The Cobra/Lady Dragon Deception

by Former White Hat

This “entity” calling itself  “Cobra,” is, as I said before, full of shayte, pardon my Irish. It gave its first interview the other day and claims that the Plejarans have joined “the Resistance” and are going to step forward and make the mass arrests since the Pentagon generals have not, something Drake is now saying as well.

The Plejarans, nor any other friendly ETs, or EDs, or light beings, are not going to start arresting bankers and politicians and Luficerians. yes, they have arrested the likes of Astra and St Germaine but that is under galactic and universal law, for crimes on many planets against many beings.

The issue with the Cabal is something for 3D bound humanity to deal with on its own.

Cobra is Lady Dragon using a voice changer and claims to be a reincarnated Plejaran. This I can say for certain: Cobra/Lady Dragon is not one of the 250. What is most likely is that he/she/it is a Bafath/Gizeh Intelligence, as this is the sort of psyops they engage in. Plus, no one refers to them as Pleiadeans anymore except the disinfo shills.

The Cobra has a Nazi connection…

And consider this: these people all have reptilian nicknames…Drake (Dracos) of the Royal Order of the Dragon…Cobra the snake and Lady Dragon who runs an online gambling business…gambling being an addictive matter that destroys people just as addictions to alcohol, heroin, and pornography does.

And gambling being one of the Cabal’s bigger money makers.

This video that my counterpart posted, while employing animation as humor, speaks of how the Cabal and evil entities fool people as being “The Galactic Federation of Light” the way Ashtar was luring people in, the way Duncan O’Finioan and Sarah Stanga and Stewrt Swerdlow lure people in with false hope, lies and bullshit, to snag them in a web of deceit as an offering to the Dark Overlords of Bullshit.