained and denied entry into the USA and from spreading her lies at Bobby Joe’s bogus seminar of clone deceptions.  She had been warned not to try to come to the US but she tried anyway.

Her passport was flagged. She was given the Water Company treatment. She was not, however as she claims, psychically scanned and invaded, and there were no Satanists behind it. It was all the Brethern of the White Robe. She was given an extra nudge in Germany by the Knights of the Silver Sword.

Your kind does not belong in the US, Gupta Stanga. Keep your Dracos-loving ways in jolly ol’ England. We will not allow you to deceive more people here on free soil, and your reign of deception and black magic is soon to come to an end.

Try again and you may find yourself in a cell on the Andromeda Council bio-sphere to face charges against humanity.

Bobby Joe Fanin received his message in Sacramento., Drake will receive his in West Virginia and Lady Dragon hers in Canada. We will be shutting these people down as we begin to cleans the realm of these agents of Dracos.


Consider the Evil of the Rothschilds Banking Cabal

Drake Kent Bailey: DragOn or DragQueen?

This photo surfaced from Charleston, South Carolina, where our very own pre-clone Drake Bailey (the “White DragO”), spokesperson for the mass arrests, nemesis of the evil cabal, wielder of the Rainbow Sword, Merlin Incarnate, once lived and expressed himself as a cross-dresser, well-known among many drag queen cabarets and bars in the city, with a musical mobologue called, “Give Me No New World Order Thingsmabobs But Give Me Young Hung Soldiers for My Militia.”

The provider of the photo, a retired colonel from the Pentagon who asked not be named, told me, “Oh, Honey Hat, Drakey-poo was  a card carrying member of the Loyal Order of the Royal DragQueen and the Southern Gay American Militia.”

The Rainbow Sword now makes more sense…is the Drake Clone also a cross-dressing man-i-hose wearing panty-boy? Seems so, with his recent appearance in San Francisco with Dave Corso.

Oh, the horror….

I hold several ‘positions of responsibilities’. The part dealing with light and dark as such seems to escape most understanding in that this is very ‘real’. To be blunt, only if ‘they’ can pass by me ‘they’ will gain access to all the rest of you…like it or not, I was given the all facing rainbow sword. It was inferred with responsibility to defend our existance against those who are the thieves of light. Drake K. Bailey

Drake Bailey and Dave Corso: Drag Queen Duet!

Drake Kent Bailey, Vietnam veteran, and Sgt. David Corso, Ret,, US Army, Active CIA, Vietnam vet, were both spotted in San Francisco Thursday night in a drag queen show in the Castro district. The two senior citizens were dressed up in full drag regalia, high heels and tu-tus, and sang Liza Minelli songs as a duo. After their set, they passionately kissed on stage and then left, hand-in-hand, promising everyone they would have hot cross-dressing man-on-man sex.

I am saying it too: What the hell?!  Didn’t Drake and Dave have a lover’s quarrel which lead to Drake leaving Wolf Spirit Radio?

Dave Corso was on his way to Sacramento, for Bobby Joe Fanin’s Luciferian ritual disguised as a survival course, but what was Drake doing on the West Coast? And San Francisco? Rumors are he was on a turkey hunt, or maybe he just wanted to find some hunky sailors in Alameda to recruit for his mass arrests…

What Goes Around Comes Around

This is a case of cause and effect karma.

But they have clones in waiting…

UPDATE: New intel — this was a clone that died. The original has gone off-world to another system. The rest of the Rothschild to follow.

Not if they are caught…

Message from Semjase About COBRA

I was asked to pass this on. If it resonates, then it does; if not, then not.

Gentle people of the earth.

The entity naming itself COBRA is not associated with the Plejaran fleet, the Andromeda Council, the Arcturian Initiative, or any non-human race other than those known as the Gizeh Intelligence, a negative faction of Lyran descent.

COBRA is a signifier for: Clandestine Operative Bafath Regional Agent. It is neither male nor female. It is a synthetic located in Montreal, Canada.

In the coming weeks and months, many such entities proposing to be of the light and against the Collective Cabal will attempt to lead you astray. They will attempt to make you believe the benevolent races, your brothers and sisters from the stars, are the true dark ones. They will attempt to trick you into following the Priory of Dracos, to enslave you, clone you, and devour your flesh and torture your soul. Look to your heart of hearts and ask: does this entity resonate with Source?

The entity known as Drake is not associated with the Pentagon or Plejarans.  We are not “impatient” for “mass arrests.” There was never any such plan after a similar plan was defeated by your political leaders and banking kings many years ago. Our plans for the removal of the Collective Cabal will be under way in a different manner which does not involve violence. We have offered re-location to a third density moon that can sustain human and Draco-Hydra life. Many have already accepted this alternative.

