O-Clones Everywhere

by Former White Hat

After a long night of Bilderberg Satanic rituals and sacrifices with their Dracos Overlords, one of the O-Clones went to Minnesota under a ruse of a campaign speech about jobs…he is really there for a meeting with several military leaders of the Annunaki, who have been removing gold caches buried under the Great Lakes. O-Clone is trying to convince them not to take all the gold and stop the in-fighting with the Annunaki and the earth-bound Dracos.

This could explain why the Draco fleet remains in a halt: there are three different political factions with the Dracos command, the fourth the Dracos who have been on earth for tens of thousands of years … each faction seems to have a different agenda.

A zombie-cannibal uproar is also planned to break out in North Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin, with a horde of werewolves coming across the border from Canada. The gov will explain it as mass hysteria and hallucinations from 2012 mania, and to deflect witnesses of the comings and goings of Annunaki ships from the Great Lakes, so if witnesses start talking, other people will say, “Oh it’s just more hysteria.”

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