Ron and Rand: CLONED!

by Former White Hat

With a heavy heart, I must report that both Ron and his son Rand have been cloned, and yes this is why they have turned to the dark Mormon shapeshifter, Mitt Romney.

What happened: Ron Paul was abducted by Mantoids and greys, his security detail having been compromised, and at the Bildeberg meeting, he was ritually sacrificed, his blood drank, his heart and liver fried and eaten by human members, the rest of his body eaten by Henry Kissinger and his Dracos pals.

They have grown at least a dozen Ron Pauls, each with a one month life span, who will start appearing in public. If he goes third party, know thus: he no more than a controlled, programmed puppet.

Then they got a hold of Rand and cloned him too.

The Cabal wins this one.

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