Update on The Brock

by Former White Hat

From the ADA County Jail in Boise, Idaho, Brock/Bill/Woody does his show, and states the mass arrests will not happen (gee, really?), the window closed, and blamed it on the in-fighting in the alternative media. Somehow, I do not believe that the white hats in the Pentagon would determine to move forward or not based on the bickering between Drake, Project Camelot, David Wilcock, Woody, ect. Yet, Drake Clone is drawling on about how the arrests will happen “and that sort of thing.”

The Plan was infiltrated and stopped by te Cabal.

The question you must ask is: what is really going on here, what game is being played, what is the psyops and what is the endgame?

Two things Woody says are true: the jail system is now a for-profit business run by private companies and the paper money that runs our lives is worthless and based on fiction.

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