Look to the skies, gentle people. We are there. Open your eyes and hearts and you will know that you are not alone. You were never alone. We are family.

Drake and Friends Talk Turkey

First the Illuminati were thingamabobs, now Drake persistently refers to them as “turkies.”

It is June 21st, the deadline for the Cabal to, shaking in their boots and high heels and leather loafers, surrneder to Drake and Friends.

Joining Drake on his Wednesday show was a slew of other Resistance Fighters with comic-book names: Minuteman, Lady Dragon and Spectre the Minister.

Drake mentions that Lady Dragon was “listening to an interview with Cobra”…listening to herself? It is rather amusing how Lady Dragon boasts how famous she is pre-Google and in all countries, and slyly refers to my post with her Playboy Mansion photo (for those of you saying, “How do you know that is really Lady Dragon?”)  (And according to Drake, Lady Dragon alone will free Canada — all hail the Cannuck Savior, Lady Dragon!) Lady Dragon says Cobra says (or she says): “No human knows the exact deadline date, but things are happening.”  Wow! No deadline extends Drake’s story for at least another year, eh, laddies?

To start, Drake back peddles and claims he never said things would start happening after June 21st; it was Cobra who did…is there dissent going on between Drake and Lady Dragon’s alter? Yet, Drake was told by yet another connection to the Pentagon that “crazy things” will start happening in two weeks.

Two weeks…he keeps pushing things: 30 days, soon, two weeks, the 21st. How long can he keep this b.s. up and how long will the fooled continue to be fooled?

Maybe it was Drake’s letter to the Pentagon that opened the eyes of all those generals: “Gee, we better do what Drake says, gentlemen, because Drake’s E.T. buddies will kick our butts if we don’t.” After all, according to Lady Dragon, the letter twice landed on the O-Clone’s desk, and millions in every country read it and, like the Cabal, trembled in fear.

Drake contends there are aliens in disguise working in the Pentagon…well, that is one thing he has right, but they are not the Plejarans there at the Pentagon, they are shapeshifting and human-hybrid reptoids. Lady Dragon says that 20 million “good aliens” beamed in from Planet X to an undersea base and are awaiting when we need them, to help the 300 aliens deep in the government and 5 million other incarnated aliens.

Okay look: the only aliens in undersea bases are Dracos and greys. 25 million waiting to be called on? 25 million is the estimated number of cloned citizens of Project Strawman, to be activated for Operation 711. Lady Dragon/Cobra is a shill, backing up Tolec, which I have reported is a disinfo A.I. “We have all these aliens helping us so now it’s time we get up and go do something, you know,” she says.

If it is not obvious, this is the exact plan the Cabal has been working on: present their troops as the good ETs and paint the picture that makes the Andromeda Council and Plejarans as the bad guys.  And how are these human-looking aliens in the Pentagon if not Plejaran? Two answers: the Bafath/Gizeh Intelligence and shapeshifting reptilains.

Some memorable Drake quotes:

“Don’t give the turkey a loaded gun…that is not intelligent.”

“I will not, and never, challenge these entities.”

“Let’s arrest George W. Bush for his lies…and other such things.”

The Final Battle with the Alvah Consciousness from the Sanctum of Abbadon!

A wise group of Arcturians have incarnated into the body of a kitten now known as Sensoa Kahn, an event predicted three thousand years ago in petroglyphs of the Coahuila Indians. (Arcturians move in groups when operating physical 3D bodies.)  Sensoa Kahn will lead millions in the Confederation of Kittens Against the Alvah in the final battle to eradicate the Alvah Consciousness, including the Laher People since the Alvah is a product of the Laher and the Kurlians falling into a black hole far in the future and merging together as a single ethereal evil mind

, as I wrote earlier about.

Joining this final battle will be Pharaoh M’habi Marabetokun  coming from earth’s past in his giant vimana.

The announcement of Senoa Kahn is intentional on this Summer Solstice.

Will You Assassins Please Get It Right and Off Stew Webb?

The nutjob Stew Webb says Jamaican hit men or Somalian or something, hired by the FBI and DHS, tried to assassinate him (again) as heads out to Denver to Occupy the New World Order guys.  They tried to get him into a car crash or something a few months ago it was a guy who blocked his car and pointed a gun and Stew, like a stunt driver in The Fast and the Furious, used his car skills to get away.

He has claimed the bad guys have tried to get him with car crashes many times, and in one case, the Arab guy who crashed into him said something about how he was forced to do it or they would kill his family.

Like the nutjobs Clandestine Rage and the mentally healthy challenged who follow the b.s. of Bobby Joe Fanin clone that blame every little mental malfunction and hallucination on psychic by unknown Satanic CIA agent, Webb does not want to admit he is a crappy driver so every time he gets into a crash, it must be an assassination attempt.

