Combined Effort Call #2

by Former White Hat

This is my second combined white light effort call for Saturday, June 2, during the day, before the Bilderberg Saturday night ritual and sacrifices.

Again, fill a glass of water and focus on it. Pray/send out/send intent and white light to Chantilly, Virginia and the Marriott Hotel where the Bilderberg group is meeting. Cover the area with your white light. Ask and see the white light protecting the good-intention protesters (not the infiltration spies sent to cause trouble) from being arrested and tortured (this has been happening, with those in jail forced to be injected with nanites). Also, focus your white light and love onto the Bilderburg members, especially those in the media, that they might realize that their participation in these deceptions and plans to murder 80% of the world’s population is wrong, and no matter how much money they are paid, it is not worth losing their souls to darkness; some of these people can be turned (and yes there are a few good guys who have infiltrated them).

In your work, try these visualizations:

• Visualize the Cabal turning on each other and their command infrastructure failing;
• Visualize their hardware failing to operate, permanently;
• Visualize all the corrupt people / beings in all governments around the world being taken into custody;
• Visualize full and total disclosure to everything the black projects have worked on;
• Visualize the Plejaran and Arcturian fleet showing themselves in the skies and people not being afraid no matter what fear the media will release.

Now, do not drink the charged water this time but take it outside and pour it into the ground, to grass or a plant or a tree, so that the water charged with your intent will go to Mother Earth, and Mother Earth will take this water to the Marriott where the Cabal members have converged.


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