The Cover-up: They Will Never Admit to the Annunaki-Naval Space Command Battle and the Radiation Fallout

by Former White Hat

For those idiots who have been commenting that the high levels of radiation in Illinois and Indiana was due to a faulty USB cable hooked to a radiation sensor, or the recent bogus story that tree-cutters accidentally messed up the cable line to the senor: don’t fall for the bullshit; it’s a cover-up.

The truth is getting out there about the EPA cover-up and teams in Haz-mat suits observed.

Eye-witnesses [the original link story was deleted but there is a new one here] have seen black helicopters, heard explosions of the Annunaki ship destroyed, Naval Space Command ships being shot down by pissed off Annunaki, and the movement of black ops military in the area.

Kerry Cassidy reports that some people were seeing “UFOs” (or the TR-3s from NSC) in the area.

Here is a question: if it was a bad USB cable, why has the sensor at Radiaton Network been turned back on?

Do not believe any readings put online of the area, those are fake now. This morning, the Obama Clone #2 gave a press briefing about the failing Euro and Europe’s coming financial fall — when the Euro fails, the dollar will two weeks later. As the truth about the radiation spreads and further battles in the U.S. skies increases and is seen, what would be the best distraction?  Economic collapse and riots in the streets will occupy the news and people’s worries — who cares about UFOs fighting each other when there is no food on the table, no gas? (My advice is to convert all your assets and money into gold and silver — I use no bank accounts or credit cards, so UI cannot be traced, and I have a good stash of gold and silver and other precious items that I convert to the currency of whatever country I happen to be in.)

As I stated before, in the next 2 weeks-two months people in the area will start to develop complications to the exposure…what will be the story then? Most likely these victims will just”disappear” from the hospitals, the doctors and nurses treating them will have heart attacks or commit suicde…the usual sort of thing the Cabal does in these situations.

To my detractors: follow how things are connected, see the cover-ups and distractions…or live in your world of illusions and lies.

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