The government just hires some bumblers for assassins, eh…maybe they should activate Dave Corso to kill him since Stew is so good at dodging the hit men.

Now, yes, “they” will sometimes do what seems like a botched job, or flash a gun, as a warning…once…not a dozen times.

If “they” wanted Stew dead, he would be dead: they would aim the nifty heart attack gun at him or he would get a visit from  cleaner who will do a good job to make it look like he hung himself.

If by any slim chance this is true, you assassins out there need to get your shit together and ice ol’ nutty Stew, so he won;t keep using your failed hits as publicity and attention and to get donations from the foolish.


Maybe Deatra Loomer is really Cobra.

Iceland Truths

Odin has finished clearing out all reptoids, greys, mantoids and Cabal humans from the underground bases in Iceland, so things can move forward for that country.  One of the main reasons that the people taking back their country from the Cabal’s debt and fiat money rule was mass intent of the people, the power of Odin’s DNA running through their blood, and Odin himself stepping in and evicting Cabal elements from his land of ice. As Odin said at the Mt. Ararat Summit, his only concern is for the people of his bloodline, his children.

Dear Cabal,

Tomorrow is the deadline the Fake Drake has given for all you naughty boys and girls to surrender. Are you shaking in fear? Will you all line up at Drake’s trailer and LAdy Dragon’s abode to turn yourselves in?

The Lies and Crimes of a Clone Called “O’Finioan”

A curious but untruthful interview with Bobby Joe Fanin and Black Arts Witch for the Cabal, Miranda Ax.

His lies: performing an exorcism at a house. Gee, Bobby Joe, in your blog you said you had your ass kicked by a demon from a satanic attack via an outside force,  and now you say you were exorcising a house of a dark entity?  Oh wait — you removed that post! Gotta not get caught in a lie, eh, laddie? What do you know of exorcism? Such things are done by Catholic priests who have years and years of training. Exorcism is very tricky because you could have that demon follow you and wreak revenge and havoc on your life or the demon may enter YOUR body.

You drink a lot at night, Bobby Joe, that much is evident in your slurred speech in other interviews, and one on Wolf Spirit you admit that you are drunk. Any true exorcist is admonished never to imbibe in inebriation, and they keep sober from alcohol and drugs…you know why? No? Because when you are drunk or high you become accessible to the demons and dark naughty hee-bee-jee-bees, and they can take control, and with you and your past crimes, the evil you have done either in alter or not, the people you murdered, you not only have the ghosts of the dead around you, but you are a brother of demons for it.  But you should know that; if you ever tried to perform an exorcism, you would wind up dead.

His lies: he has never admitted in any interview or online that “Duncan O’Finioan” is a fake name “for legal reasons.” He only has now because I outed his actual name, Bobby Joe Fanin…and his excuse is b.s.

His  crimes: leading people on a false path. And having murdered many…

The Sacramento County Sheriff has listened to your recent audio confession of murdering a 12-year-old boy with an arrow.  But have you paid for this alleged crime? Have you ever wondered about the family you deprived of that boy? If you were a real man, a real agent of the light, a real comic-book superhero you like to color yourself as, you would do the right thing and turn yourself in, for that boy and for all the innocents you killed…”the devil” or “the government made me do it” does not fly; nor does “my alter did it.” YOU did it, Bobby Joe, and you are a murderer and you must answer for your crimes of taking lives and leading people astray and toward your true masters, the ones who “made” Omega Unit 197, that nifty tricky Cabal.

But you are not a man with honor. You are a clone. You are the Beserker. You are  soulless, mindless killing machine, albeit an old rusty one, worth only one last mission for the Illuminati: the Pillage of the Beserker.

Show us that you are more than a clone, Bobby Joe. Turn yourself in for all those lives you claim you took. Their souls are like anchors on your arms and legs.


Nice Try…

…but your hacking skills are pretty simplistic and 2nd dimensional.You really think you can out-smart technolgy far more advanced than your fingers on that keyboard and the little bots you send out over a data line?

I have seen 2 year old Plejaran children with better skills.

A Note on Comprehension and Viewpoint from the Limitations of the Third Density

To those of you out there who keep saying, “That’s impossible” and “how can that be?” and “I don’t understand…” well, noL you do not.

You have been programmed since a child (and even in the womb) by society, TV, your schools and your parents (who were also programmed) to believe “this or that” is impossible, that there are limits; you find it incomprehensible that there are sentient, intelligent vegetable for fruit-based lifeforms smarter and more advanced, spiritually and technologically, than humans; you find it impossible that the myths you heard of are not myths but real; that there are alternate universes with alternate versions of all us, male and female and third and fourth sex; you find time travel and telepathy and UFOs and human-eating reptilians that shapeshift into world keaders not within your grasp of reality; your paradigm (fearful of being shattered) does not have room to include demi-gods, monster spiders, or giant walking rutabegas that want to eat Chicago (yes, we stopped one of those in 1982)…

Do not twist your mind trying to figure it out, or what and how reality is in the 6-20 densities, how they are possible or impossible, for you are wasting your time and energy and will only give yourself a headache and then you will try to justify your inability to comprehend and grasp these matters by saying, “Well that is impossible.”

