Drake and Friends Talk Turkey

by Former White Hat

First the Illuminati were thingamabobs, now Drake persistently refers to them as “turkies.”

It is June 21st, the deadline for the Cabal to, shaking in their boots and high heels and leather loafers, surrneder to Drake and Friends.

Joining Drake on his Wednesday show was a slew of other Resistance Fighters with comic-book names: Minuteman, Lady Dragon and Spectre the Minister.

Drake mentions that Lady Dragon was “listening to an interview with Cobra”…listening to herself? It is rather amusing how Lady Dragon boasts how famous she is pre-Google and in all countries, and slyly refers to my post with her Playboy Mansion photo (for those of you saying, “How do you know that is really Lady Dragon?”)  (And according to Drake, Lady Dragon alone will free Canada — all hail the Cannuck Savior, Lady Dragon!) Lady Dragon says Cobra says (or she says): “No human knows the exact deadline date, but things are happening.”  Wow! No deadline extends Drake’s story for at least another year, eh, laddies?

To start, Drake back peddles and claims he never said things would start happening after June 21st; it was Cobra who did…is there dissent going on between Drake and Lady Dragon’s alter? Yet, Drake was told by yet another connection to the Pentagon that “crazy things” will start happening in two weeks.

Two weeks…he keeps pushing things: 30 days, soon, two weeks, the 21st. How long can he keep this b.s. up and how long will the fooled continue to be fooled?

Maybe it was Drake’s letter to the Pentagon that opened the eyes of all those generals: “Gee, we better do what Drake says, gentlemen, because Drake’s E.T. buddies will kick our butts if we don’t.” After all, according to Lady Dragon, the letter twice landed on the O-Clone’s desk, and millions in every country read it and, like the Cabal, trembled in fear.

Drake contends there are aliens in disguise working in the Pentagon…well, that is one thing he has right, but they are not the Plejarans there at the Pentagon, they are shapeshifting and human-hybrid reptoids. Lady Dragon says that 20 million “good aliens” beamed in from Planet X to an undersea base and are awaiting when we need them, to help the 300 aliens deep in the government and 5 million other incarnated aliens.

Okay look: the only aliens in undersea bases are Dracos and greys. 25 million waiting to be called on? 25 million is the estimated number of cloned citizens of Project Strawman, to be activated for Operation 711. Lady Dragon/Cobra is a shill, backing up Tolec, which I have reported is a disinfo A.I. “We have all these aliens helping us so now it’s time we get up and go do something, you know,” she says.

If it is not obvious, this is the exact plan the Cabal has been working on: present their troops as the good ETs and paint the picture that makes the Andromeda Council and Plejarans as the bad guys.  And how are these human-looking aliens in the Pentagon if not Plejaran? Two answers: the Bafath/Gizeh Intelligence and shapeshifting reptilains.

Some memorable Drake quotes:

“Don’t give the turkey a loaded gun…that is not intelligent.”

“I will not, and never, challenge these entities.”

“Let’s arrest George W. Bush for his lies…and other such things.”