Will You Assassins Please Get It Right and Off Stew Webb?

by Former White Hat

The nutjob Stew Webb says Jamaican hit men or Somalian or something, hired by the FBI and DHS, tried to assassinate him (again) as heads out to Denver to Occupy the New World Order guys.  They tried to get him into a car crash or something a few months ago it was a guy who blocked his car and pointed a gun and Stew, like a stunt driver in The Fast and the Furious, used his car skills to get away.

He has claimed the bad guys have tried to get him with car crashes many times, and in one case, the Arab guy who crashed into him said something about how he was forced to do it or they would kill his family.

Like the nutjobs Clandestine Rage and the mentally healthy challenged who follow the b.s. of Bobby Joe Fanin clone that blame every little mental malfunction and hallucination on psychic by unknown Satanic CIA agent, Webb does not want to admit he is a crappy driver so every time he gets into a crash, it must be an assassination attempt.

The government just hires some bumblers for assassins, eh…maybe they should activate Dave Corso to kill him since Stew is so good at dodging the hit men.

Now, yes, “they” will sometimes do what seems like a botched job, or flash a gun, as a warning…once…not a dozen times.

If “they” wanted Stew dead, he would be dead: they would aim the nifty heart attack gun at him or he would get a visit from  cleaner who will do a good job to make it look like he hung himself.

If by any slim chance this is true, you assassins out there need to get your shit together and ice ol’ nutty Stew, so he won;t keep using your failed hits as publicity and attention and to get donations from the foolish.


Maybe Deatra Loomer is really Cobra.

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