Some things of higher densities are “impossible” or do not exist in either 3 or 5D; the laws of physics and reality differ greatly there, just as you in your carbon-based body could not exist in the 7-8-9Ds, because there is no oxygen there, or food, and you could not travel by thought as those beings do.

Myself, I have a 5D comprehension of things and only minimal when I am in 3D; even in 5D, I have no way of truly understanding how reality is in, say 7D or 15D, nor can I attempt to explain it in language symbols; only that I know these realms exist but I do not know who truly is there, what reality is like for them, how they travel or exist, etc.

For those who keep saying it is impossible, it could not be, it does not fit in your paradigm: I leave you the limitations of your 3D minds and bodies, and moreso: the lack of what inspires Creation: the manifestation of the imagination, to make any thought transform into the “real.”

Lady Dragon Exposed: Lesbian Playmate Fan!

Thanks to the tracking of a reader here, Lady Dragon, that bastion of Canadian Freedom Fighters, the mysterious entity that the Cabal trembles in fear and loathing whenever her name is mentioned, that Cobra-in-disguise and Drake sidekick, is now exposed: a game reviewer who attended a Playboy Mansion party for the launch of the Playboy Video Game. Here she is posing with a Playmate:

Drake and the ET Cops

It should be obvious by now that the Drake Clone 6, the false Drake Kent Bailey, has malfunctioned and gone off the deep end more than Bobby Joe Fanin and its worst hair day, as apparent in this Sunday radio show.

What does Drake say now? He does not know why the mass arrests have not happened, and he is irked “and that sort of thing,” and the good guy ETs are getting impatient and might do it themselves.  He does not say outright said ETs are the Plejarans, just says they “don;t look that different from us” and that they don’t have 25 eyes and tentacles, but Cobra is claiming the same and that the “Pleiadians” are the ones. (I should note that I have some close ET friends wo have 30 eyes and 25 tentacles, and find his remark insulting and racist!)

Drake says these ETs will “scoop up” hundreds of people in cities and sort out the good guys from the bad guys, putting the good ones back. I assure you that no benevolent beings would do something like that, and since they are telepathic, they would know who has been naughty and who has been nice, because they have a list and they check it twice.

However, this does sound like “Operation Rapture,” a Cabal plan to have the greys abduct 2-3 million people worldwide and killing them, but having political and religious leaders claim the event to be the Rapture…this would cause confusion, anger and fear among the many Christians who believe they were righteous and have been left behind by God…this is a doorway for a anti-Christ leader to convince the masses to turn against “God” and follow his path to salvation…which will be no more than the path to enslavement and clones with numbers on their foreheads.

That is a plan but there are those working to stop it because the slaughter of millions in that fashion is  a matter that can be interfered with, it has nothing to aide anyone in evolution.

This Drake is advocating mass arrests and then figuring out “who you are, what you are and what you did” later. What does this sound like? All these arrests without warrants, due process, charges filed within 72 hours…it is inevitable that some innocence would be rounded up in such a sweep — what of their rights as they sit for weeks or months in a FEMA Camp or jail cell? What of innocent util proven guilty for all? Does this sound like a “restored Constitutional United States” or a fascist witch hunt whatchmacallit turkey thingamabob?

There will be no positive mass arrests anymore; it did not happen because the plan was infiltrated by the Cabal and is now in their control…they may, perhaps, sacrifice low-level minions and  couple of high players like Congress and Senate members, and there may be disruptions of money and food, anarchy and chaos, leading to an excuse for martial law and foreign troops (Chinese, Russian) to come into the nation “to help” by request of the O-Clone and Company.

The “open letter” Drake wrote to the Pentagon…one needs to ask, doesn’t he have a lot of contacts and buddies in the Pentagon? Why does he need to write an open letter?  And does he think this letter will really sway the minds of all those compromised four star generals? He calls those who failed to act “turkeys.”  But who is the one flapping the goggle goggles here?

There is one thing he stated that is true: Gaia in her 3D form will start shaking us off her hide with quakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and that sort of thing. She will. And those who stay in 3D have chosen that reality over ascension.

And the person chosen to deliver the “surrender by June 21st or else”ultimatium? Yes, by her demeanor and strength of voice, it is certain that the powerful bankers and politicians and the royal Dracos and Orion Greys are trembling in fear:


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