Obama Soon to Be Exposed

by Former White Hat

Clarence Thomas in the Supreme Court and several members of Congress as well as the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms will soon be calling the O-Clones of Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama II (a name he never made a legal change for) to the carpet and answer the charges of forgery of legal documents, his Kenyan birth, his Indonesian citizenship, his stolen SSN, his fraudulent Selective Service card, his connection to Saudi Arabia, his lack of published legal papers despite being the head of the Harvard Law Review, Michelle ghost writing hisĀ  J.D. dissertation at Harvard, and his illegal and fraudulent holding of the office of President of the U.S. Corporation.

But this was the plan from the start, to make him a fall guy and eventual martyr for the Cabal’s overall plan, the biggest con job on the people and strawman corporate entities of the U.S. Corporation.

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