Ronald Weinland Guilty of Tax Fraud, Claims to be Persecuted for Being God’s Witness

by Former White Hat

Had the world collapsed and Jesus returned on May 27, Ronald Weinland would not be facing prison time in Club Fed.

The jury in Weinland’s tax evasion case deliberated less than four hours and came back with a guilty verdict on all five counts.

Where did all that money people were contributing to his church go? To a Swiss bank account, paying a house mortgage, and buying a new car every year. Deatra Loomer should take heed of this when she is tried for tax evasion for embezzling finds.

So what was Weinland’s defense? Well, since the end times were here and near and the US financial system would soon crash, what was the point of paying income tax? His lawyer tried to blanket this defense under religious belief and the freedom of expression of such.

Weinland has yet to write about his conviction on his website; previous posts regarding the investigation and grand jury indictment were, he claimed, the Cabal’s persecution for he and his wife being the two witnesses from the Book of Revelations.

He now says their work as the witnesses is over, and also put a spin on why Jesus did not return last month: he says May 27 is “the beginning” of Jesus’ return:

The Church of God – PKG looked to that specific physical day as the literal time of Christ’s return and faithfully looked for his coming right up to the last hour on the Sabbath of the 26th [...]

May 27th has come and gone, so how can I say this is still the day of Christ’s return? The answer is a matter of God’s revelation which is spiritual in nature, but having a definite physical outcome. It is prophetic. I did not know that when I stated this was the “day” of Christ’s coming. I viewed it in a physical manner until God revealed that it was spiritual. In the Pentecost sermon (given May 27th), it was clearly revealed that the job of the two witnesses had now come to an end. It ended at the end of the weekly Sabbath of the 26th, after the completion of the time God gave for their “witness” to be fulfilled, which was for a period of 1260 days.

That commission of that phase of God’s work is now complete, just as Herbert W. Armstrong’s commission (Mat. 24:14) became complete at the end of the era of Philadelphia after he died. Now that the job of two witnesses is complete, there is one final phase of God’s work to be accomplished before His Son literally returns as King of kings. Then how is it that one can say May 27th is the “day” of His coming and still be true? The answer is exciting and inspiring to those who believe God, and it is nonsense to those who do not believe God. It is just that simple!

Though my job is complete as one of God’s end-time witnesses, my job as a prophet and apostle continues. Those things written in 2008 – God’s Final Witness will now be made manifest to this world as a matter of God’s own direct work. The time of being a “witness” before God is complete, and as in the past 6,000 years, no one believes God save those few whom God has specifically called and given to “see” His words.

Gee, we heard the same from Harold Camping last year…when the Rapture and end of the world did not actually happen, he pushed the date six months in the future and said things “were beginning.” This is the excuse we hear from many of these soothsayers, from the Jehova’s Witnesses claiming they used the wrong calendar to those whose predictions do not come to pass then say it was all a test of faith, God wanted to see how many people would be prepared for it.

And it’s the same excuse Drake is now putting out there since the mass arrests did not occur in the dateline he gave: I was given wrong info but it is still going to happen and things are happening right now, the thingamabobs are being rounded up…

Weinland and wife are currently under house arrest under a $300,000 bond, with sentencing to occur in September, a sentence up to five years, one year for each count.

His still faithful followers will say Satan is silencing him and most likely will keep sending their money to him, even while in prison.


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